Dec 1 '13 10:58

Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans has criticized Ukrainian authorities for the harsh police action against demonstrators Saturday in Kiev.

Nov 30 '13 04:31

King William I, the first king Oranje, had a second illegitimate family with four children.

Nov 30 '13 04:30

A bus driver for Connexxion was beaten unconscious Friday during a robbery, which took place at the bus station Spaarnwoude in Haarlem, announced the police.

Nov 30 '13 04:18

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories
features the unfortunate fall of an Ajax fan, leaving him severely injured, Gordon's racial slurs causing national and international commotion, a dark-skinned intern rejected on his skin color, the news of Obama and Putin attending an international summit in The Hague, the discovery that Sinterklaas is an ex-con, and the Marechaussee haven't had a dull moment this week with drug busts, fake marriages, and new barracks.

Nov 29 '13 18:21

Amsterdam ranked 5th position in the list of top 10 student cities for quality of living ranking, Eurogates reports.

Nov 29 '13 16:40

Armed robbers fired a gun inside a store on Amsterdam's Osdorpplein after they tried to smash a jewelry case. Nobody was injured during the robbery.

Nov 29 '13 16:26

A man held on Wednesday with 66 kilograms of amphetamine was lead in front of a Judge of Instruction on Friday. Marechaussee officers had arrested him while combing the area around the Belgian border for a suspicious car.

Nov 29 '13 16:08

Holland's Got Talent contestant Xiao Wang is reportedly incensed by racially charged comments made by one of the show's judges. The PhD candidate at the University of Groningen has not made a statement since the show featuring him as a singer aired November 16.

Nov 29 '13 15:50

“Our Government wants you to send soldiers,” Mamounou Toure a representative of the embassy of Mali in Brussels pleaded in the Second Chamber yesterday, at a hearing regarding Dutch support to the UN mission to his country. Government announced earlier this month that it was considering sending 400 soldiers to the former Dutch colony, and according to Toure this reinforcement could play an important role in restoring stability. He said the only language the jihadists understand is the language of violence.

Nov 29 '13 14:41

Edwin van der Sar was amongst a group from football club Ajax visiting the family of a man who fell from the stands at the ArenA during a match earlier this week. The former Oranje and Ajax goalkeeper sat with the family at the hospital where the 46-year-old fan lies in critical condition, according to the team.

Star of David
Nov 29 '13 13:49

Police in Groningen took quick action when they were alarmed that students were planning a party with a NAZI theme, complete with the characteristic yellow star that would be pinned on partygoers as they walked in. On the star, there would be three letters, NSB.

Nov 29 '13 12:41

Dutch airline KLM is planning to transfer all inter-European flights to its KLM Cityhopper subsidiary within next five years, according to Nos television.

Nov 29 '13 11:56

A privacy watchdog in the Netherlands said Thursday that Google violates Dutch data protection law by combining personal data from its different online services, Reuters reports.

Nov 29 '13 11:37

Standard & Poor's (S&P) downgraded the Netherlands credit rating to AA + from AAA.

Nov 29 '13 11:01

Investigators at Schiphol arrested seven people attempting to transport nearly 30 kilos of cocaine in their hand luggage. The drugs were seized by the Royal Marechaussee, a branch of the Dutch armed forces that handles security at the airport.

Nov 29 '13 09:51

The Netherlands has qualified for the 2014 World Twenty20 Cup in Bangladesh.


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