Nov 20 '13 11:01

Amsterdam RAI is building the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system in the Netherlands.

Nov 20 '13 10:36

Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) said its active wake control system can increase the electricity production of wind farms by 0.5 to 5%.

Nov 20 '13 07:33

The Netherlands won a Twenty20 World Cup Qualifier match against Denmark by seven wickets in Dubai.

Nov 20 '13 04:56

The preliminary amount, donated through giro 555 reached 24.72872 million euros announced the Cooperating Aid Agencies ( SHO ) Tuesday, after the processing of donations through banks, which takes some time

Nov 20 '13 04:37

A court in St. Petersburg ruled Tuesday that a number of non-Russian Greenpeace activists were to be released on bail. It concerned a woman from Brazil, a man from New Zealand, and a Polish man, reported Greenpeace

Nov 20 '13 04:36

Schiphol has partnered with the French Aéroports de Paris and two Brazilian parties to make ​​a bid for a stake in Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro. Four other consortia have also placed bids. Which consortium gets the concession will be disclosed Friday

Nov 20 '13 04:35

A 41-year old Dutchman was shot and killed in Poland on Sunday, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The man was shot by the ex of his partner, reported Polish media

Nov 20 '13 04:34

Seven Boards of Directors and Aldermen (B and W) of Northern Groningen, agreed Tuesday to jointly explore the idea of one large community

Nov 20 '13 04:33

The practice match between Oranje and Colombia, Tuesday night in the Amsterdam ArenA, bore more resemblance to a battle than a soccer game

Nov 20 '13 04:32

The 25-year-old German woman who admitted to abandoning two newborn babies is indeed the mother of two children

Nov 20 '13 04:30

The medical professionals who cared for the Georgian girl, Renate, who was sent back to Poland in November 2012, did not make any mistakes

Nov 19 '13 17:28

Singer Trijntje Oosterhuis finally responded to the overwhelming response to her own Facebook campaign. Even though she doesn't have 200,000 euros to donate, she promises to give generously to the victims of the hurricane in the Philippines

Nov 19 '13 17:03

Instabridge plans to open 300 Wi-Fi hotspots in the Randstad, the west of the Netherlands.

Nov 19 '13 16:51

T-Mobile Netherlands has decided to sell its broadband business Euronet/Online to the Canal Digital Satelliet Group.

Model S
Nov 19 '13 15:54

Tesla Motors, which makes electric cars, has decided to drop price for its Model S in Europe.

Nov 19 '13 14:59

So who’s the dumb ass now? Some might say it’s the lawyer who on Tuesday was ordered by a court in Breda to pay €75 in damages to a policeman he had called “sukkel!”, the Dutch word for dumbass!


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