Jan 6 '14 17:11

The two cats in Amersfoort that were feared killed by coldblooded firework vandals, may have died less horrific deaths.

polling station
Jan 6 '14 17:10

A survey by Nieuwsuur and the clerk association shows that many small town and district councils across the Netherlands are worried about shortage of enough potential councillors.

Jan 6 '14 16:04

Police removed ten malnourished and badly kept dogs from the care of a man in Oss on Monday; it was the umpteenth time.

Jan 6 '14 15:28

The Netherlands expressed concerns to Egypt about the poor conditions in which Dutch national Ahmed Diini is being detained, wrote the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Diini's lawyer, André Seebregts.

Jan 6 '14 15:20

Second Chamber President Anouchka van Miltenburg has announced that she will speak to the faction leaders about the criticism they expressed about her in December.

Jan 6 '14 15:10

Monday January 6th is well on its way to break the record of warmest January 6th ever.

Jan 6 '14 14:35

In early December, four big Dutch cities – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht – requested the government to ban scooters from bike paths and require bike riders to wear helmets.

Jan 6 '14 14:32

Monday January 6th is well on its way to break the record of warmest January 6th ever.

Jan 6 '14 14:04

Mars One, a Dutch non-profit project to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars, plans a reality TV show to select the 40-person crew for the trip to the Red Planet, Sun News Network said.

Jan 6 '14 12:05

Danish energy company Dong Energy has decided to sell its business in the Netherlands, the Financieele Dagblad reports on Monday.

Jan 6 '14 10:58

People from the northern province of Groningen are showing anger on the government policies and recent bankruptcy of aluminum company Aldel. The company’s closure was the last straw for Groningers.

Jan 6 '14 10:15

Dutch football club Vitesse said it will go for a training camp in the United Arab Emirates for second half of the season without defender Dan Mori, who is not allowed to enter UAE because of having an Israeli passport.

Jan 6 '14 09:29

Aircraft maintenance company Fokker Services is expected to announce layoffs in mid-February, newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad reported. The firm works exclusively on maintenance of Fokker aircraft built before the company went bankrupt in 1996.

Jan 6 '14 04:36

Curaçao will have access to a Dutch unmanned aircraft in the coming months to address a wave of raids. The Ministry of Defense is sending the "Raven" at the request of the Justice department on the island.

Jan 6 '14 04:35

The fire department in Kaag in Zuid-Holland burned down. One of the fire trucks caught fire, reported a spokesperson. Soon after the entire station went up in flames.

Jan 6 '14 04:34

A 36-year-old man, who is suspected of committing at least 45 crimes in the past month in Limburg, was arrested Sunday morning.


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