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Mar 6 '14 14:24

It took him almost two decades, but a robber who shot a store clerk in her shoulder 18 years ago finally grew a conscience and came clean last week.

Mar 6 '14 13:47

more than 100 party front-runners of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) have spoken out against the marijuana regulation.

Police sign
Mar 6 '14 13:14

According to crime figures published by the police, there was less crime in 2013 than the previous year.

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Mar 6 '14 12:41

With but a few weeks to go before The Hague hosts the Nuclear Security Summit NSS, organizers say they see no reason to worry yet about it being sidelined by the ongoing standoff in Ukraine.

Mark Rutte
Mar 6 '14 12:31

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte thinks it's too early to impose sanctions on Russia, but does not condone Russia's violations of international treaties.

Mar 6 '14 12:02

KLM will this Summer be adding 2.6 percent more capacity than last year, the airline announced Wednesday.

Mar 6 '14 11:07

American company Uber wants to break open the market, offering cheaper rides than standard taxi cabs.

Mar 6 '14 10:44

Dutch airline Transavia has gone through the ringer over an insensitive reaction to a recent widower who tried to cancel tickets upon the loss of his wife.

Mar 6 '14 10:13

The first peerwit egg of the year was found in Gelderland Wednesday around midday on a plot of land in the area of Delwijnen in the municipality of Zaltbommel.

Mar 6 '14 09:19

Around three-quarters of Dutch municipalities think they might have to make budget cuts over the next year.

Mar 6 '14 08:34

Four Dutch universities have made it to the list of top 100 list worldwide. TU Delft is the winner in the country, at number 42.

Robert Serry
Mar 6 '14 07:34

The Dutch UN special envoy and secretary-general representative Robert Serry, who traveled to Crimea on Wednesday for negotiations, was threatened by armed men and chased away.

Mar 6 '14 06:41

The Netherlands is investigating if there are Ukrainian assets held in the Netherlands which were made via corruption or illegal businesses.

Mar 5 '14 18:28

Almost half the municipalities doubt they will be able to adequately help youth in the youth care system with the funds made available by the government, reveals a survey from 'de Volkskrant' among 158 of the 400 municipalities. One fifth states they will not be able to accomplish the task.

Mar 5 '14 17:59

The 'child porn' unit of the East-Netherlands police conducted a large-scale investigation on 20 addresses in February. So far nine suspects were questioned, but no arrests were made.

Mar 5 '14 17:37

A factory farm in Grubbenvorst in Limburg, harboring 1m chickens, 35k pigs, a slaughterhouse and a manure fermenter is one step closer to becoming reality, after the court in Roermond dismissed objections from neighbors today.


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