Jun 17 '13 06:51

Netherlands won the Eurovision Young Dancers 2013 on June 14 in Gdansk, Poland. Dutch representative Sedrig Verwoet defeated other representatives from other countries.

Jun 17 '13 06:47

Cities like New York, London and Bangkok are anticipating and preparing for the disastrous effects of global warming. Like these cities, Rotterdam is planning for the best defense against its worst enemy, flooding.

Jun 17 '13 06:41

Yemen’s security officials say that a Dutch couple have disappeared in Sana’a, the capital city of Yemen. They have been missing for three days.

Jun 17 '13 06:36

The Mpondasi Health Centre in Mangochi has received K2.2 million worth of medical equipments donated by friends of Netherlands, according to Malawi News Agency and AllAfrica.

Jun 17 '13 06:28

In April, Bharti Airtel (Netherlands) BV has received a $3.35 billion guarantee from telecom company Bharti Airtel, according to the Economic Times.

Jun 17 '13 06:13

Italy won the European Under-21 Championship second semi-final match against the Netherlands on Saturday (1-0)

Jun 14 '13 09:00

A Dutch study revealed the risk of severe complications in home births is 1 in 1,000 while hospital births are 2.3 in 1,000, according to BBC.

Jun 14 '13 08:08

Jong Oranje’s Bram Nuytinck is going back to the Netherlands after sustaining a knee injury during the final Group B match against Spain in the UEFA European Under-21 Championship, leaving the Dutch team with one player out.
Nuytinck’s MRI scan result showed potential left knee damage. With this reason, he cannot go on with with the tournament. He will return to the Netherlands for additional examinations and medical management at his club.
Coach Cor Pot said: "This is a real setback. It was already difficult for me with the [reserve] role I had, and to go home earlier makes it even harder. On the other hand I do not want to take any risks regarding preparations for next season with Anderlecht.
The 23-year-old RSC Anderlecht captain said that he will come back to his club for further tests. He hopes the best for his teammates in their match against Italy. He is confident his team members will reach the final.

Jun 14 '13 07:56

From October 26 to October 28, over seventy designers and design studios will attend the pioneer Evolution show at the Dutch Design Week, which will be held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. This was announced by Home Textiles Today.

Jun 14 '13 07:42

The setbacks in the trade sector will persist as the car and motorcycle trade in the Netherlands are expected to decline in the second quarter.

Jun 14 '13 07:32

Based on a study by the European Commission, the Netherlands leads in broadband uptake and comes second in usage of Next-generation access (NGA), which includes broadband upgrades.

Jun 14 '13 07:22

There have been reports saying that the tax law in the Netherlands is costing hundreds of millions a year in less-developed countries, but Dutch Finance Secretary Frans Weekers denied this information.

Jun 14 '13 07:08

Save the Children, an NGO in Uganda, has received a SH9 billion aid from the Dutch government, according to African news site allafrica.

Jun 13 '13 08:31

Two businessmen from the Netherlands decided to covert old, discarded bicycles into stylish furniture and other useful products.

Jun 13 '13 06:06

On Wednesday, Spain defeated the Netherlands (3-0) in a semi-final game for the 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship, bringing them to the top spot in Group B.

Jun 13 '13 05:58

On Wednesday, three Dutch coffee shops located in Maastricht went on trial for selling cannabis to foreigners.


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