Aug 5 '13 09:07

The Max Theater Troupe, headed by Iranian director Reza Servati, will perform “Wonder of Creatures” at Korzo Hall in The Hague, Netherlands on November 17.

Aug 5 '13 09:03

With 350,000 overseas workers in the Netherlands, only 31 percent have registered their vehicles under their names.

Aug 5 '13 08:58

On Friday, the European Union and the Netherlands granted around €10.9 million to last month's income and pensions of almost 75,000 Palestinian civil servants and pensioners in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, according to the EU press release.

Aug 4 '13 09:00

In the most recent years, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), also called bring your own technology (BYOT), has become a trend and common practice in the business and education market. BYOD is a policy that permits employees to use their own mobile devices such as smartphones, personal computers and laptops to work and access data in their companies.

Aug 3 '13 05:58

The round up of some of this week's most noteworthy events and news stories features a video of a mysterious orb hovering on a Dutch lake, an extortion story on home grown marijuana, a transfer of a U.S.-based test jet to the Netherlands Ministry of Defense, a launching of a new Free West Papua Campaign office, the death of a famous Dutch Jazz artist, and a local zoo’s growing concern over their baboons’ mysterious behavior.

Aug 2 '13 09:04

Royal Dutch Shell PLC cited a 57 percent drop in its second-quarter net income following the attacks on Nigerian operations and a drastic reduction on the worth of its shale oil fields in North America.

Aug 2 '13 08:35

A cheap Dutch rental bike system known as Bike & Go will be applied in 50 railway stations in the UK beginning on August 13, according to BikeBiz.

Aug 2 '13 08:28

On Thursday, Thai authorities from the Office of the Narcotics Control Board were able to seize 12 tons of precursor material for Ecstasy pills in Bangkok, ready to be sold in the Netherlands.

Aug 2 '13 08:22

The Dutch horticulture industry will host a new technology show next year after the conclusion of the Horti Fair in November 2012.

Aug 2 '13 08:04

Designer Vincent Montreuil has proposed his latest innovative mobility plan for a better city.

Aug 2 '13 07:43

Citizens of Apeldoorn and surroundings, want to establish a cooperative bank because they are disillusioned by the mores in the current banking system. The Financial Cooperation begins today with the recruiting among citizens that want to support the bank 'new style'.

The idea of the founders of The Financial Cooperation is based on NewB, the cooperative bank that is being set up since this spring in Belgium.

Aug 2 '13 07:36

People who go on holiday outside Europe, may soon need a separate insurance for medical expenses. Minister Edith Schippers will send a bill to the House in the fall. That said a spokesman on Thursday.

The idea is not new. Rutte I already made this plan in 2010. With the plan, Schippers hopes to save about 60 million euro.  Care costs by travelers within in Europe will still be paid.

Aug 2 '13 07:28

Most of the employers take no additional measures during extreme heat at the workplace. This says FNV on Thursday based on the initial results of the Hotline Summer Heat (Zomerhitte).

The union opened two weeks ago a hotline where employees can complain about high temperatures at their workplace. Meanwhile, a questionnaire was completed by 612 people. Of those, 61 percent indicated that their employer has done nothing against the extreme heat

Aug 1 '13 11:00

It is a Thursday afternoon in March 2012. Herman just drove back from work when he noticed three large, nondescript vans near his driveway. Police officers were surrounding the 44-year-old’s home, and handfuls of curious neighbors were standing on the other side of the street.

Aug 1 '13 09:06

On Wednesday, the Dutch FA announced that Wesley Sneijder will not take part in the friendly match against Portugal in Faro this month.

Aug 1 '13 08:58

Maastricht Airlines curator John Huppertz has announced that the airline will begin operations using jet aircraft instead of Fokker 50s.


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