Apr 20 '15 11:02

The Red Cross' call for volunteers has so far led to about 1 thousand people volunteering to become first-aiders, Omroep Gelderland reports. The Red Cross still needs another thousand volunteers to help out at major events in the Netherlands this summer.

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Apr 20 '15 10:49

The police found the bodies of three men in a luxury on a luxury longboat on Zwetkade Noord at around 15:00 on Sunday afternoon.

KNRM rescue operation
Apr 20 '15 10:31

The mortal remains of Rick Broekmeulen was found at the Inlaag on Sunday morning. Broekmeulen had been missing since his ship capsized on the Westerschelde early in February.

Apr 20 '15 10:17

KLM has formally implemented a new cockpit rule that states that two people have to be in the cockpit at all times, the airline announced.

Apr 20 '15 10:08

Rector magnificus Dymph van den Boom has been appointed the interim chairman of the University of Amsterdam's Executive Board, NRC reports. She is temporarily succeeding Louise Gunning, who resigned on Sunday.

Apr 20 '15 09:39

There was a large fire on Peperstraat in Purmerend on Sunday night. The fire broke out in a clothing store and quickly spread.

Apr 20 '15 09:21

Several people were injured in an explosion in a flat on Van Weerden Poelmanstraat in Heerlen on Monday morning. The top floor of the four-story apartment building was almost completely destroyed, 1Limburg reports.

Apr 20 '15 09:03

A 24 year old Romanian man was wounded when he was shot by a police officer in a house on Van Bleiswijkstraat, The Hague at around 15:30 on Sunday afternoon.

Apr 20 '15 08:52

The police arrested a 18 year old man in Enkhuizen on Saturday for punching a NS conductor in the face.

Marco Galasso's 2011 work "the mask"
Apr 20 '15 08:43

Ludwina D., the Dutch Central Bank employee who was recently dismissed because of her second job as SM mistress, is also suspected by the municipality of Amsterdam of housing fraud. According to Het Parool, D. and her husband have been illegally renting out their apartment in the Red Light District.

Apr 20 '15 08:10

The police has formed a large scale investigation team consisting of 20 detectives to find 13 year old Sylvana van de Langenberg who went missing in Rozenburg somewhere after 22:00 on Wednesday night.

Apr 20 '15 07:53

About 100 thousand people flocked to the center of Eindhoven to celebrate PSV's championship in a festive and friendly manner, NOS reports.


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