Dec 13 '13 12:36

Russia has informed Greenpeace activists that they cannot leave the country, reports North Devon Journal reports Friday.

Dec 13 '13 12:17

VNO-NCW and MKB-Netherlands are concerned about the Dutch government plans to expand paternity leave to five days from two.

Dec 13 '13 09:19

Ajax football club said it is investigating fighting incident between club’s fans and Italians on Wednesday before Ajax’s match with AC Milan at the San Siro.

Dec 13 '13 08:39

Dutch company AerCap Holdings NV in talks with American International Group (AIG) to acquire its jet-leasing finance business, Reuters reports.

Dec 13 '13 04:34

The number of restaurants showed an increase in the past five years with 3.1 percent, despite the economic crisis. The four large cities even showed an increase of 7.7 percent, as evidenced form a study by Van Spronsen & Partners consultancy.

Dec 13 '13 04:33

From February 1st there will be no more paper parking tickets in Amsterdam, making it the first capital in the Netherlands to go 100 percent digital, according to the parking administrator.

Dec 13 '13 04:32

The City of Den Helder is reclaiming almost 80,000 euros from Johanna K., the 66-year-old woman who was arrested in August because she kept ammunition, illegal fireworks, chemicals, and (parts of) weapons in her home, announced the City Wednesday.

Dec 13 '13 04:31

RTL Netherlands regrets that Gordon gave out Connie Breukhoven's phone number, Wednesday evening in a live broadcast on RTL 4. RTL will discuss the matter with Gordon.

Dec 12 '13 21:07

The Teyler Museum in Haarlem recovered a special portrait of Queen Wilhelmina. It is the only remaining study for a lost painting of the queen, made in the late 30s by artist Willem Hofker (1902-1981).

Dec 12 '13 20:37

Employees who care for a sick friend or acquaintance are entitled to a leave of absence for that purpose, writes the government in a letter to the Lower House.

Dec 12 '13 19:58

An environmental police investigator from Central and West Brabant has for years refused to work with a colleague who has cancer. That became clear during the hearing on the case in the Breda court.

Dec 12 '13 19:31

At least 54 Groningen students have fallen victim to identity theft through their DigdD account. So far the police arrested five suspects.

Dec 12 '13 17:44

The coin minter who was arrested in Amsterdam last month is suspected of using his professional equipment to make counterfeit British pounds.

Vitens Laboratory
Dec 12 '13 15:31

Foreign Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans said that the Dutch government should not get involved in the decision by water company Vitens to pull out of a partnership with Mekorot. Vitens previously announced they would no longer work with Mekorot because of the Israeli company's presence in the contested West Bank.

Dec 12 '13 14:53

Care organization Careyn is cutting 650 full-time jobs as a result of a reorganization plan, Nos reports.

Ari Folman
Dec 12 '13 14:39

Ari Folman, director of the Oscar-nominated Waltz With Bashir, will write and direct an animated movie on the life of Anne Frank, hollywood Reporter reports.


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