Oct 20 '15 13:13

A letter from Turkey's right-wing party AK arriving at the homes of a large group of Turkish-Dutch people has sparked serious privacy concerns in the Netherlands. The Dutch Data Protection Authority is investigating whether the letters violate the Privacy Act.

Oct 20 '15 12:50

On Monday State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff sent a letter to the refugees in the Netherlands in which he explains that the asylum process will take longer and that they will have to spend more time living in asylum centers. The Association of Dutch Municipalities thinks it's great that the State Secretary sent the letter, but finds that more clarity is needed.

woman shopping economy
Oct 20 '15 11:59

The mood among consumers improved significantly in October. Consumer confidence rose by three points compared to September and amounted to 8 - the highest level its been in more than 8 years. The increased confidence can be seen in willingness to buy. Consumers spent 1.4 percent more in August than in the same month last year.

construction worker
Oct 20 '15 11:32

The Economic Institute for the Building Industry expects that the arrival of refugees in the Netherlands will lead to a boom in the construction industry. The EIB estimates that additional housing to accommodate asylum seekers will account for a turnover of 5 billion euros and 28 thousand labor-years of work for builders.

asylum seekers
Oct 20 '15 11:03

Nieuwegein approved the opening of an asylum center in the former nursing home Zuilenstein on Monday night. This asylum center will provide a temporary home to up to 140 asylum refugees who have been given a residency permit.

Oct 20 '15 10:41

The Zeeland provincial branch of anti-Islam party PVV will be pressing charges against a man who applauded arson at a refugee center on behalf of the PVV Middelburg. The man did so in a tweet he posted on Monday.

Oct 20 '15 10:10

Tourists and other foreigners will remain banned from coffee shops in Maastricht. New mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake does not want to return to the previous situation, in which the city had many problems caused by drug tourists.

no image
Oct 20 '15 09:31

Tampering with diesel vehicles' emissions, such as was done in the so-called Volkswagen diesel scandal, is the reason that the Netherlands is not meeting the European standards for air quality. It is also responsible for the shorter life-spans of people living near busy motorways.

new police uniform 1
Oct 20 '15 08:51

A 45-year-old man shot himself with a crossbow when the police tried to arrest him in a home on Van Nidekstraat in Velsen-Noord. A severely injured woman, 49, was also discovered in the home.

No image available
Oct 20 '15 08:32

Two violent incidents in Leeuwarden on Monday afternoon left one woman badly injured and another woman dead. One man, a 38-year-old former psychiatric patient, has turned himself into the police in connection with both incidents.

no image
Oct 19 '15 16:55

The Netherlands has the second best pension system in the world, coming in behind Denmark in the seventh edition of the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index. The Netherlands passes Australia in this years’ index to finish second, and results indicate the success to be in the increased savings of households.

ABN Amro
Oct 19 '15 16:30

The Dutch bank ABN AMRO has reached a 55 million euro settlement agreement with housing corporation Vestia, just ahead of the company’s jump onto the public stock market through its IPO scheduled for November. The settlement will end the dispute between the two companies over derivative transactions.


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