Feb 4 '14 15:57

The Amsterdam district South presumable threw out 46,000 guilders with the trash, when it disposed of discarded furniture that was stored in a former district office.

Feb 4 '14 15:17

Police were looking for a white kangaroo, Tuesday, in Rijsbergen, Noord-Brabant, after several reports came in from people who spotted the animal, who is about half a meter in height, according to police Tweets.

Feb 4 '14 14:44

In 2013 only three political parties registered an increase in their numbers, all other parties saw their numbers drop, with GroenLinks suffering the biggest loss, according to numbers of the Documentation Center for Dutch Political Parties (DNPP).

No image available
Feb 4 '14 13:31

The Dutch Directorate for the Inspection of Living environment and Transport will conduct an investigation into the collision between the Dutch vessel of Sea Shepherd and a Japanese whale hunter.

Feb 4 '14 12:03

Pediatricians, academic hospitals and parents are resisting a law proposal about medical research on children.

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Feb 4 '14 11:54

Ministers Ivo Opstelten (Safety and Justice) and Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) are cranking up the methods to detect motorists who take part in traffic while under the influence of drugs.

Prison Cells
Feb 4 '14 10:59

A prisoner in a detention center in Alphen aan den Rijn has shot another detainee in the foot with a nail gun.

house for sale
Feb 4 '14 10:37

Almost one in five homes in the Netherlands were sold with a lost last year.

Feb 4 '14 10:10

In the Frisian village of Mirns, hundreds of goats and three horses perished in a barn fire.

Feb 4 '14 09:58

Dutch telecom company KPN is set to cut jobs and save costs once again in the next two years, as between 1500 and 2000 jobs will be axed.

Feb 4 '14 09:40

Dutch journalist Rena Netjes is on her way back to the Netherlands after being accused by Egypt for aiding a terrorist network tied to news channel Al Jazeera.

Feb 4 '14 08:57

The maintenance branch of aircraft manufacturers Fokker will cut 200 of the nearly 730 jobs in the Netherlands.  Fokker Services hopes this will help to stagnate the pressure of decreasing turnovers for the maintenance of old Fokker aircrafts, and increase efficiency. This is from an announcement Fokker made yesterday. The measures are unavoidable, says Fokker Services director Peter Somers.

Feb 4 '14 08:15

Executives from publishing group Sanoma and tv-producers Talpa have spoken in the last few weeks about the tension around their cooperation as shareholders of SBS Nederland.

Feb 4 '14 04:35

The number of cancer diagnosis in the Netherlands in 2013 (101,500) remained almost the same as the year before (100,800), according to a preliminary estimate of the Integral Cancer Center Netherlands (IKNL), based on data from the Dutch Cancer Registration (NKR).

Feb 4 '14 04:34

The slave trade exhibition, "The Dark Chapter," in The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam has already drawn over 100,000 visitors, announced the museum Monday.

Feb 4 '14 04:33

Toosje Kupers had no idea how valuable the marbles were she had stored in a cabinet for dozens of years: Anne Frank's marbles, who were given to her when the Franks had to move to "het Achterhuis."


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