Dec 23 '15 14:15

A 36 year old Hungarian truck driver was arrested in Venlo on Tuesday after seven Iraqi stowaways was found hiding in his truck, the Koninklijke Marechaussee - a policing force working as part of the military - announced on Wednesday.

Dec 23 '15 14:15

All victims of crimes will be guaranteed compensation from the Dutch government from January 1st, 2016. If the perpetrator is late in paying compensation ordered by the court, or refuses to do so, the government will pay the compensation to the victim and claim it back from the perpetrator

Dec 23 '15 13:51

The Healthcare Inspectorate is investigating two commercial clinics in Amsterdam and Rotterdam where doctors treat chronically ill patients with stem cells taken from their own bone marrow or adipose tissue. There is no scientific proof that this treatment works, according to stem cell professors

Dec 23 '15 13:25

A group of TU Eindhoven students is leaving for Juuka, Finland on Monday to attempt to build the biggest bridge of ice ever, if the weather cools down enough, the university announced. This is an international project led by a team from TU/e.

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Dec 23 '15 13:00

Hotel booking site Booking.com is once again in trouble with the German regulator Bundeskartellamt for price fixing and distorting the competition

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Dec 23 '15 12:31

The police are warning residents of several areas to be extra vigilant against burglaries during the feast days. People are advised to give their home a "lived-in look" when they go out, by for example leaving some lights on, leaving glasses on the table and turning on the radio. Also tell you're neighbor when you are going out so that he can call the police if he notices something suspicious.

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Dec 23 '15 11:38

Piet van Molen, kept his mother's body hidden in a box in the Oirsbeek home they shared for two and a half years because she asked him to do so. The 62 year old man told his story to Hart van Nederland after the police released him on Tuesday.

asylum seekers
Dec 23 '15 11:08

Geldermalsen Mayor Miranda de Vries bowed to the will of the rioters who disrupted the council meeting on a possible asylum center in the Gelderland town last week. The municipality will no longer offer emergency shelter to 1,500 refugees, she announced on Tuesday.

Dec 23 '15 10:40

A Rotterdam doctor working at the Maasstad Hospital was given a warning from the Medical Disciplinary Board for prescribing two patients Chinese I-Ching cards when regular treatment methods failed

Dec 23 '15 10:13

Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health does not agree with fellow VVD member and Prime Minister Mark Rutte that the PVV should be excluded from coalition cooperation as long as Geert Wilders does not take back his his contentious statements calling for fewer Moroccans in the Hague

Dec 23 '15 09:41

The Energy bill was rejected with just one vote in the Eerste Kamer, the Dutch Senate, on Tuesday. The smallest possible majority of 38 senators voted against Economic Affairs Minister Henk Kamp's law, which was to regulate offshore wind farms and the unbundling of energy companies. 37 senators voted for

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Dec 23 '15 09:10

The governments 5 billion euros tax plan survived the Eerste Kamer, Senate, on Tuesday and will be implemented in 2016


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