Jul 24 '13 09:52

800 guests were present at the Sea Owl’s delivery party in Amsterdam. The gathering featured the 62-meter Feadship Sea Owl being delivered to its owners held at the Maritime Museum.

Jul 24 '13 09:38

In response to the reports on the increasing accounts of surplus in bikes in Amsterdam, the city is denying such claims and insisting the number of bikes is normal.

Jul 24 '13 09:29

Google has announced that it will launch its Google Offers service in the Netherlands anytime soon.

Jul 24 '13 09:23

Austria and the Netherlands have presented coordinated classification and labeling (CLH) proposals for two substances.

Jul 24 '13 09:08

Sharelly Emanuelson and three other Dutch citizens who were arrested in the Murmansk, Russia for allegedly initiating a homosexual propaganda, have returned to the Netherlands.

Jul 24 '13 08:59

Darius Theus has signed a contract with Aris Leeuwarden in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Jul 24 '13 08:20

A hot air balloon with at least 11 people on board crashed in the water near Almere in the Netherlands on Tuesday evening.

Jul 24 '13 08:01

The organization of the Zwarte Cross Festival in Lichtenvoorde will provide lots of water to cope with the high temperatures during the event this coming weekend. At the festival site are already extra tanks of 5000 liters present.

Festival goers will be offered sponges to keep their head cool. They are also planning to spray water, explains Pieter Holkenborg of organizer Feestfabriek. “We have also bought extra quantities of sunscreen smashed and all campers will receive a free pair of sunglasses.”

Jul 24 '13 07:58

The government is concerned about criticism that the World Bank gives insufficient attention to human rights. The Netherlands will ask questions to the World Bank about this issue. Minister Lilianne Ploumen (Foreign Trade and Development) has said that on Tuesday in response to a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Jul 24 '13 07:55

On Tuesday heavy storms blew away tents and made trees fall at the camping site De IJzeren Man in Weert and the nearby natural campsite Wega. The storm created widespread panic among the visitors. No one was injured.

In no time campsite Wega was flooded on Tuesday due to severe thunderstorms with hail. Tents blew away, others were flooded. Most of the 150 campers decided to discontinue their holidays prematurely. “In a wet sleeping bag you can not sleep,” said one of them.

Jul 24 '13 07:49

Many fruits growers do not follow the rules. This announces the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVW) after the annual audit at 100 of the 3200 growers.

About a third of the growers used banned substances to protect their crops against insects and diseases. Also is their administration often not in order.

Jul 24 '13 07:45

The new mussel season opens Wednesday in Yerseke. The new harvest of Zeeuwse Mossels (mussels from Zeeland) comes two weeks later than expected because the mussel grew this year slower than usual.

Early July the mussel farmers and traders did a test to see how the mussels developed. That showed that the mussels were substandard. The mussels were then required to grow to the desired quality.

Jul 23 '13 09:53

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Fujifilm are collaborating to replicate Van Gogh 's masterworks in 3D .

Jul 23 '13 08:52

A red helium balloon with logo from Fair in the Square in Highgate, an area in North London, journeyed 440 miles to the Netherlands where it was found by a farmer.

Jul 23 '13 08:47

Residential homes are nearly 10 percent cheaper last month compared to the same period of 2012, Statistics Netherlands reports.

Jul 23 '13 08:42

A research by The Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU) shows that there has been an increase in the number of temporary workers aged 65 years old and above.


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