Sep 20 '13 05:08

The bold decision of Minister Jeanine Hennis and the government to try to finalize the year-long discussions about the JSF, that is, choosing to purchase 37 JSFs, has caused turmoil in the Dutch society. 

Sep 20 '13 02:17

Greenpeace re-established contact with the Arctic Sunrise and reports their ship that has been taken over by the Russian coastguard, south from Nova Zembla. Among the crew are two Dutch activists.

Sep 20 '13 02:13

According to the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy (STAP) and the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland the municipalities are unable to maintain the new Licensing and Catering Act that will take effect on January 1 of next year.

Sep 20 '13 02:12

The once most exclusive men's club of the Netherlands opens its doors to the general public. Visitors of Yab Yum Unlocked can now look around in places where the respected guests were not allowed before, like the changing rooms of the girls and the kitchen full of caviar and champagne.

Sep 20 '13 02:12

KWF, the Dutch cancer society, is adjusting the text on its website about investing in research. The organization notified the Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF) of this measure, says CBF director Adri Kemps.

Sep 20 '13 02:11

In The Hague, a 52-year-old social worker was sentenced to 200 hours of community service for fornication with a patient. He got a suspended sentence of six months and a five-year probation. The man may not work as a social worker during his probationary period.

Sep 20 '13 02:10

The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, with two Dutch crew members aboard, is being directed to the northern Russian Moermansk. The campaign leader, Faiza Oulahsen, reported this to the NOS. The 30 crew members are under arrest.

Sep 20 '13 02:09

At least 1458 people contracted the measles or still have it, reports the RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu) (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) Thursday. Since last week 110 new cases have been reported, more than twice as many as the week before.

Sep 20 '13 02:09

The probability that a Dutchman gets a false euro bill in hand is 0.002 percent, about as much as the chance of a big prize in the state lottery, says De Nederlandsche Bank in the publication of a study of the knowledge among the public about euro banknotes

Sep 19 '13 04:24

Ajax was defeated by FC Barcelona on the holy grounds of Camp Nou on Wednesday. 

The team from Amsterdam started the match relatively good. The first half, Ajax showed, besides a mistake of Lerin Duarte, good football and was able to keep up with the champs from Barcelona.

In the first half only Messi scored from a free kick after Duarte worked him to the ground. Other attempts from Messi and Neymar were stopped effectively by goal keeper Vermeer.

Attempts from the Ansterdam squad, during the first half, were not successful but created a balance at the field.

Sep 19 '13 04:07

Stuff stolen in Netherlands by Eastern European gangs, is sold right here on the market. In most cases the loot is not taken across the border, as was always presumed. This is evident from an examination of the Utrecht University.

Sep 19 '13 04:00

The main news from the Budget was yesterday repeated endlessly by the different media. Many notable plans and facts from the budget of the government however did not reach the media. Big chance that you did not know the following ten facts.

1. Windfall by telecom auction?

This year the auction of 4G frequencies brought a windfall for the Treasury of up to 3.8 billion euro. Next year the so-called 2GHz frequencies, which expire in 2016, will be  auctioned again. The previous auction in 1998 yielded 1.84 billion. Looks promising!

2. Largest costs

Sep 19 '13 03:38

The NVWA (Dutch food and consumer product safety authority) warns against Wicky-drink packets with a bad taste. The fruit lemonade in the raspberry variant smells and tastes nasty and caused queasiness.

Sep 19 '13 03:18

A 24-year-old female was apprehended in Rotterdam, suspected of killing her baby. The woman went to an address in town and said she wanted to bury her baby. She had the corpse with her in a bag. It is unclear where she wanted to bury the body.

Sep 19 '13 03:05

Johannes van Dam, the most famous culinary journalist of the Netherlands, passed away at the age of 66, on Wednesday in Amsterdam. He had been seriously ill for some time, struggling with a heart ailment. He also suffered from diabetes.

This was confirmed by his editor at the Parool, late Wednesday night. Van Dam wrote almost 25 years for the newspaper Parool. His popular restaurant reviews made ​​him an authority in the culinary field.

Sep 19 '13 02:35

Dutch underestimate the danger of itinerant Roma gangs. They are very professional, well-organized and trained criminals who steal commissioned.


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