Dec 3 '15 09:58

Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian received the Prins Claus Award from the hands of Prince Constantijn in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on Wednesday.

Dec 3 '15 09:35

Former Al-Nusra fighter and Syrian media activist Mustafa saw his friends being brainwashed by terrorist organization ISIS. He joined Al-Nusra in the past, because it was his best option in Syria. He fled the country when his friends tried to force him to join a terrorist organization.

Dec 3 '15 09:05

A family from Schijndel changed their 5 year old daughter's name after calling for her at a theme park drew hostile glares. The little girl was named Isis.

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Dec 3 '15 08:46

Two members of the KRO-NCRV program De Monitor's film crew was assaulted and robbed in Amsterdam-Oost on Tuesday afternoon. The robbers got away with a camera and tripod.

Dec 3 '15 08:31

Judi Mesman, professor of diversity in education and development at the University of Leiden, is studying how young children who still believe in Sinterklaas see Zwarte Piet and when they start connecting him to race. The initial results of her study shows that these kids rather association Piet with fantasy characters and clowns than other people with dark skin

Dec 3 '15 07:59

Mark M., the former cop suspected of leaking confidential police information to criminals, obtained information from "dozens of criminal investigations", chief prosecutor Nicole Zandee said

Dec 3 '15 07:31

The proportion of suspects in the Netherlands aged 50 years and older increased from one in eight in 2007 to one in six last year, though the actual number of older suspects is decreasing. This is because the number of suspects under the age of 50 is decreasing faster, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Thursday.

Dec 2 '15 20:05

A body found in the Oudeschans canal in Amsterdam’s city center on Wednesday was positively identified as that of missing Scottish tourist Chris Nelson, police confirm. He was 24 years old. His family was notified of the discovery later that day, police said.

Dec 2 '15 17:10

Utrecht man Wisse ten Bosh managed to sneak the Pokemon theme song into NPO Radio 2's Top 2000 countdown.

Search for Christopher Nelson
Dec 2 '15 16:29

A dive team working in the area around the Oudeschans canal in Amsterdam centrum recovered a body late Wednesday afternoon while searching for clues connected to the disappearance of tourist Christopher Nelson. The Scotsman disappeared early Saturday morning when he left a friend's flat on Rechtboomssloot to go for a walk and clear his head.

Dec 2 '15 16:00

SP Parliamentarians Henk van Gerven and Renske Leijten are demanding answers from Health Minister Edith Schippers on her husband's role in the turbulent period at the Slotervaart Hospital in Amsterdam.

Dec 2 '15 15:35

The court in Amsterdam recently ruled that an employer can fire a worker through WhatsApp. A WhatsApp message is sufficient, the judge decided


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