Oct 24 '13 12:11

Rental car services provider Hertz is offering the Ford Focus ST-H to customers for rent in the Netherlands.

Oct 24 '13 11:39

The Netherlands rugby team will be facing Israel in the third European qualifying round for the 2015 Rugby World Cup finals to be played in England.

Oct 24 '13 10:56

The Netherlands Police will strengthen its existing cooperation with Nigeria’s National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and Related Matters (NAPTIP) to battle human trafficking.

Oct 24 '13 09:02

The court in Rotterdam has sentenced two men for planning to go to Syria to join the armed struggle.

Oct 24 '13 06:02

The online sales of groceries in the Netherlands will be doubled by 2016. This is expected by the research group for food and consumer products IGD.

According to IGD the Dutch will spend 1.6 billion euro for buying groceries online in 2016. In 2012 the amount spent was 0.6 billion euro.

Oct 24 '13 05:43

Henk Westbroek is not going to be the new mayor of Utrecht. This was told to him by the municipal office of Utrecht on Wednesday. The reason for their decision is that Westbroek does not have enough management experience.

The Algemeen Dagblad (AD) in cooperation with the Utrechts Nieuwsblad did a poll about who is the most favorite for the job. In the beginning of October, the singer and presenter, was the most favorite among the readers of the AD. He received 28% of the readers’ votes. 

Oct 24 '13 05:07

Netherlands supports the German plan to give the larger countries a leading position within the NATO. Smaller countries can then, together with a coordinating bigger country, work out certain military projects or for instance buy a tanker aircraft together. Basically it is a new form of cooperation within the NATO.

Oct 24 '13 04:10

PVV MP Louis Bontes wants more democracy within the PVV. He wants to stay a member of the PVV and  PVV MP and doesn’t think about leaving the party.

Last week Bontes hit the news by stopping as a board member of the group of PVV in the House. Besides Bontes, Fleur Agema, Martin Bosma and PVV leader Geert Wilders formed the board. Bontes stepped away from the board because he didn’t want to be responsible, as treasurer, for the expenses. Money which the group in the House receives for their work and which is meant for making their work possible, is used for other party activities.

Oct 24 '13 03:38

In the last years the number of suicides has increased dramatically. Between 2008 and last year there was an increase of 30% of cases of suicide. The increase were mainly natives and Western immigrants, like Belgians and Germans.

The numbers about suicide were published on Wednesday by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Oct 24 '13 03:25

The lawsuit against Badr Hari will likely be resumed on January 22nd and 23rd . A spokesman for the prosecution announced Wednesday the prosecution is counting on the examination of the national investigation department to be ready by then.

Oct 24 '13 03:12

For the second consecutive day a slight earthquake occurred in the North Holland Castricum coastal town. The KNMI said the quake had a magnitude of 2.0 on the Richter scale.

Oct 24 '13 00:03

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet received official confirmation that Russia weakens the indictment against the 30 arrested Greenpeace activists.

Oct 24 '13 00:02

There will be a demonstration on the Malieveld Saturday against the United Nations, and for the preservation of Zwarte Piet. The 16-year-old Mandy Rose from The Hague received permission for the demonstration Wednesday afternoon from the city council.

Oct 24 '13 00:01

There will be no rainbow Pieten at the Sinterklaas celebration for the low-income families in Hoogezand-Sappemeer. The organization reportedly received death threats and members were called NSB'er and SS'ers.

Oct 23 '13 18:28

Hoofddorp-based Fokker Services announced that it will perform a VIP completion of a green ACJ319 for an undisclosed customer.

Oct 23 '13 18:00

Like in recent years the debate about Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet flared again this year. Critics say the tradition of Zwarte Piet is racist. Yesterday UN investigator Verene Shepherd suggested the tradition should be abolished. The UN is even investigating whether it is racist. But who is Zwarte Piet actually, and where did he come from?


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