Nov 20 '13 04:35

A 41-year old Dutchman was shot and killed in Poland on Sunday, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The man was shot by the ex of his partner, reported Polish media

Nov 20 '13 04:34

Seven Boards of Directors and Aldermen (B and W) of Northern Groningen, agreed Tuesday to jointly explore the idea of one large community

Nov 20 '13 04:33

The practice match between Oranje and Colombia, Tuesday night in the Amsterdam ArenA, bore more resemblance to a battle than a soccer game

Nov 20 '13 04:32

The 25-year-old German woman who admitted to abandoning two newborn babies is indeed the mother of two children

Nov 20 '13 04:30

The medical professionals who cared for the Georgian girl, Renate, who was sent back to Poland in November 2012, did not make any mistakes

Nov 19 '13 17:28

Singer Trijntje Oosterhuis finally responded to the overwhelming response to her own Facebook campaign. Even though she doesn't have 200,000 euros to donate, she promises to give generously to the victims of the hurricane in the Philippines

Nov 19 '13 17:03

Instabridge plans to open 300 Wi-Fi hotspots in the Randstad, the west of the Netherlands.

Nov 19 '13 16:51

T-Mobile Netherlands has decided to sell its broadband business Euronet/Online to the Canal Digital Satelliet Group.

Model S
Nov 19 '13 15:54

Tesla Motors, which makes electric cars, has decided to drop price for its Model S in Europe.

Nov 19 '13 14:59

So who’s the dumb ass now? Some might say it’s the lawyer who on Tuesday was ordered by a court in Breda to pay €75 in damages to a policeman he had called “sukkel!”, the Dutch word for dumbass!

Suriname Embassy in The Hague
Nov 19 '13 13:14

Police ordered an immediate evacuation of the Embassy of Suriname in The Hague on Monday, following a phone call that there was a bomb in the building.

Nov 19 '13 13:10

A previously unknown group of activists has claimed responsibility for the Youtube film that shows Zwarte Piet caps on the heads of the human figures in the slavery monument in Amsterdam. The prank has reheated and sprawled the ongoing heated debate about the black-face tradition in The Netherlands.

Nov 19 '13 11:20

Labour MP Lutz Jacobi is opposing the government’s decision to purchase 37 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF).

Nov 19 '13 10:46

Dutch company Royal Philips announced that it has teamed up with Desso, a global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company, to develop solutions that combine LED lighting with light transmissive carpet.

Nov 19 '13 09:52

Dutch food and chemicals group DSM is spinning off its pharmaceuticals division in a $2.6 billion deal with private equity firm JLL, Reuters reports Tuesday.

Nov 19 '13 04:50

Three women were seriously injured in Groningen Monday night in a collision with a car. They were cycling between Hoogkerk and Peize when they were hit head-on. One of the women is in critical condition


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