Jun 25 '15 17:20

The Public Prosecutor has apologized to the families of Els Borst and Lois van U. for the mistakes made surrounding Bart van U., who is suspected of murdering both his sister Lois and the former minister.

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Jun 25 '15 16:55

The PVV video containing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed was broadcast on national television on Wednesday.

Jun 25 '15 16:30

Two Dutch students had quite an anxious experience in the African country of Tanzania this weekend. They were mugged by five African men. "It was really a shock", according to Sheridan Flipse, but the muggers were "actually pretty sweet".

Jun 25 '15 16:05

Wednesday was the 25th anniversary of the day that former Dutch football player Frank Rijkaard earned the nickname "Llama" for repeatedly spitting on German football player Rudi Voller.

inflation rate
Jun 25 '15 15:40

The planned sales tax increase could have an impact on inflation. If the value added tax is indeed increased from 6 percent to 21 percent, inflation could increase by up to 0.9 percent.

Jun 25 '15 15:15

The police have arrested three more suspects in the 18 month long investigation surrounding a crime family in Roosendaal. This crime family is suspected of operating a drug line to France.

Jun 25 '15 14:50

The court in Den Bosch has released drug suspect Edwin K. on bond so hat he can recover from the severe burns he received when his car was bombed in October.

Jun 25 '15 14:25

Four minors have been arrested for selling counterfeit money to students of secondary schools in Doetinchem.

Jun 25 '15 14:00

The court in Arnhem has sentenced 53 year old Fred B. from Huissen to 3 years in prison, one year suspended, for pretending to be a doctor.

asylum seekers
Jun 25 '15 13:35

Many failed asylum seekers stay in the Netherlands because the government has little success in convincing their home countries to take them back.

Jun 25 '15 13:10

Noelle Pieterse, the lawyer representing Bart van U. who is suspected in the murder of former minister Els Borst, thinks that Borst's death could have been avoided if it wasn't for a "painful succession of failures" by the police.

Hackers or Keyboard users
Jun 25 '15 12:45

Dutch ethical hacking platform HackerOne has received a 25 million dollar - about 22,4 million euros - investment from New Enterprise Associates, VentureBeats reports.


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