Feb 26 '14 04:38

A prisoner, who was reported missing early Monday morning, was found in a shed on the premises of the prison in Vught. The prisoner was immediately transferred to the High Security Facility, also in Vught.

Feb 26 '14 04:37

Ahmed Al-J, on trial for causing a fire in his cell in the Schiphol East alien detention center in October 2005, will be compensated by the Public Prosecution for his wrongful custody, ruled the court in The Hague, Tuesday morning. The fire cost 11 lives; Al-J himself was one of the severely wounded.

Feb 26 '14 04:36

The Partij voor de Dieren (PvdD) wants the Gelderland Provincial Executive (PE) to dismiss the proposal to extend the hunting season for red deer into the tourist season for more reasons than one. An important reason being the risk of accidentally shooting a tourist on a late-night walk.

Feb 26 '14 04:35

A 40-year-old Groningen gym owner was arrested Tuesday morning for suspicion of staging a robbery in May 2013. The suspect shot himself with a handgun and set fire to his gym.

Feb 26 '14 04:34

Two men from West-African descent were arrested by Groningen police, Tuesday morning, for shooting a 35-year-old newspaper delivery man last month and holding 4 Vietnamese men against their will, late last year.

Feb 26 '14 04:33

A former employee of the Utrecht University, Pankaj Dhonukshe, manipulated research results in such a way that it wasn't picked up by the standard quality checks until after the established magazine "Cell" retracted one of his articles. A closer study of his articles brought fabricated facts to light.

Feb 26 '14 04:32

Although the Netherlands is lagging behind other European countries when it comes to economic growth, the European Committee expects the Dutch economy to finally rise above the 3 percent allowed budget deficit in 2015. The budget deficit for 2014 is still 3.2 percent, but is anticipated to be down to 2.9 percent in 2015.

Feb 26 '14 04:31

A body, found in the fields near Ravenswoud in Friesland, could belong to Thea Oosting, who has been missing since February 17, according to police. The area has been shut off for investigation of trace evidence.

Feb 25 '14 20:19

Antonio Marcos van der Ploeg (25) and Enise Merve Bircan (19), who are considered armed and dangerous, are still at large after a tip from a witness, placing them in the German village, Gronau, remained unsuccessful, Tuesday afternoon.

Feb 25 '14 19:36

After a heartwarming reception in Assen Monday, upon their return from Sochi, the Olympic medalists were decorated in The Hague, Tuesday. Safe for Ireen Wüst and Sven Kramer, all the medalists were knighted to the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

Feb 25 '14 12:13

State Secretary of Justice Fred Teeven wants to ease asylum policies that apply to gays from Uganda.

He said on Radio 1 that the asylum policies are being eased to counter the new anti-gay law that was approved yesterday by Uganda President Museveni. “It’s draconian legislation,” Teeven said about the anti-gay bill that allows harsh penalties for "homosexual offences".

Feb 25 '14 11:07

The mailbombs that were sent from Schiedam to Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni and other politicians in the African nation, contained “innocent” promotional folders.

Feb 25 '14 10:54

A body was found on Monday evening in the waters of a pond in the Sonsbeeckpark in Breda.

Alfa Romeo 4C
Feb 25 '14 10:34

Dutch firm and market leader for material technology Ten Cate from Nijverdal has closed a deal with Italian car manufacturers Alfa Romeo.

Flag of Jihad
Feb 25 '14 10:16

Another Dutch Jihadist has died in Syria, this is the 11th Dutch death in the Syrian war region.

NS Train
Feb 25 '14 09:45

The NS is planning to let trains run at least twice an hour nationwide.


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