Nov 7 '13 14:54

ABN Amro is facing some problem with internet banking and the service is temporarily unavailable due, Nos television reports.

Nov 7 '13 14:24

Her Majesty Queen Máxima attended the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Stock Exchange building on Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam, Wednesday November 6.

Nov 7 '13 14:20

The Labour Party said it supports the government’s decision to purchase 37 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF), Nos television reports Wednesday.

Nov 7 '13 13:21

Over the last 30 years, the massive increase in the number of Dutch university students is almost entirely attributable to the girls, according to the figures released by Ministry of Education.

Nov 7 '13 11:35

In the Netherlands, the rate of inflation fell in October to 1.6%, the lowest level since November 2010, the national statistics office CBS announced Thursday.

Nov 7 '13 11:05

More and more people in the Netherlands are buying Volvo's V60 Plug-In Hybrid. The automaker reported that it sold nearly 1,000 V60 Plug-In Hybrid in the Netherlands last month.

Nov 7 '13 08:44

Dutch grid operator TenneT said that the NorNed power cable connecting Norway and the Netherlands will be back online from November 15 at the earliest, Reuters reports Wednesday.

Nov 7 '13 08:05

In the Netherlands, YouTube reached around 10 million unique users in September, ComScore data shows.

Nov 7 '13 02:52

A nurse who set up an ointment clinic for children and a nursing assistant who created a 'garden experience' for people with dementia were awarded the 'Mooi Mens' award 2013 on Wednesday.

Nov 7 '13 02:22

The 1900 windmills in the Netherlands are not sufficiently protected against fire. And in case of fire the fire department is not always able to assist.

Nov 7 '13 02:06

There will be no train traffic between Hengelo and Almelo until after the weekend due to the derailment Wednesday morning in Borne . The tracks and sleepers were damaged over a distance of five kilometers, according to ProRail.

Nov 7 '13 00:13

Prior to the match Ajax-Celtic in Amsterdam, eight officers in plainclothes were injured near the Damstraat. They were besieged by Ajax and Celtic fans.

Nov 7 '13 00:03

Dutch jihadists who return from Syria receive aid and guidance to reintegrate. They are not immediately arrested and prosecuted upon return

Nov 7 '13 00:02

City of Groningen officials will have  to work on May 1 and on August 28, starting next year. Labor Day used to be a day off for them, as was Bommen Berend. This is one of the new terms of employment for officials, negotiated by the City and unions in recent weeks.In order to attract more young people, older employees are to work less. The negotiations have not been easy, admit both the City and the unions. Some statements made by Alderman Schroor did not sit well with the officials.

Nov 7 '13 00:01

A 43-year-old Hoogeveen resident was sentenced to six months in prison, of which three months conditional, for scamming people on Marktplaats, by the court in Assen. He also gets probation supervision and prohibition.

Nov 6 '13 09:15

Areva has started producing the first mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel for use in the Borssele nuclear power plant, the Netherlands.


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