Dec 24 '13 15:13

Police have arrested a 41-year convicted human smuggler who has been on the run since July,

Dec 24 '13 14:35

Restricting foreigners from coffee shops is not discrimination,

Dec 24 '13 13:04

A Russian seaman is believed to be dead after he presumably went overboard from a ship operated by Dutch firm Wagenborg. Alexander Merkulov, 56, was discovered missing after the ship he was on was struck by a 10-meter-wave. He has not been found.

Dec 24 '13 12:46

Dutch natural gas company Gasunie transported a record amount of natural gas in 2013.

Dec 24 '13 12:22

In recent months, sales of electric cars have increased sharply, according to figures from the RAI.

Tram derailed in Den Haag
Dec 24 '13 12:15

Two accidents that have left two people injured interrupted tram traffic in The Hague this morning.

Dec 24 '13 11:41

Police in Gouda yesterday found the body of a 58-year-old man who has been dead in his apartment for at least a year. Authorities say he most likely died of natural causes.

Dec 24 '13 11:31

Dutch content company Endemol has acquired a 33% stake in Channel 2 franchisee Reshet.

baby seat
Dec 24 '13 11:24

Portugal-based Polisport Group has purchased the Dutch baby seat maker Bobike, Bicycle Retailer reports.

Dec 24 '13 11:19

The Netherlands universities attract a large percentage of international students to study. More than 80,000 students in Holland come from outside of the country.

Dec 24 '13 11:13

The Dutch Development Bank has approved a five-year unsecured term loan of €5 million for Fortis Microfinance Bank in Nigeria, Business Day Online reports.

Dec 24 '13 10:43

Strong winds battered the coasts of the Netherlands early this morning marking the third major storm to hit the country this year. French newspaper Le Figaro is reporting that a Russian seaman was swept overboard on a ship operated by Dutch firm Wagenborg and has not been found.

Dec 24 '13 10:36

Both shows of the musical "Soldaat van Oranje" were canceled for Tuesday. The roof of the foyer of the Theater hangar near former airfield Valkenburg, was partially blown off by the storm.

Dec 24 '13 10:11

The morning show by the "Groot Kerstcircus" (large Christmas circus) on the Malieveld in The Hague has been canceled for Tuesday. The organization canceled the 11:00 show as a precautionary measure, due to the storm.

Dec 24 '13 08:53

The police possibly prevented an elimination or an armed robbery last month, according to police reports Monday.

Dec 24 '13 04:35

People who opt to recycle their Christmas tree after the holidays may be richly rewarded in South and New-West Amsterdam. The districts raffle prizes among the residents who drop off their tree. Not every district is so generous though.


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