Jan 30 '14 09:44

State Secretary of Finance, Frans Weekers (VVD), will offer his resignation to the King tomorrow, according to a debate yesterday in which he was asked to justify problems with disbursement of allowances at the Tax and Customs Administration.

Jan 30 '14 08:09

Best Kept Secret festival has added 22 names to the line-up for this year. These are bands that fit the festival's aim to create an atmosphere of exciting music.

Jan 30 '14 07:47

The secrecy around possible existence of nuclear weapons in the Netherlands should come to an end in favor of an open debate, MPs said yesterday.

Jan 30 '14 04:34

State Secretary of Finances, Frans Weekers, promised Parliament Wednesday evening to investigate the mass processing by the Tax department, and to keep the House informed weekly of how many people are still waiting for their benefits to be paid out.

Jan 30 '14 04:33

Two street robbers on a scooter were arrested by military police after a chase in the night of January 29, around 02:00 am, on the Van Ostade street near the Amsteldijk.

Jan 30 '14 04:32

The Dutch army used secured phones that were encrypted by the American NSA and their British counterpart, GCHQ, up to a few years ago. Philips sold the secured phones to the Dutch government.

Jan 30 '14 04:31

Kenneth Renaldo Richards (58), owner of night café Casanova in the Lootsstraat in Oud-West Amsterdam, was found dead, Saturday afternoon, in his apartment on the Jeltje de Bosch Kemperpad, not far from this café. Police suspect a crime.

Jan 29 '14 19:32

A majority of parliament wants to shorten the period over which partner alimony is due. It became clear on Wednesday the maximum of a 12-year-period is considered too long. However, the parties can not yet agree on an acceptable term.

Jan 29 '14 16:30

Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan wants broadcaster National Geographic to rectify an episode of Scam City television program.

Jan 29 '14 16:29

Inspection of football fields of two football clubs in Nieuw-Weerdinge in Drenthe, just prior to a match, turned up half-buried broken beer bottles, sticking out of the grass just barely. Nobody got hurt.

Jan 29 '14 15:22

Aijman El B., a 16-year-old former student of Ibn Ghaldoun, heard a sentence of 1 month probationary youth detention and 60 hours community service against him, Wednesday, for using and distributing stolen exams.

Chrysler Crossfire
Jan 29 '14 15:19

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said that it will establish its headquarter in the Netherlands, news station WWJ .

Jan 29 '14 14:42

The separation of 82-year-old Pieter Schouten and his wife of 60 years, the 77-year-old Coby Schouten is causing a stir. Pieter was placed in a nursing home because he has Alzheimer, but his wife, who also needs care, was not allowed to go with him, because she is still on a waiting list.

Jan 29 '14 13:41

Princess Beatrix attended the opening of the 14th Holland Dance Festival on January 25, Reuters reports.

Jan 29 '14 13:11

A 46-year old man was held by police yesterday in Koningsbosch. The man is being held on charges of car- and cargo theft as well as laundering, and handling stolen goods.

Jan 29 '14 12:33

The Dutch have less money in their saving accounts for the first time in 20 years, Nos television reports Wednesday.


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