Jul 31 '15 14:01

The Amsterdam city council will be slowing the number of new hotels opening in the capital's center in 2016. This is due to the many complaints from inner city residents that the city is too crowded with tourists.

Jul 31 '15 13:47

More than half of the gay men in the Netherlands do not feel free to walk hand-in-hand in the country.

Jul 31 '15 13:33

Activist Frank van der Linde has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Security and Justice demanding that police officers immediately stop using the chokehold technique.

Jul 31 '15 13:16

The new anti-bullying law, officially called the Social Security at Schools Act, takes effect on Saturday, August 1st. From tomorrow, schools will be required to enforce an active policy against bullying.

Jul 31 '15 12:32

Mobile payment service Samsung Pay will be launching in the Netherlands, and other European countries, later this year. This will be done in cooperation with MasterCard, using its MasterCard Digital Enablement Service, or MDES, both Samsung and MasterCard announced on Thursday.

De Telegraaf in Amsterdam
Jul 31 '15 12:05

The Telegraaf Media Group's revenue continues to decline. The parent company of, among others, De Telegraaf and Metro saw a decline in operational profits of 19 million euros in the first half of the year. This is according to the half-year results that the company released on Friday. The group also announced the appointment of political commentator Paul Jansen as chief editor, starting on September 1st.

Jul 31 '15 11:20

After clearing a debt of 45 million euros, Spyker NV and Spyker Automobiles are now officially no longer under suspension of payments. Spyker can now continue its activities debt free. One of these activities is preparation for a merger with American electric planes maker Volta Volare.

Jul 31 '15 10:50

A combination of a whirlwind and heavy rain on Thursday morning has flooded the Flood Museum in Ouwerkerk, Zeeland.

No image available
Jul 31 '15 10:30

A Leeuwarden man ended up in the hospital on Thursday after being bitten by an exotic spider that entered his home in a package from Australia. He is doing well after receiving treatment

Jul 31 '15 10:10

Last year Dutch breweries exported a record amount of nearly 1.6 billion euros of beer, a 4 percent increase compared to 2013. After Mexico the Netherlands is the largest beer exporter in the world.

Jul 31 '15 09:52

Insurer Menzis often refuses breast cancer patients' requests for a chest bandage for painful fluid retention in their chest, even after a referral from a physician or therapists.

no image
Jul 31 '15 09:28

The Netherlands had the coldest start to July 31st in history this morning. The minimum temperature at De Bilt measured 5.1 degrees at 5:50 this morning, beating 1961's record of 5.9 degrees


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