Ewold Hold
Aug 20 '15 15:12

The Netherlands is working intensely on the release of Ewold Horn, who was kidnapped in the Philippines in 2012.

Social Housing
Aug 20 '15 14:43

Stakeholders are concerned that a combination of increasing rental property sail and the small amount of new social rent homes being built will soon lead to a shortage of social housing.

Aug 20 '15 14:10

The recovering Dutch economy is good news for Rabobank. In the first half of this year the bank booked a profit of 1.5 billion euros, an increase of 41 percent compared to last year.

Aug 20 '15 13:52

Unemployment dropped to 6.8 percent of the working population in July, compared to 7.3 percent in the same month last year. Consumer confidence increased by 2 points in August and is up to 6. And consumers spent 2.2 percent more in June this year than in the same month in 2014.

Aug 20 '15 13:25

The Groningen village Loppersum and its surroundings will be the first rural area in the world to test the new super fast 5G cellular network.

Aug 20 '15 13:08

Internet service provider Ziggo expects that more DDoS attacks will be made on the company's server. Several videos, including one showing the infamous Anonymous mask, have been posted on the internet that threaten Ziggo with more attacks.

No image available
Aug 20 '15 12:24

Hundreds of people participated in a silent march in Molenschot on Wednesday evening in honor of Hugo van Houten, the 27 year old man who was shot and killed in the town on Monday night.

Aug 20 '15 11:59

A man was killed in a 60 meter fall at a shipyard in the Botlek, Rotterdam around 11:30 on Wednesday night.

Aug 20 '15 11:44

Supermarket group Ahold saw an increase in both turnover and profits in what CEO Dick Boer calls "a strong second quarter".

Aug 20 '15 11:25

Consumers desk ConsuWijzer has launched a hotline where consumers can report problems with products or services that they are usually too embarrassed to talk about. This ranges from products they would rather keep secret, to not daring to complain because they are ashamed of falling for a sales gimmick.

Aug 20 '15 10:56

The Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam has a new resident. A brand new baby elephant was born around 3:30 on Thursday morning. This is the 16th elephant to be born in the Rotterdam zoo.

Aug 20 '15 10:22

The third bailout package for Greece was approved by the lower house of parliament after a tense debate on Wednesday. A 90 seat majority, comprised of the VVD, PvdA, D66 and two members of the Group Kuzu/Ozturk decided that the government may say "yes" to the new 86 billion euro loan in Brussels.


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