Jan 23 '14 19:59

Eight passengers and both drivers were injured, earlier today around 13:00, when a bus rear-ended a truck that had come to a full-stop at a traffic light on the Ceintuurbaan in Zwolle.

Jan 23 '14 19:28

Kyocera said it is supplying 725 kilowatts (kW) of solar modules for the Kyocera Stadium in The Hague, Netherlands.

Jan 23 '14 18:44

Secretary of State for Justice and Security Fred Teeven has adjusted the policies regarding asylum seekers from Somalia.

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Jan 23 '14 17:55

Flight operations at Schiphol got interrupted for a few hours Wednesday night when a dog boarding a flight ran off onto the runway.

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Jan 23 '14 17:08

Two young men who were trying to fence an expensive 18th century violin in The Hague, were arrested on Wednesday.

Jan 23 '14 16:52

The parliament wants a debate on Thursday’s report on the nationalization of SNS REAAL.

Jan 23 '14 16:43

The Prosecution demanded 15-year prison sentences before the court at Schiphol against 2 suspected leaders of major drug gangs, Wednesday. In addition to smuggling drugs, the suspects, Franklin A. (40), and Shurendy Q.(31) are also guilty of an attempted assassination and membership of a criminal organization, according to the Prosecution.

Jan 23 '14 15:56

Nintendo, a Japanese consumer electronics company, cannot allow jailbreaking of on its portable DS and fixed Wii consoles and uses encryption software to prevent its devices, Times Live reported.

Jan 23 '14 15:07

The number of first-year students at universities in the Netherlands has increased by 7% to more than 45,000 compared to 2012, according to higher education association VSNU.

Jan 23 '14 14:59

Minister Henk Kamp from Economic Affairs has requested the NAM to appoint three experts as soon as possible to review the most urgent cases of damage, caused by gas drilling in Groningen, according to a letter he wrote to Parliament on Wednesday

Jan 23 '14 14:39

Performer Marco Borsato suffered a stroke Wednesday late afternoon. Borsato was scheduled to perform during "Vrienden van Amstel Live!" in Ahoy, but fell ill before the concert. He was rushed to the hospital where it was determined in the early evening he had suffered a stroke.

Jan 23 '14 13:22

Store chains Dixons, MyCom and iCentre has said it will inform its customers about its use of Wi-Fi-tracking to follow their behavior.

Jan 23 '14 12:12

State Secretary for Social Affairs Jetta Klijnsma wants to make speaking the Dutch language one of the requirements for claiming welfare benefits.

Jan 23 '14 10:46

Overijssel wants Dutch largest drinking water supplier Vitens to resume working relationship with Israel’s national water company Mekorot.

Jan 23 '14 09:53

Amsterdam football club Ajax has reached the semi-finals of the KNVB Cup after beating Rotterdam's Feyenoord on Wednesday night in Amsterdam.

Jan 23 '14 08:39

46-year-old Jos de G. from Helmond was arrested Friday for the murder of Nicole van den Hurk in 1995, reports De Telegraaf, based on confirmation from its sources Wednesday afternoon.


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