Aug 8 '15 11:25

Police in Zandvoort sealed off part of the beach there after the body of a young woman was discovered washed ashore. Her identity is not known, police said Saturday.

Aug 8 '15 11:07

Lidie Cohen, the wife of former Amsterdam mayor and Labour leader Job Cohen, died on Tuesday. She was 67-years-old.

Train tracks
Aug 7 '15 16:09

A horrible accident between a train and a truck loaded with gas cylinders was narrowly avoided on Friday. A quick thinking train driver managed to pull off an emergency stop and get the train halted before it crashed into a truck that was stuck on the rails.

Aug 7 '15 15:49

A 19 year old woman from Herpen was killed in a quad bike accident on the Greek island of Kos on Thursday.

no image
Aug 7 '15 15:39

Amusement park Walibi Holland has been invaded by wasps and bees. The problem is getting so large that people no longer dare stand in the queue and the first aid stall is overrun by people who have been stung.

Aug 7 '15 15:25

After 13 years squatters will be leaving their stronghold Villa Friekens on Kadoelenweg in Amsterdam Noord in November. The owner of the property has decided to build houses on the site.

Ajax Club
Aug 7 '15 15:06

In the draw for the Europa League play-offs Ajax drew Czech football club Jablonec. AZ will be facing off against football club Atra from Romania

Aug 7 '15 14:50

Twin sisters from Indonesia are looking for their biological brother on Facebook. All three siblings were adopted as babies. The two sisters, Emilie and Lyn, found each other in Sweden three and a half years ago. Now they are searching for their brother, a search that led them to Ameland.

Aug 7 '15 14:22

The parents of the teenage girl involved in the Valkenburg teen prostitution case are not at all happy with chief prosecutor Roger Bos' apologies about the hard words expressed by one of his prosecutors early in the investigation.

Aug 7 '15 14:09

Residents of the Prinsengracht have written a letter to Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan requesting that the annual Gay Pride canal parade be moved to Amstel next year. They are tired of the noise and pollution the parade brings with it.

Police sign
Aug 7 '15 13:41

The running masturbator that has been harassing women in IJmuiden for some time, has struck again. This time he got more than he bargained for when his intended victim sprayed him down with a garden hose.

Aug 7 '15 13:13

The search for the woman who went missing off the coast of Zandvoort on Wednesday, has been called off, a spokesperson for the Kennemerland safety office announced on Friday.


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