No Surrender boss Brian Dalfour
Oct 17 '15 19:15

The leader of the motorcycle gang No Surrender's Amsterdam branch, Brian Dalfour, was found killed in a small house in the remote Noord-Brabant village of Wagenberg, the gang announced on Facebook. Police arrested a 39-year-old Belgian man and an unidentified 46-year-old man with no fixed address in connection with the murders of Dalfour and Muljaim Nadzak, 34, from Macedonia.

Ziggo Dome
Oct 16 '15 18:30

World-renowned superstar Janet Jackson added a May 2 stop at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome for her ongoing "Unbreakable" tour. The tour began on August 31 in the United States, receiving rave reviews.

Oct 16 '15 18:00

While 88 percent of Dutch people saying they want an organ transplant should they need one, only 26 percent say they are willing to donate their own organs, the Dutch Transplant Foundation stated on Friday. The organization is calling on citizens to step up and join the organ donation registry in light of the survey results.

no image
Oct 16 '15 17:39

For the sixth year running primary care physicians ordered fewer flu vaccinations. This is despite the fact that last winter had the longest and deadliest influenza epidemic in the past 40 years.

DARE rocket launch Spain
Oct 16 '15 15:55

After the failure to launch their Stratos II+ on Thursday, students from TU Delft will attempt the record-breaking re-launch on Friday at 16:00. After the launch over the Atlantic Ocean from the south of Spain, the rocket is expected to travel to a height of around 50 kilometers at a speed of around 3,000 kilometers per hour, laying claim to a new European record.

no image
Oct 16 '15 15:47

There is still too much ignorance among patients about how to go about asking for a second opinion. Many patients are also too intimidated, or too afraid that they will damage a good relationship with their doctor, to do so.

Oct 16 '15 15:29

A second part of the Heumensoord refugee tent camp in Nijmegen is as good as done, which means that the COA will soon be moving another about 500 refugees to the emergency shelter.

Mark Rutte
Oct 16 '15 15:12

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will be giving a speech on Friday at the special joint assembly of the Dutch Senate and lower house of parliament in The Hague. This special meeting was arranged as part of the celebrations to celebrate parliament's 200th anniversary.

Autumn Leaves
Oct 16 '15 15:04

The start of the autumn holidays in the northern and center parts of the country leads traffic service ANWB to expect a very busy rush hour on Dutch roads and surrounds on Friday. People going away can expect high volumes of traffic from around 13:00 on Friday, especially around tourist areas in the center and south of the country.

Oct 16 '15 14:55

Five residents from Amsterdam and Zaandam have been taken into custody under suspicion of human trafficking and the exploitation of workers from Eastern Europe. The investigation into forgery and exploitation was launched by the Inspectorate of Social Affairs and the Functional Public Prosecution of the Prosecutor.

Oct 16 '15 14:48

An Egyptian man has been freed after the Directorate Investigation of the Social Affairs Inspectorate, headed by the FP, arrested two men on charges of smuggling and human trafficking. One of the men is suspected of being in the country illegally and has exploited his position by working virtually unpaid at a bar.

new police uniform 1
Oct 16 '15 14:33

The Public Prosecutor in The Hague has decided to prosecute a police officer for a shooting incident in which a suspect was seriously injured in October last year. The Prosecutor has serious doubts about whether the officer acted correctly and has therefore decided to refer the case to the judge.


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