Sep 10 '13 02:26

Municipalities are obliged to make substantial cuts in spending on roads, sports, culture, public parks and street lights for the coming years.

Sep 9 '13 05:52

The police prevented an outdoor gathering of a group of radical Muslims, in Segbroek, a district of The Hague. As reported by the NOS, five men were arrested because they refused to identify themselves. The police action was, according to a spokesman, associated with minor skirmishes.

Sep 9 '13 05:48

Voters continue to turn their backs on the Labour Party (PvdA). If elections for parliament were held now, the party would only get 11 seats, one less than the figure a week ago. This is evident from the poll results published on Sunday by Maurice de Hond. 

According to de Hond, the PvdA has never scored so poorly in the polls.

In addition, the VVD coalition partner would lose a seat, according to the poll. The Liberals would now have 19 seats, the lowest number since 2010. In the House, VVD and PvdA have 41 and 38 seats, respectively.

Sep 9 '13 05:37

Two Romanian youngsters, 17 and 19 years old, were arrested on Sunday in Blerick (Limburg) on suspicion of copper theft.

The police received a report that two vans with Spanish number plates were parked at the Otto Street in Blerick. While checking out the vans, the police found two men sleeping in one of the two vans, in which  the police found a total of 132 roles of copper wire with a total weight of 6,600 kilograms.

Sep 9 '13 05:33

The use and processing of the controversial biofuel palm oil in the Netherlands has doubled in the past six years, up to 1.3 million tonnes in 2012 . This is stated in a research report published on Monday by the European umbrella organization of Milieudefensie.

Wednesday, the European Parliament will approve a proposal of the European Commission, to reduce the use of food crops (including palm oil) to a maximum of 5 percent in fuel mixes. Milieudefensie calls on parliamentarians to support this plan .

Largest importer

Sep 8 '13 12:00

Starting a new life in any place will have its ups and downs. But how easy is it to start a new life in Amsterdam? Are there special Dutch behaviors to take in account and how is the main capital, Amsterdam, helping expats to fit in? Two American expats share their story.

Sep 8 '13 02:38

Two children were seriously injured in an accident on a farm in the Frisian Peins. It concerns a 9-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl.

Sep 8 '13 02:37

Health care fraud occurs for many millions, using doctors' personal declaration codes, says RTL News.

Sep 7 '13 03:25

The Dutch government should apologize to the families of three Muslim men who were killed by the Bosnian Serb army during the fall of Srebrenica in 1995

Sep 7 '13 02:35

The police seized to large amounts of GBL in Nijmegen and Doornenburg. High concentrations of the element is used as raw material for the party drug GHB.

Sep 7 '13 02:11

Two people were injured in a stabbing on board a train from The Hague to Venlo. On Rotterdam Central the wounded got off the train and two others were apprehended.

Sep 7 '13 02:11

A European first for the Naturalis Institute in Leiden. It will display a nearly complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex in The Netherlands.

Sep 7 '13 02:10

The fire on an industrial estate in Zevenaar is not set according to police. Presumably a technical problem caused the fire.

Sep 7 '13 02:09

The NS rides with Fyra V250 trains again .It involves so-called maintenance rides, which are intended to prevent corrosion of parts and to prevent them from getting stuck.

Sep 6 '13 04:30

The bankrupt travel companies Baobab Travel and Travel Summum get a restart. Sawadee Travel announced on Thursday to take over both travel agencies.

Baobab and Summum were part of Terra Travel, which was bankrupt last. In late August the organization reported to the Travel Compensation Fund (SGR) that it could no longer meet its financial obligations.

Sep 6 '13 04:11

King Willem-Alexander has received the first copy of the Dream Book on Thursday at Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn. Hans Wijers, chairman of the National Committee Inauguration, handed the book over to the king.

"I'm speechless, but I'm going to say a few words. That’s also a dream," said the king after he got the Dream Book in his hands. Willem-Alexander then thanked the committee and all the Dutch for the gift. "I hope this will last many years."


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