Dec 1 '15 10:30

Water board members in Noordwijk were surprised to find large packets of cocaine washed ashore while inspecting a beach in the Zuid-Holland resort town. Police responding to the scene collected a total of 225 kilograms of cocaine bundled into ten separate packets.

Dec 1 '15 10:01

PostNL wants mail carriers to be the "eyes and ears" of the neighborhoods they work in. The idea is that while they are delivering letters, they also keep an eye out for problems - such as overfull rubbish bins or damaged traffic signs - and report it to the municipality.

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Dec 1 '15 09:42

Last year some 161 thousand bicycles were seized in the 20 largest Dutch municipalities, because they were in the way, parked incorrectly or broken. However, more than 100 thousand of these seized bikes were never reclaimed, according to a study done by newspaper AD.

Dec 1 '15 09:21

The CDA wants to change the sick leave regulation so that employers have to pay all workers, including flex workers and freelancers, eight weeks of sick leave.

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Dec 1 '15 08:53

More than half of Amsterdam's young people are in debt, some even to such an extent that they cannot get out without assistance.

Dec 1 '15 08:32

A father's emotional appeal on Facebook for more information about his 16 year old daughter's death - an apparent suicide - prompted the police to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death

Dec 1 '15 08:08

Roger Williams received death threats due to his Zwarte Piet documentary Blackface. The American director revealed this on RTL Late Night on Monday night.

Dec 1 '15 07:26

The United States want Dutch traveling to the country to go through sharp security checks before they board the plane in the Netherlands. The Americans are currently discussing this measure with the Netherlands and five other countries.

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Nov 30 '15 16:45

In 1953 Jan Koevoets was swapped at birth with another baby, Martino Kerremans, in the Ignatius Hospital, which later became Amphia, in Breda. Koevoets is now suing Amphia for compensation. His lawyers think that 100 thousand euros should cover the damages

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Nov 30 '15 16:20

Astrid Holleeder testified against her brother, Willem Holleeder, in the court in Amsterdam on Monday. She talked about her brother's role in the assassination wave that plagued Amsterdam these past few years. One of the first things she said is that Holleeder has an "unhealthy blood lust" and that "it has to stop"

Nov 30 '15 15:55

Should the acquisition of SABMiller go through, AB InBev plans to sell off two of its former rival's biggest brands - Grolsch and Peroni - in an effort to ease European regulatory authorities' concern about the pending merge.

Nov 30 '15 15:30

The Dutch Red Cross firmly denies reports that their volunteers refuse to help refugees on principle. According to the aid organization, there has not been a single case of this happening.


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