Dec 9 '13 21:27

As President of Suriname, Desi Bouterse has immunity and therefore the Netherlands cannot request South Africa to arrest and extradite him when he attends the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. This was Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans’ response today to questions by PVV Second Chamber members Geert Wilders and Raymond van Roon.

Dec 9 '13 18:35

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) said the Dutch economy will improve slowly over the next two years.

Dec 9 '13 14:19

A national tribute will be held in Amsterdam, Sunday, to honor Nelson Mandela. The tribute will be held on the day of his funeral, and is an initiative of the Stadsschouwburg, the Melkweg, and ZAM, a magazine about Africa.

Dec 9 '13 14:01

The Public Prosecution raided the residence of the former Prime Minister of Curaçao, Gerrit Schotte , early Monday morning (local time), reported various media on the island. Reporters witnessed the raid.

Dec 9 '13 13:09

The policeman who is facing trial over the shooting last year that killed 17-year-old Rishi Chandrikasingh, will now also be tried for murder.

Dec 9 '13 12:26

The maternity leave for mothers of incubator babies should be extended to ten weeks after the child goes home, the Association of Parents of Incubator Babies VOC has said in a letter to Social Affairs Minister Lodewijk Asscher (PvdA).

Dec 9 '13 10:23

The Netherlands women’s field hockey team has defeated Australia in the Hockey World League final in Argentina.

Dec 9 '13 08:47

Dutch mail company PostNL plans to sell a 15% stake, or about €540 million, in TNT Express through a private placement, Reuters reports.

Dec 9 '13 08:19

King Willem-Alexander and Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans will attend a national memorial service for Nelson Mandela on Tuesday.

Dutch Parliament
Dec 9 '13 07:02

Liberal parliamentarian Matthijs Huizing has resigned for drink driving rules.

Dec 9 '13 04:34

Secretary Teeven wants to make it possible for couples to get divorced without court intervention. Couples can turn to the registrar of civil registration. The new procedure will be faster and cheaper.

Dec 9 '13 04:32

The mother and brother of the 17-year-old Rishi Chandrikasing, who was shot and killed last year on a The Hague train station, want a heavier charge for the officer who fired the fatal shot. They also want the colleagues to be prosecuted for not resuscitating the victim.

Dec 9 '13 04:31

The police officer, who shot and killed the 17-year-old Rishi last year on a The Hague train station, will be tried on Monday for manslaughter. The NOS made a reconstruction of the fatal last minute, based on parts of the investigation reports and interviews with people involved.

Dec 9 '13 04:30

The PVV wants Desi Bouterse, President of Suriname, to be placed under arrest if he attends Nelson Mandela's funeral in South Africa. The Dutch government will need the cooperation of South Africa for his arrest and extradition.

Dec 8 '13 09:51

The Second Chamber has adopted a ChristianUnion motion to initiate an independent inquiry into human trafficking and prostitution in the Dutch Caribbean.

Dec 7 '13 04:35

Train travelers to, from, or through Schiphol, will be confronted with longer travel times this weekend. The tracks between Schiphol and Amsterdam will be closed for construction, according to NS and ProRail.


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