Dec 3 '13 16:12

Former VVD deputy Ton Hooijmaijers was sentenced to three years' imprisonment. The 52-year-old former deputy of the province of North Holland was on trial for corruption, money laundering, and forgery.

Dec 3 '13 15:29

Poverty in the Netherlands is in an upswing. The Social and Cultural Planning Bureau SCP says 1.2 million live below the poverty line, 7,6 percent of the country’s residents.

Dec 3 '13 15:04

The Criminal Code no longer imposes a ban on more offensive blasphemy.

Dec 3 '13 14:54

The council for the judiciary has criticized the government’s immediate jail proposal for people convicted of crimes and sentenced to at least a year.

Dec 3 '13 14:49

The Ministry of Development has faced eighty cases of fraud or abuse of aid funds over the last three years. The number of reports shows an increase from 21 in 2010, to 27 in 2011, and 31 in 2012.

Dec 3 '13 14:01

Two men who were swapped as babies just after their birth, found their biological family after sixty years, writes BN De Stem Tuesday.

Dec 3 '13 13:48

At least twelve barracks were destroyed by a fire that was discovered around 5.30am in Westelijke Havengebied, the harbor area in west Amsterdam. Judging by the tires and cars that were ablaze, many of the burnt-down structures housed repair shops.

Dec 3 '13 12:21

Last week in Bosnia, Judge Theodor Meron, president of the Hague tribunal, was met by a silent protest by activists and survivors of the war of the early 1990s, Institute for War & Peace Reporting said Monday.

Dec 3 '13 11:57

Marechaussees detained an American man at Schiphol Monday night, after he went berserk on board an aircraft and forced the captain to land in the Netherlands.

West Bank
Dec 3 '13 11:11

The Netherlands-Israel Cooperation Forum will take place in Herzliya next week.

Dec 3 '13 10:05

The Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University is one the best business schools in Europe.

Dec 3 '13 09:24

Netflix announced that its Dutch service has signed an agreement with NBCUniversal International to acquire dramas such as Suits, Downton Abbey and Bates Motel.

Dec 3 '13 08:49

Following downgrade of the Netherlands’ credit rating to AA +, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has lowered the credit ratings of Dutch financial firm ING Groep NV and its banking unit.

Rotterdam Courthouse and statue
Dec 3 '13 04:36

Whistleblower Ad Bos is finally freed from prosecution, after twelve years. The Amsterdam court put an end to the case against the 65-year-old Bos on Monday, by declaring the public prosecution inadmissible.

Dec 3 '13 04:36

60 percent of young people between 20 and 24 who go out, used ecstasy at least once in the last year, according to new research from the Trimbos Institute.

Dec 3 '13 04:34

The House voted for, Tuesday it will be up to the Senate, but many senators are reluctant to remove blasphemy from the penal code.


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