Jul 30 '15 15:04

Doctors and pharmacists should wait before installing Windows 10 on their practice computers, former doctor and expert in medical IT systems Wim Jongejan writes on his website. According to him, just upgrading to Windows 10 could cause a substantial number of problems with practice software.

light bulb
Jul 30 '15 14:23

Due to electricity and gas prices dropping 10 to 20 percent, Dutch homes may soon see a decrease in their energy bills of between 66 and 132 euros per year

financial-fraud (Source:
Jul 30 '15 13:58

Last year insurers saved nearly 99 million euros by tackling fraud - a 10 percent increase compared to 2013, despite the fact that fewer investigations were done, the Association of Insurers announced on Thursday.

Jul 30 '15 13:39

The police arrested a woman in Almere on Wednesday night for driving under the influence with eight children in the car.

Jul 30 '15 13:28

A Dutch criminal was one of two people injured in a shooting in Barcelona on Tuesday. Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia reported on Thursday that one victim is a 26 year old Dutchman that is on the international wanted list.

Jul 30 '15 13:01

The explosion that killed one man in Wormer earlier this year happened on the wrong houseboat. The man believed to be the perpetrator of the attack - 26 year old Milo G. - actually wanted to take revenge on another man.

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Jul 30 '15 12:17

The police have released photos of 10 people involved in the riots in Schilderswijk, The Hague after the death of Aruban man Mitch Henriques. Ten photos will be released every week until all of the rioters have been identified.

The UWV building on Cascadeplein in Groningen
Jul 30 '15 11:46

Nearly 70 percent of adult Somalians living in the Netherlands are on welfare benefits. More than half of the people from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea are also on welfare benefits.

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Jul 30 '15 11:24

Google has updated its Google Translate app and it is now able to translate Dutch text to English simply by pointing your phone's camera to the text in question.

Jul 30 '15 10:59

Catawiki has received a total of 75 million euros in investments, the Dutch auction site announced on Wednesday. Investors include investment fund Noord Nederland, Lead Edge Partners, Accel Partners and a number of media entrepreneurs including Willem Sijthoff

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Jul 30 '15 10:37

In another effort to avoid the severance pay attached to the new Work and Security Act that was implemented on July 1st, employers are now keeping sick workers employed on a dormant, unpaid basis, instead of dismissing them. By doing so they do not have to pay those workers thousands of euros for the so-called transition allowance, the Volkskrant reports.

Ajax Club
Jul 30 '15 09:49

The Austrian police arrested 10 Ajax fans at the match between Rapid Wien and Ajax in the qualifying round of the Champions league in Vienna on Wednesday.


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