Feb 13 '14 09:45

A woman was killed in a collision on the A28 in Putten on Wednesday night.

Feb 13 '14 09:30

Diners will no longer have to envision themselves in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares as new initiative wants to publicize lunchroom cleanliness online.

Feb 13 '14 09:11

police suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than was previously expected.

Feb 13 '14 08:44

Geert Wilders is a control freak and power hungry, sex crazed authoritarian narcissist who slept with one of his spokespeople, a former party member has claimed.

Feb 13 '14 08:36

Opinions were divided on Elou Akhiat, but support has started flowing in for her, namely from Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb.

Feb 13 '14 08:03

Friday 14 February will mark the commencement of the Kwibuka20 activities in the Netherlands.

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Feb 13 '14 07:43

Police say they are hearing witnesses about a shooting incident inside a bus in Almere that has left one woman injured on Wednesday.

Feb 13 '14 07:27

Activist group Schokkend-Groningen (Shocking Groningen) posted a critical tweet about recently deceased politician Els Borst.

Feb 13 '14 07:01

The case of exam fraud in the islamic school Ibn Ghaldoun in Rotterdam, will today receive a verdict.

Feb 13 '14 06:40

Groningen experienced another earthquake on Wednesday night. According to the KNMI, it registered a 3.0 on the Richter scale, and happened at 3.13 a.m.

Feb 13 '14 04:33

The founder of 2theloo, 44-year-old Eric Treurniet, lost his life in a car crash last week Friday on a freeway in Belgium, after barely realizing his dream to expand his creation to all continents. During heavy rains Treurniet lost control over the wheel of his Porsche and crashed into a pole.

Feb 13 '14 04:32

The Public Prosecution in Mainz started a judicial follow-up on former neurologist, Ernst Jansen Steur, who was sentenced to three years in prison in the Netherlands, Tuesday.

Feb 13 '14 04:31

Half of the youth younger than 16, who bought cigarettes in 2013 was never asked for their ID, as evidenced by a survey of TNS-NIPO, one of the oldest market research agencies in the Netherlands.

Feb 12 '14 21:22

The autopsy on the body of former minister of Health, and minister of State, Els Borst, was not conclusive. The autopsy did reveal that Borst died from her injuries, but it wasn't clear whether the injuries were the result of an unfortunate accident or a crime.

Feb 12 '14 20:48

Stefan Groothuis, the 2012 world champion sprint, won an Olympic gold medal on the 1,000 m skating.

Feb 12 '14 16:37

A 56-year-old blind man, Charles Steijger, from Edam, was knocked down without a warning, Monday evening near Amsterdam Central. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.


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