Dec 23 '15 08:47

Financially troubled retailer V&D is back on the road to bankruptcy. The company filed for suspension of payments on Tuesday and the court in Amsterdam granted it on Wednesday morning

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Dec 23 '15 08:19

More than half of the unemployed over 55-year-olds in the Netherlands can not find a new job before their unemployment benefits run out, according to figures NU got from LocalFocus and benefits agency UWV of the period 2013 to November 2015.

Dec 23 '15 07:55

Amsterdam plans to launch a trial run in screening refugees on their abilities and so helping them find work or continue their education in the city more quickly. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs Lodewijk Asscher sees merit in this trial and promised financial support in a letter to Economic Affairs alderman Kajsa Ollongren on Tuesday

Dec 23 '15 07:34

A terrorist attack in the Netherlands is a question of when, not if, according to National Police Chief Gerard Bouman. "I am convinced that one is on the way", the departing police chief said

Cocaine in pineapple juice scan
Dec 22 '15 17:32

Nearly 1,100 kilograms of illegal narcotics was found hidden in a shipment of pineapple juice, police said on Tuesday. The drugs, believed to be cocaine, has an estimated street value of between 25 and 30 million euro.

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Dec 22 '15 16:44

Eindhoven mayor Rob Gijzel is blocking seven controversial Islamic imams from speaking at a religious conference in the Noord-Brabant city later this week. Gijzel was informed by the national counterterrorism office that the imams have used their pulpits to speak out against Jews and the LGBT community, according to NOS.

Dec 22 '15 16:10

Manfield, Dolcis and Scapino, among others, may be facing bankruptcy. Parent company Macintosh announced on Tuesday that it filed for postponement of payment, often a precursor for official bankruptcy, ANP reports.

Macintosh is burdened by high debt and revenues were very disappointing this year, especially in recent weeks. "The application for postponement of payment is therefore the only option left", the company said. The court in Limburg is expected to rule on the application later on Tuesday.

Lady Justice
Dec 22 '15 15:45

From March 1st, 2016 arrested suspects will have the right to have a lawyer present during police questioning, the Supreme Court decided on Tuesday. This means that the suspect must be informed of this right before questioning starts, and can only be questioned without a lawyer if he explicitly waives this right, the court explained

Dec 22 '15 15:20

Tarik Z., the young man who tried to hijack the 8:00 p.m. news at broadcaster NOS in January, was sentenced to 40 months in prison, 24 of which conditionally suspended, by the court in Leeuwarden on Tuesday. The Public Prosecutor demanded a four year prison sentence.

Dec 22 '15 14:55

Small and medium sized companies are increasingly the victims of cyber crimes and are often hit the hardest because they underestimate the risks, according to ABN Amro. 23 percent of SMEs in the Netherlands were attacked over the internet this year, compared to 11 percent of larger companies.

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Dec 22 '15 14:30

For the third time in two years, Paralympic skier Kees-Jan van der Klooster was robbed of his wheelchairs. Thieves stole his trailer containing 12 wheelchairs over this weekend

Dec 22 '15 14:05

Now that the municipalities are in charge of healthcare, home healthcare or guidance counselling can cost hundreds of euros a month more for people with an average or higher income or people with an equity


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