Aug 17 '15 15:14

Too many primary schools do not have access to a proper internet connection. This threatens to deprive 900 thousand pupils of modern education in the coming years, thousands of pupils are already affected.

Aug 17 '15 14:50

About 500 companies in the installation sector will be affected by Imtech being declared bankrupt. These companies account for 4 percent of all the companies operating in this sector.

Working Woman
Aug 17 '15 14:36

The number of working women in the Netherlands has shown a stronger growth over the past decade than the number of working men. In the second quarter of this year there were a total of 3.8 employed women, compared to 3.4 million in 2005. The number of working women between the ages of 25 and 45 years showed a decrease however.

Aug 17 '15 14:18

The Russian Food and Consumer Safety Authority is not excluding the possibility that there may be negotiations on the import of Dutch flowers before August has ended. Russia will not negotiate with Dutch growers, exporters or the Dutch government however, but only with those who issue certificates showing that the flowers meet requirements

Aug 17 '15 14:05

Some of the tall ships that will be participating in Sail this week, set sail towards Amsterdam on Sunday. The ships departed from Bremerhaven in northern Germany, where a smaller version of sail was held

Aug 17 '15 13:00

The car boot sale in Noordwijkerhout had a strange visitor on Sunday - Buba the elephant, who had wandered away from the Freiwald circus and decided to browse through the stalls.

Aug 17 '15 12:35

Baby Tim was so excited to meet the world that he could not wait for his mom to reach the hospital. He was born just after midnight on Sunday morning on the A2 highway near Vught, surrounded by police officers holding umbrellas to protect mom, midwife and baby from the rain. Both mom and baby are doing well.

Aug 17 '15 12:11

Leading pulmonologists and pediatricians are calling for a ban on smoking in cars with children in the back seat. According to them, parents underestimate how very harmful nicotine vapors in a small space can be to children

Aug 17 '15 11:28

Part of the lower jaw of a very rare prehistoric cave lion has been found on a secluded beach in the Gelderland town of Wekerom. This spectacular discovery was made by the now 10 year old Enzo Smink, prehistoric museum De Groene Poort in Boxtel announced on Sunday.

Koninklijke Marechaussee van
Aug 17 '15 11:11

Two Dutchmen were arrested on suspicion of human trafficking after 25 undocumented migrants were found hiding in a yacht in the port of IJmuiden on Saturday

Aug 17 '15 10:57

Pupils in Amsterdam and the rest of the northern Netherlands said goodbye to the summer holidays and headed back to school today. Schools in the center of the country start next week, and pupils the southern parts of the country will be heading back to the classroom on August 31st

Aug 17 '15 10:39

Cyber bullying is still a big problem in the Netherlands. Nearly 8 percent of young people between the ages of 15 and 25 years old were affected by cyber bullying last year. Two thirds of these young people know the person bullying them.


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