Mar 11 '14 10:59

One quarter of all council members is in favor of electing mayors. CDA members are the only ones who remain unconvinced by the stance of their party.

Mar 11 '14 09:59

5300 people ended up in the emergency room last year, with alcohol poisoning.

Mar 11 '14 09:27

A 19-year old from Amsterdam was apprehended Monday morning in connection to a shooting on Wednesday the 5th of March.

Job Center
Mar 11 '14 08:53

Non-western migrants, especially young ones, seem to have been hit the hardest by the crisis, and are often victims of discrimination in their hunt for work. The situation is the worst for Moroccan Dutch and refugees.

No image available
Mar 11 '14 08:17

Osman Suna, labor party PvdA’s candidate for Soest has been caught on camera telling a congregation in a mosque to bring him the ballots of voters who will not cast their votes.

Mar 11 '14 08:09

New investigations still don't offer any evidence that a 19-year old boy was murdered in Schiedam in 2008. The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) announced this on Monday. The boy's body was found in the Brielse Meer, after he had been missing for a week.

Mar 11 '14 07:42

A very big fire raged in the dunes of Loon and Drunen on Monday afternoon, which required the fire department to seek assistance from neighboring municipalities, and was still being extinguished at 6 p.m.

Mar 11 '14 07:05

A man and a woman were apprehended in Eindhoven on Monday evening in relation to the discovery of a dead baby earlier in the day. The two are suspected of possible involvement in the death of the child, a spokesperson for the police says.

Mar 10 '14 18:08

A pet shop owner will be prosecuted, after police seized 25 protected native birds from his store. The birds lacked the proper identification rings and are presumably caught in the wild.

Mar 10 '14 17:43

For the third day on row the warmth record is broken, according to the Bilt meteorological service. With 16 'C on Saturday, 19.5 'C on Sunday, and 17,9 'C today around 14:30, it hasn't been this warm since 1997.

Mar 10 '14 17:21

A 24-year-old Rotterdam local was arrested for money laundering, Sunday evening around 20:00, instead of for the traffic violation he was initially pulled over for.

Mar 10 '14 17:05

Four new arrests were made in the investigation into activities of a criminal youth gang in South West The Hague, Monday morning, March 10. Together with 11 other suspects, apprehended on January 14, they are held responsible for dozens of burglaries.

Mar 10 '14 16:42

Supporters from SC Cambuur were not able to reach the stadium on Sunday, due to riots around the match between Cambuur and Ajax, that ended in a tie, 1-1. The Friesland Club demands a financial compensation for its supporters.

Mar 10 '14 16:18

About 6 percent of the Dutch population, some 1 million people visited alternative healers between 2010 and 2012. Women, 30 to 65-year-olds, higher educated and supplemental insured paid more visits to alternative healers.

Mar 10 '14 15:48

33 People were injured in a rear-end collision, involving three trams, on the Breeplein in Rotterdam-Zuid, today. 12 of the injured had to be transported to the hospital with mild to severe injuries, according to a police spokesperson.

Mar 10 '14 15:22

Oranje lost an important player in their football team, only three months before the kick-off of the World Cup. Kevin Strootman, midfielder, was severely injured during the practice match against France, this past Wednesday. He will be out for months.


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