Mar 16 '14 04:32

DJ John van Loon (42) was cured of tinnitus by an intensive Belgian treatment method. Van Loon, a well-known DJ and producer from Utrecht, underwent an intensive therapy with 'noise generators.'

Mar 16 '14 04:31

The national board of the Restored Reformed Church, the General Synod, denounced the statements of minister Van Andel from Montfoort. Van Andel stated it wasn't a coincidence the former minister of Health, Els Borst, lost her life in a crime, and called her an angel of death.

Mar 15 '14 04:36

A 27-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman from Eindhoven were arrested Monday evening, only hours after the discovery of a baby corpse in Strijp. The couple is charged with murder and/or manslaughter.

Mar 15 '14 04:34

Three Dutch men were arrested, Tuesday, for trying to hack into the internal network of a Alkmaar consultancy firm, apparently looking for financial information about the inheritance of Willem Endstra, a realtor who was murdered in 2004.

Mar 15 '14 04:33

Prime-Minister Mark Rutte does not believe the crisis in Ukraine will lead to another 'Cold War.' Not if Russia is rational.

Mar 15 '14 04:32

Vodafone accidentally released data of tens of thousands of customers, due to a combination of technical and human error. The phone numbers have been included in phone books and databases of directory services.

Mar 15 '14 04:31

The Google Chromecast, an hdmi-dongle to send audio or video from a smart Phone or tablet to a TV, may be available on the Dutch market soon. Google's Senior Vice President, Sundar Pichai, announced during SXSW in Austin, TX, Chromecast will soon be available in more countries than just the U.S.

Mar 14 '14 19:53

The nuclear summit, scheduled for March 24 and 25, may interfere with some Hague funerals. The strict security measures around the summit will make it hard to reach certain parts of The Hague, including 2 cemeteries.

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal Shooting
Mar 14 '14 19:31

A shooting incident Thursday afternoon on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal left a 40-year-old Russian wounded. The victim underwent surgery and is stable.

No image available
Mar 14 '14 16:04

A church minister said today that it was God who took the life of Els Borst so she could answer for the euthanasia law that she championed when she was Minister of Public Health.

Mar 14 '14 15:08

Dutch television channel SBS6 is going to remake the popular 80s television show Cheers.

Mar 14 '14 14:37

Researchers from Calcasa claim that there are less houses worth more than €1 million than last year. Now, there are 31,000 million euro homes in the Netherlands. That's almost 2000 less than last year.

Mar 14 '14 14:21

Children can become overweight if they don't sleep long enough according to neurologist Hans Hamburger from the WaakSlaapCentrum in the Slotervaartziekenhuis hospital, het Parool reports.

Mar 14 '14 13:52

World-renowned graffiti artist Banksy made a special installation calling attention to the Syrian Crisis, which was projected onto the Rijksmuseum on Thursday. At the same time, the piece was also projected onto the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and Red Square in Moscow.

Provinciehuis Groningen
Mar 14 '14 13:27

Despite the crisis, the provinces have seen their own capacity rise considerably in the last few years. Municipalities, however, became poorer and racked up more debts. This from a comparison of yearly accounts from Deloitte in assignment from Binnenlands Bestuur.

Dam Plein
Mar 14 '14 12:32

Jewish organizations The Council of Churches and the Contact Body Muslims and Society have said in Nieuwsuur that the upcoming Remembrance of the Dead on the 4th of May should concentrate only on the casualties of the Second World War.


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