Oct 23 '13 01:46

Castricum and surrounding area reported a sudden bang and vibrating windows, Tuesday.
It could be an earthquake, reported RTV NH in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Oct 23 '13 01:30

Two puppies, imported from Bulgaria, had rabies. The dogs were euthanized last weekend, reported the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) Tuesday.

Oct 23 '13 01:05

The head of the work group of the United Nations researching Zwarte Piet, thinks the Netherlands should abolish the Sinterklaas tradition.

Oct 22 '13 18:46

SFX Entertainment has acquired Dutch entertainment and medium enterprise ID&T.

Oct 22 '13 18:26

Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Willem Opstelten on October 28 will officially launch the cyber security campaign.

Oct 22 '13 17:00

Dutch banking and insurance giant ING Group wants to unload its US-based insurance arm.

Oct 22 '13 15:58

Hypo Group acquired Dutch Bicycle Group (DBG) in May last year.

Oct 22 '13 15:00

The Broerenkerk Church in Zwolle has been converted into a 21st century bookstore, according to Treehugger.

Oct 22 '13 14:38

Dutch telecommunications company Royal KPN NV reported a net loss of €241 million in the third quarter, compared with net income of €267 million in the same period a year ago.

Oct 22 '13 14:13

News agency ANP reports that Netherlands has been in talks with United States about phone tapping and other security activities by U.S. secret service National Security Agency (NSA).

Oct 22 '13 14:00

TNS Nipo research shows that 1.4 million people are estimated to make a switch to a new health insurer during the change-over period at the end of the year.

Oct 22 '13 11:58

The number of people in difficulty paying the mortgage is still increasing, according to the latest barometer of mortgage published by debt administration agency BKR.

Oct 22 '13 05:19

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has called on Monday, Russian president Vladimir Poetin to emphasize the good relationship between the two countries. During the conversation both sides have confirmed to each other that the recent incidents have to be solved, so the focus can be on the future, according to the RVD in a press communication. Both Rutte and Poetin have mentioned that they have the intention to finish the Netherlands-Russia year successfully.

Oct 22 '13 05:12

According to an investigation by Volkskrant, the number of women in top management positions has risen. Volkskrant did the yearly investigation among 35 top companies in the Netherlands.

The investigation focuses on functions just below the board of directors and the executive boards. Those positions deliver the new boards members. The number of women in the top management functions rose from 20 percent last year to 21 percent this year.

Oct 22 '13 04:54

A third attempt to salvage the cutter Z75, de Zeldenrust, which ran aground at the dam in the sea at Petten, will be done on Tuesday. 

Last Thursday the cutter Zeldenrust hit the stone breakwater after the net got tangled up in the propeller and the ship became unmanageable. The collision with the dam made holes in the hull. The ship made water and ran aground.

Dutch expert salvage company Mammoet was hired to salvage the unfortunate Belgian cutter from Zeebrugge.

Oct 22 '13 04:25

At the final day of the world cup events in Doha, Ranomi Kromowidjojo won the 100 meter freestyle and so won her second gold medal during the events.

The Olympian champion, who won a day earlier already the 50 meter freestyle, was too quick for her competitors. She leaded the race from the start and ended with 52.29 seconds. This time is about one second slower than the world record of 4 years ago, but that was achieved with the now forbidden polyurethane swimming suit.


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