Jun 23 '15 11:39

The fire department is training an elite team to fight large fires on board ferries and cruise ships on the North Sea.

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Jun 23 '15 11:25

A massive 972 thousand people watched the Satudarah documentary on Monday night, putting the documentary in the 8th place on the list of most watched television programs.

Jun 23 '15 11:09

A Geldorp primary school's web domain has been taken over by a pornography website. People searching for the school on the internet are exposed to explicit photos and links to sex-films.

Jun 23 '15 10:47

The former Justice building on Prinsengracht in Amsterdam has been sold and will be turned into a luxury 5 star hotel.

Jun 23 '15 10:32

Gas extraction in Groningen may be reduced even further for the rest of this year. Sources from within the Binnenhof told NU that the total gas extraction for 2015 may be capped at 30 billion cubic meters, instead of the 39.5 billion cubic meters agreed upon earlier this year.

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Jun 23 '15 10:11

The ABN Amro IPO will cost much more than what Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem has told the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament. The minister wants to keep the cost of supervising the IPO under 1 percent, but this is not realistic.

Jun 23 '15 09:49

The number of breweries in the Netherlands is increasing rapidly. For the first time ever, the Netherlands has more breweries than as renowned beer country Belgium.

Jun 23 '15 09:23

There is a growing number of crimes related to baby formula in the Netherlands. Breda in particular seems to be the staging ground of these crimes, with at least three baby formula traders being robbed this year. The police believe that there are more victims who are afraid to report the crim

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Jun 23 '15 08:52

An increasing number of homeless people do not health healthcare, resulting in people walking around without the treatment they need.

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Jun 23 '15 08:28

GGD Amsterdam has launched a medical study on Prep - a pill that can prevent infection with HIV - among gay men and transgenders. Those interested in joining the study can apply on the GGD Amsterdam website, Soa Aids Nederland reports.

Jun 23 '15 07:58

The government put cannabis cultivation equipment, similar to equipment recently confiscated by the police, up for sale in an auction in April. This includes equipment such as carbon filters, extraction systems and a grow tent - items that grow shops are not allowed to sell since the legislative amendment that took effect on March 1st

Hoofddorp shooting
Jun 22 '15 22:07

An unidentified woman standing in front of a Domino's Pizza was gunned down by at least one assailant who fled the scene by car. She may be the owner of a nearby nail salon who fled her previous home with her daughter after receiving threats, broadcaster RTV Noord-Holland reported.


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