Aug 7 '13 06:43

Tuesday, in Bergen op Zoom, the fire brigade rescued a woman who fell in a sinkhole in her garden. The hole was caused by water from a garden hose of the neighbor. That was reported by the police. Omroep Brabant mentioned a "sinkhole".

Because of the woman’s size, she couldn’t come out of the hole by herself and the fire brigade had to assist. She was taken from the hole with a stretcher. She was further OK but was taken to the hospital for examination.

Aug 7 '13 06:39

Restaurant Pronckheer in Cothen, Utrecht, serves already for a while starling, who are shot in the orchard of the neighbors. Arjan Smit, owner of the restaurant, is not going to stop that, despite an angry letter from the Organisation for Protection of Birds (Vogelbescherming).

The province of Utrecht is now checking if it is actually allowed to prepare starling and Party for the Animals (PvdD) MP  and party leader Marianne Thieme has asked questions in the House on Tuesday to State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Economic Affairs.

Aug 7 '13 06:32

A leak in an underground naphtha pipeline in Born, Limburg, gives specialists a lot of work. They have been preparing to seal the leak in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The final sealing happens Wednesday in daylight, reported the fire department.

The leak in the pipeline occurred on Tuesday when workers were drilling. Two of the workers were covered with the liquid, which had to be washed off by the fire brigade. It is not known why they were drilling in the area.

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Aug 6 '13 09:50

The Netherlands’ Ranomi Kromowidjojo received her first individual world title by winning gold in the women's 50-meter freestyle at the FINA World Championships.

Aug 6 '13 09:40

Food company Vion said it is planning to shut down its pork manufacturing site in the Netherlands since it is strengthening production.

Aug 6 '13 09:30

A new study shows that surviving traumatic events could be beneficial in prolonging one’s life.

Aug 6 '13 09:19

The Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU), the Dutch Association of Mediation and Employment Agencies (NBBU), and SNCU have joined forces to fight the increasing labor exploitation and underpayment in the Netherlands.

Aug 6 '13 09:06

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam got hold of the first 3D printed chair in the world constructed by Patrick Jouin in 2004 to account the fast growing 3D printing.

Aug 6 '13 08:59

Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (Cordaid) is launching a scheme to improve employment in the Netherlands.

Aug 6 '13 08:52

On August 5, Vodafone Netherlands launched its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague.

Aug 6 '13 04:48

Lodewijk Asscher, Minister of Social Affairs and Employment has kept his promise and has discussed the mass dismissal at healthcare supplier Sensire, with FNV chairman Ton Heerts on Sunday. So say both spokesmen of each of them on Sunday evening.

Aug 6 '13 04:43

The dust has settled in the group of 112 hamadryas baboons at Emmen zoo. The monkeys barely roamed around since last week Monday and hardly touched their food and drinks. Since last weekend the baboons show more of their normal behavior, the zoo announced on Monday.

Aug 6 '13 04:39

The uncertain outlook for the Dutch economy in recent months, has caused that the Netherlands has to pay more interest on its government bonds. On top of that was Monday, at least temporarily, the end of a period in which investors were willing to add money for short term loans to the Dutch government.

Aug 6 '13 04:36

In the first six months of this year, 75 fires raged in the Netherlands with a damage of one million euro or more. That is the highest number in 10 years time. The total loss of these fires amounted to 270.5 million euro. This was reported by the Dutch Institute of Chartered Surveyors (NIVRE) on Monday.

The institute, which maintains the quality of damage experts, monitors each quarter the number of large fires. The first quarter of this year saw already a record number of 35 of those fires. In the second quarter another forty of million euro fires, were recorded.

Aug 6 '13 04:33

Travelling by bus and tram has become more expensive in almost the whole country, since the introduction of the OV-chip card. According to a study published on Monday at, the rates of regional transportation around The Hague has increased the most in the past two years.

In The Hague and surrounding areas the went up, in two years time, by more than 47 percent. In Amsterdam there was an increase of about 38 percent and in the rest of Noord Holland the rates for bus and tram rose by over 27 percent.

Aug 6 '13 04:29

Of the Dutch institutions for disabled, two third does not comply with the minimum standards. That concludes the news program Nieuwsuur, after considering the reports that the Health Inspectorate drafted in response to 44 unannounced visits in the past six months.

Of the institutions, 64 percent did not meet the minimum requirements of the inspection. Nine percent met the requirements partially and 27 percent of the inspected institutions did not get any criticism.

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