Jul 31 '13 04:41

Lately, half-dead geese drop from the sky in Alblasserdam. Presumably a unexperienced hunter or maybe even an unexperienced illegal hunter is the cause of this, reported RTV Rijnmond.

Jul 31 '13 04:35

The IRS keeps on chasing soccer icon Ruud Gullit. Having found out previously that the former footballer didn’t pay his tax over 2010 they now also found out he didn’t pay the tax over 2011. The tax authorities imposed immediately a second seizure on his premises. This could be read at Bekendeburen.nl.

According to the website, the IRS wants to put, by this action, pressure on Gullit. Because of the seizure of his houses, the IRS can now anytime sell them at an auction.

Jul 31 '13 04:30

The VPRO is fined for the cigarette that stand up comedian Hans Teeuwen, lit during the first broadcast of Zomergasten. The set is seen as a workplace and that means it is a non-smoking area. But what about smoking on a film set?

Smoking at the workplace has been banned since 2004. That Teeuwen casually lit a cigarette on the set of the talk show, will now have to paid by the VPRO.

Jul 30 '13 09:52

Ex-national team and Ipswich Town footballer Martjin Reuser announced that he will appear at the Amsterdam Pride next weekend, alongside other well-known Dutch football players.

Jul 30 '13 09:33

Researchers at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam and Falmouth University in the UK have formulated a new technique to measure the feedback of audiences.

Jul 30 '13 09:13

American multinational financial services corporation Citi is growing its liquidity management network by setting up a Notional Pooling in Amsterdam.

Jul 30 '13 09:08

The Amsterdamse Bostheater (Forest Theater) features the summer show Cyrano, the popular play by French poet and dramatist Edmond Rostand.

Jul 30 '13 09:01

Liverpool's youth and reserve team player Krisztian Adorjan has joined FC Groningen on a 2013-14 season loan.

Jul 30 '13 08:53

Ambassador of the Netherlands to Pakistan H Gajus Scheltema has encouraged Pakistan to promote trade partnerships with India to improve trade and market. He also responded to the issue of cutting support to Pakistan.

Jul 30 '13 08:42

On Monday, a first Femen protest occured in the city of Amsterdam.

Jul 30 '13 04:40

The government wants to organize special evenings for older applicants and employers to bring them in contact with each other.  That said Lodewijk Asscher Minister of Social Affairs and Employment on Monday to the NOS.

According to the minister, older workers become vulnerable. Although the unemployment rate among older people is lower than among young people, it is harder for them to find a job after loosing a job.

Jul 30 '13 04:34

Advocates of gay rights of Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese and Antillean communities will sail along on the boat of the government during Gay Pride. Minister Jet Bussemaker of Emancipation wants to show that it is also okay for minorities to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Jul 30 '13 04:27

The sperm whale which stranded on Terschelling, Monday afternoon, deceased. This was reported by the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) on Twitter. Besides the KNRM, shelter SOS Dolfijn, a towing and salvage company from Terschelling and the Ministry of Economic Affairs were involved in the rescue, but unfortunately to no avail.

Jul 30 '13 04:19

Five years ago Balkenende IV announced with great fanfare the special approach of the forty worst neighborhoods in the Netherlands, the 'Vogelaarwijken' or 'Vogelaar districts'. This approach delivered no measurable results. That is the conclusion of the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) in their report ‘Werk aan de Wijk’ that appears today.

Jul 29 '13 09:32

The weekend box office ended with Despicable Me 2 stolen from the no. 1 spot.

Jul 29 '13 09:12

An all-around Fox entertainment channel will be launched in the Netherlands on August 19.

The localized daily network will be accessible to digital TV subscribers of Ziggo. Further carriage contracts with some TV operators for Fox are also being planned.


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