Jan 27 '14 10:57

Photographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien won the Silver Camera 2013 award for her photo taken at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

Jan 27 '14 10:34

Expats with diplomatic status have, since 2010, committed 85 indictable offenses in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuZa) confirmed a report about this from RTL Nieuws.

Jan 27 '14 10:31

A former soldier of Dutch army is fighting in Syria against President Assad's regime, according to a new report by Nieuwsuur.

Jan 27 '14 09:51

The Central Processing Prosecution (CVOM) has launched a new website allowing people to file traffic fine complaints.

Jan 27 '14 09:13

Politician Pieter Hilhorst received a blow to the head on saturday afternoon when he tried to protect two women from racist remarks, he reports on Twitter.

Jan 27 '14 05:30

Wind travelling from the east brought down temperatures in the northern part of the country over the weekend, leading to dustings of snow from the German border to the IJsselmeer. Cars were reportedly abandoned in parts of Groningen because of slippery roads and poor visibility.

Jan 25 '14 04:36

The Rabobank announced Friday evening it will cut an additional 1,000 to 2,000 jobs as part of their program "Vision 2016."

Jan 25 '14 04:34

Authorities sounded the alarm, Friday afternoon, in an area surrounding the industrial area, "Overstad," in Alkmaar. After a large fire in the night of Thursday on Friday, asbestos was found on Friday. Authorities quickly locked down the surrounding area.

Jan 25 '14 04:33

Customs officers found 2,600lbs. of heroin, Thursday, during a check of two trucks in Venlo, with the help of a sniffer dog.

Jan 25 '14 04:32

Ron Blaauw, famous Master Chef and TV personality is going to sell hotdogs in his new "The Fat Dog," scheduled to open in April in "de Pijp." Blaauw is going to combine traditional hotdogs with wine.

Jan 25 '14 04:31

The round-up of some of this week's most noteworthy events and news stories features tiny bats crossing the sea from the United Kingdom to Europe, Badr Hari's attempted murder case continues and the kick box-champion is up for a four-year prison term, the body of a St. Maarten man found floating in Schiehaven in Rotterdam, the European Space Agency sending a wake-up call to its comet-chasing spacecraft, and a 14-year-old Reigersbos student accidentally shooting and killing himself.

Jan 24 '14 21:25

A painting by the 17th century master, Jan van Goyen, will finally find its way back to its rightful heir, after being confiscated and sold by the Germans during World War II.

Jan 24 '14 20:52

The plaintiff professional football for the KNVB will investigate the matter of a banner, displayed by Ajax fans during the cup match against Feyenoord. The banner read: 'Our smoke is more red than Red Marck,' referring to a Feyenoord fan by that name, who died from cancer last year.

Jan 24 '14 20:21

A horse was found galloping along the A28 freeway, Friday afternoon, between Harderwijk and Ermelo, causing traffic to back up for 4.5 miles. Both lanes were closed down.

Jan 24 '14 20:03

Swedish food packaging and processing company Tetra Pak is planning to close its plant in Moerdijk at the end of the year.

Jan 24 '14 20:00

It is not a good idea to extend the waiting period for foreigners who applied for the Dutch nationality, according to the Council of State, the highest advisory body to the government.


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