Oct 9 '13 03:58

Fyra manufacturer AnsaldoBreda is not allowed access to three technical reports that the NS and the Belgian NMBS have used for their decision to quit with the V250 trains.

Oct 9 '13 03:39

Compared with other countries, the Netherlands has few illiterates, but that number is increasing, according to the PIAAC report: 'core skills for work and life', an examination of the OESO with a comprehensive analysis of the literacy and math skills of the Dutch between 16 and 65 years.

Oct 9 '13 03:13

Group 8b of the Vlissingen School De Wissel received death threats and shocking pictures last week through the social network Instagram, reported the police Tuesday evening.

Oct 9 '13 02:41

A ship from South Africa was finally allowed in the port of Rotterdam on Tuesday night . The DAL Stellenbosch was delayed by a day, because it had about 20 potentially dangerous spiders on board.

Oct 9 '13 02:07

The police took the Russian diplomat, Dmitry Borodin, to the police station this past weekend to protect his children

Oct 9 '13 01:01

Employees of KLM, Transavia, Martinair, and Schiphol protested on Tuesday at Schiphol and The Hague against plans of the government to reintroduce flight tax.

Oct 9 '13 00:40

The Groningen residents have known it for years, but now it's confirmed by the European Commission that nothing beats the city in North Netherlands.

Oct 8 '13 02:53

A special committee will investigate whether foreigners are exploited during the construction of the A2 tunnel in Maastricht, reported alderman Albert Nuss (PvdA) on Monday to the council.

Oct 8 '13 02:39

On Monday the negotiation between opposition and government started again after the weekend. At 10 pm crucial discussions started between Rutte, Dijselbloem and the group leaders of the House of D66, GroenLinks, SGP, ChristenUnie, PvdA and VVD.

On Monday afternoon Vice Prime Minister Asscher and minister of Finance Dijsselbloem first talked with all the financial specialists of the involved parties. The meeting started at 1.30 pm till 6 pm.

Oct 8 '13 02:34

The Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday, that it strongly protests against the treatment of a Russian diplomat by the Dutch police.

According to Russian media the diplomat, Dmitri Borodin, says that he was attacked, on Sunday, in his house by people with police uniforms. His behavior towards his kids should have been the reason that neighbors alarmed the police.

Oct 8 '13 02:13

Three former employees of the Gaykrant revealed in Nieuwsuur that former chief Henk Krol did not speak the truth about the pension contributions at the Gaykrant.

Oct 8 '13 00:29

The man who was killed on the A1 on Monday morning committed suicide, concluded the police after investigating the collision. The man walked on the freeway near his car, which he parked on the emergency lane.

Oct 8 '13 00:16

Those who would like to get married in a special location can look to the forest, starting next year. State forest management signed an agreement for this purpose with the company Trouwstart in Oosterbeek.

Oct 8 '13 00:15

Last year 200,000 Dutch fell victim to identity fraud through a debit machine or ATM or over the Internet. That is 1.5 percent of the Dutch population older than 15 years, according to figures from CBS (Centraal Bureau Statistiek) (Central Statistics agency).

Oct 8 '13 00:14

The search for three people in The North Sea has lasted all day and has so far been in vain. Two of the men come from the Philippines and one from Indonesia. They have been missing since their boat sank Sunday night after a collision with a fishing boat.

Oct 8 '13 00:14

Cardinal Eijk has a priest from Maarssen suspended for one year, because he failed to finish a prayer in April.


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