Feb 19 '14 16:29

The Groningen dikes will be reinforced at an accelerated pace, due to earthquakes, to guarantee the safety of Groningen residents, announced the Noorderzijlvest water board.

Feb 19 '14 15:56

Amsterdam mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, sent in a proposal with some suggestions to the City Council, Wednesday, to entice more voters to make a trip to the ballot box. If approved voters will be able to bring out their vote in special locations such as the Rijksmuseum and the ArenA.

Feb 19 '14 15:28

Police have found no signs of a burglary at the home of deceased Minister of State, Els Borst, announced a police spokesperson Tuesday on Opsporing Verzocht. Another spokesperson, Bernhard Jens, confirmed this morning on Radio M Utrecht police are almost certain Borst's home was not burglarized.

Feb 19 '14 10:09

Citizens of the Netherlands have helped the police arrest 1,900 suspects because of the anonymous tips they have phoned in to the police, Elsevier reports.

Feb 19 '14 09:44

The police have apprehended a man in Beckum who is thought to be responsible for physically abusing the Meijerink couple in 1997.

Feb 19 '14 09:23

The lack of control on marijauana sales means that foreigners are still able to buy weed at 85 percent of coffeeshops in the Netherlands, the NOS reports.

An NS train waiting on the tracks (Photo: TahR78/Wikipedia)
Feb 19 '14 08:59

The NS has to, once again, pay a fine of €1.75 million due to travelers being dissatisfied with the company's services.

Police sign
Feb 19 '14 08:26

An 11-year old boy was robbed of his phone on Monday in Haarlem.

KLM badge
Feb 19 '14 08:03

The Attorney-General in The Hague has, in an appeal, demanded a fine against journalists from the programme 'Undercover Nederland'.

Feb 19 '14 07:27

The Supreme Court has nullified the conviction of a man from Venray for the murder of his wife Kathleen Cremers.

Rechtbank Haarlem
Feb 19 '14 07:06

The Supreme Court yesterday sustained the verdict of businessman Jan Dirk Paarlberg.

Henk Kamp
Feb 19 '14 06:35

The reduction of gas production at Loppersum in Groningen, means that minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp must do new research to find the results of that measure.

Feb 19 '14 04:32

Polare bookstores, who received an extension of payment last week Tuesday, will be sold per store or per group of stores, announced curator Kees van de Meent of Höcker law office Tuesday. Van de Meent came to that conclusion after intensive discussions with six parties, crucial in the survival of the chain bookstore.

Feb 19 '14 04:31

The "Heartvertising" project aims to act as a wake-up call to people who live their lives on automatic pilot, and encourage them to follow their heart and live their dreams. Boomerang cards, posters at bus stops, a billboard and an exposition bring the message across from February 18-24.

Feb 18 '14 20:08

Visitors of Marktplaats.nl show a growing interest in more expensive merchandise. The site noticed and increase in sales in the car, motorcycle, and boat section.

Feb 18 '14 19:56

Albert.nl, the delivery service for the web stores of Albert Heijn, Etos, and Gall & Gall will slowly disappear over the course of the next few years. The violet colored crates, vans, and uniforms will slowly be replaced by Albert Heijn blue.


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