Nov 19 '13 04:50

The national campaign for the Philippines has so far raised 18.5 million, according to the final score at the end of the television broadcast

Nov 19 '13 04:46

The 16-year-old Rens van de Kruijs got a the scare of this life this weekend when a steel pin was pierced through his forehead at work

Nov 19 '13 04:45

An increase in the number of home prostitutes in Amsterdam concerns the CDA and SP deeply. The two parties asked Mayor Van der Laan to explain how he plans to address the problem, reports Metro

Nov 19 '13 04:43

Three Russians, including a doctor and a photographer, who were on board the Dutch ship Arctic Sunrise, may be released on bail, ruled the court in St. Petersburg Monday

Nov 19 '13 04:41

The Dutch soccer team will play a practice match Tuesday evening against Colombia in an almost full Amsterdam ArenA

Nov 19 '13 04:36

A liquidation attempt, a shooting incident and a murdered man in a burned down house will be covered in "Opsporing Verzocht" Monday. All three cases take place in Amsterdam

Nov 19 '13 04:35

Seven Hungarian suspects of human trafficking heard a prison sentence of up to nine years. The men, aged between 24 and 36 years, exploited prostitutes, according to the Public Prosecutor in The Hague

Nov 19 '13 04:33

The Healthcare Inspectorate wants a physician from Oss, convicted for possession of child pornography in 2007, to be permanently banned from pursuing his profession.

Nov 19 '13 04:31

Aircrafts landing on autopilot can find themselves in a dangerous situation . The Research Council for security sent out a worldwide alert to pilots , air traffic controllers, and airlines

Nov 19 '13 04:30

The housing federation is pleased with the proposal of PvdA and CU, because they also addressed the issue earlier, announced director Paping. If not for high-rent homes, people with modest middle income have nowhere to turn now

Nov 18 '13 18:19

The number of people who died from medical errors in Dutch hospitals has dropped by almost half, the Netherlands institute for health services research NIVEL has said in a report that came out on Monday.

data center
Nov 18 '13 16:19

The data centres in city of Amsterdam have agreed to reduce the energy use, Telecom Paper reports.

Nov 18 '13 14:23

Sander Dekker, the State Secretary for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, wants all Dutch scientific publications to be available online for free in 10 years.

Nov 18 '13 13:48

Consumentenbond said it found that many online shops are offering fake discount on toys.

Nov 18 '13 11:28

Advent International has entered into an agreement to acquire Dutch software maker Unit4 NV for about €1.15 billion, Bloomberg News reports.

Nov 18 '13 09:30

The Netherlands has defeated Bermuda in a Twenty20 World Cup Qualifier match by eight wickets.


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