Jul 21 '15 09:55

The 13 year old boy who was forced to run alongside a police officer's motorcycle in Almere last week, was involved in an altercation between a group of young people and a man who made a noise complaint to the police.

Jul 21 '15 09:30

More new footage of the disaster with flight MH17 has surfaced. This video seems to have been recorded by a Ukrainian couple driving past the crash site shortly after the disaster.

Jul 21 '15 09:06

A large fire broke out in an apartment building in the center of The Hague around 02:00 on Tuesday morning. At least one man was killed in the fire, another three people were taken to the hospital with injuries. According to the fire department, one of them is in a "serious condition", the Telegraaf reports.

The fire broke out on the first floor of the building on Torenstraat and quickly spread to the second floor. Other floors have smoke and water damage. Surrounding homes were evacuated. According to the fire department, 33 people were given shelter at a nearby police station.

Jul 21 '15 08:42

There is still no cure for dementia, but researchers have discovered that in 30 percent cases the brain disorder can be prevented by healthy lifestyle. High blood pressure appears to be the biggest risk factor for dementia today.

Jul 20 '15 16:14

A very large group of vulnerable young people are not receiving the social help and financial aid they need because municipalities have lost track of them. This group consists of some 100 thousand young people who have fallen off the municipalities' radar.

Jul 20 '15 15:33

Three police officers were injured while arresting an aggressive man in Amsterdam on Monday morning. Their injuries are not serious. The suspect was not hurt.

Jul 20 '15 15:15

Minister Ard van der Steur has submitted a legislative proposal that would allow compensation to be paid for emotional loss to relatives of victims were killed or suffered permanent injuries in an event that was someone else's fault - such as an accident, violent offense or medical malpractice.

Jul 20 '15 14:45

Squatters have made a home for themselves on the Amstel Island - a former shipyard on an island in the Amstel river between Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and Amstelveen. There are plans for this island to be converted into an enclave for the very wealthy.

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Jul 20 '15 14:12

The new manual for teachers on how to deal with radicalizing young people is too soft and mild and hardly offers any concrete advice.

Jul 20 '15 13:51

A 9 year old girl living in Beneden-Leeuwen has been bombarded with letters from the Tax Authorities demanding that she pay income tax and contributions to the Health Insurance Act, NOS reports.

Jul 20 '15 13:29

A Transavia pilot was assaulted by two passengers last week after a flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona. The two passengers - a man and a woman - were arrested by authorities in Barcelona

Jul 20 '15 12:57

The youth unemployment rate is showing signs of improvement. Over the past three months the number of young workers increased by an average of 2 thousand per month.


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