Nov 4 '13 00:05

A 24-year-old man from Leusden, near Amersfoort, was severely beaten by a large group this weekend.The police are looking for witnesses.

Nov 4 '13 00:03

Den Bosch Police found an injured man in the trunk of a car Sunday night. Four people were arrested, including the wounded.

Nov 4 '13 00:02

Shortly after takeoff a KLM Cityhopper returned to Schiphol. The pilot decided to turn as a precaution after the plane was hit by lightning in a heavy thunderstorm.

Nov 4 '13 00:02

In a large-scale environmental control in Drenthe nature reserves about thirty people were fined. The fines pertained to illegal motor crossing, driving where it is prohibited, illegal waste dumping, and dogs that were not leashed.

Nov 4 '13 00:01

The police closed access roads to Wijk bij Duurstede Sunday afternoon after a whirlwind passed over the village. Non locals are turned away. Residents are advised to stay in and not to start damage repairs on roofs yet.

A tree crashed over the Herengracht in Amsterdam
Nov 2 '13 06:00

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: the violent autumn storm that passed over The Netherlands, two dead by fire in wind turbine, top Dutch baseball players, violence against gay people in Vondelpark, and the death of Bonfire.

Nov 2 '13 04:01

The A4 freeway by Leiden will be temporarily closed Saturday morning because a bomb will be dismantled, reported the City of Leiden, where the bomb was found Thursday.

Nov 2 '13 04:00

The fourteenth edition of the Amsterdam Night of the Museum event is sold out. All 30,000 tickets for the 'N8' were sold, according to a spokesperson.

Nov 2 '13 03:46

All of the nearly 70,000 homes and properties in North Groningen should be made ​​earthquake resistant.

Nov 2 '13 03:03

Millions of euros worth were seized in cash and goods, when the police raided a trailer settlement in Den Bosch Thursday and Friday. Sixteen people were arrested on suspicion of laundering of criminal assets.

Nov 2 '13 01:56

The Greenpeace activists, detained in the Russian city of Murmansk, are still being sued for piracy. It is not true the indictment has been weakened to vandalism. The indictment of vandalism has been added to the original charge, according to Greenpeace.

Nov 1 '13 17:58

In a preliminary ruling on Thursday, the Council of Europe’s Committee of Social Rights said the Netherlands should not reject asylum seekers and other foreigners until a final ruling.

Nov 1 '13 17:38

In Rotterdam, a 30-year old pet shop owner has been jailed for one year with two years of probation.

Nov 1 '13 17:15

Faiza Oulahsen, a Dutch Greenpeace activist imprisoned in Russia, has asked King Willem-Alexander for help.

Nov 1 '13 14:25

The Dutch film industry will receive extra €20 million from the government, reports.

Nov 1 '13 10:36

Dutch company Holland Marine Technologies BV has developed the Solar-Powerpack for remote hydraulic power-requirements, the company announced Oct. 30.


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