Mar 26 '14 16:56

The number of complaints about bailiffs more than doubled in 2013, with an increase of 115 percent, according to acting national ombudsman, Frank van Dooren, in the annual report 2013.

Mar 26 '14 16:15

PvdA alderman, Pieter Hilhorst, leaves the Amsterdam City council with mixed emotions. Hilhorst is mainly disappointed in himself.

Mar 26 '14 15:41

Since the start of the new tax benefits system in 2006 the tax department overpaid €336 million, evident from the semi-annual tax reports and data RTL Nieuws collected from the Tax department.

Mar 26 '14 15:34

An elderly man was assaulted and abused in Eindhoven while he was visiting the grave site of his late wife. The assaulter smashed the man's head against the cement tiles, and took off with €120.

Mar 26 '14 15:17

Hotel Huis ter Duin was wrongfully named by the Washington post as the hotel where one of Obama's security personnel was found passed out in the hotel lobby, intoxicated. The hotel wants the paper to print a retraction.

Fire Truck
Mar 26 '14 14:56

A large-scale fire in Venray caused the fire department to evacuate several dozens of employees from businesses on Wednesday afternoon.

Mar 26 '14 14:51

The conference table, used at the Nuclear Security Summit, is for sale. Potential buyers can turn to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for inquiries.

Mar 26 '14 14:46

The office of the archbishop in Utrecht used almost €42,000 of an inheritance that was obtained to help "the most forgotten and outcast of society" to buy Sinterklaas- and Christmas presents. Staff members of the pastorship received a bonus of €30,000.

Mar 26 '14 14:36

A woman was sexually assaulted in a train between Maastricht and Amsterdam Amstel, Friday night. Two suspects, 19 and 27 years old, were arrested.

Mar 26 '14 14:16

The Dutch national police are pleased with their performance during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) so far. There were no major disruptions. 140 Arrests were made so far, most of them protesters.

Mar 26 '14 13:43

A considerable majority of Parliament accepts the plan to release Volkert van der Graaf on parole on the 2nd of May this year. Van der Graaf, an environmental activist, murdered politician Pim Fortuyn on the 6th of May in 2002.

Mar 26 '14 13:00

According to research, 45 percent of women have had a negative experience at work during their pregnancy. The Council for Human Rights is calling on minister Asscher of Social Affairs and Employment to do something about this, the NOS reports.

Mar 26 '14 12:38

According to a new report from the Research Council for Safety, the safety of meat in the Netherlands is not guaranteed.

Nuclear Reactor
Mar 26 '14 10:49

In Petten, 28 protesters were arrested at a nuclear reactor on Tuesday. They were protesting nuclear power, and were going to block entry to the nuclear plant from several delegates from the Nuclear Security Summit, who were traveling to see the nuclear reactor.

Fred Teeven
Mar 26 '14 10:27

Twelve years after the murder of Pim Fortuyn, Volkert van der Graaf is going to be freed from prison, state secretary for Justice Fred Teeven (VVD) announced on Wednesday.

Mar 26 '14 10:05

Police in The Hague apprehended a 24-year old man on Den Haag Centraal Station on Tuesday. The man was carrying several fire arms, the Public Prosecution Authority (OM) report.


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