Dec 18 '13 19:18

In the Netherlands, prostitutes want the same pension rights as footballers, BBC News reports Tuesday.

Dec 18 '13 19:04

A new research shows internet use is widespread amongst the Dutch people.

Dec 18 '13 17:44

The Hague is the only large Dutch municipality that has lowered its property tax rate for the users of non-residential property or business premises in 2014, according to the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW).

Dec 18 '13 17:32

The Netherlands and United States have signed to agreement to allow automatic tax data exchange between the tax authorities of both countries.

Dec 18 '13 16:33

The European Commission has approved the restructuring plan for SNS Reaal, Nos reports Wednesday.

shopping cart
Dec 18 '13 16:16

A new research by ABN Amro shows that Dutch will likely to spend more than €10 billion this year for online shopping.

Dec 18 '13 12:09

Researchers from the Royal Netherlands Association for Meteorology and Astronomy (KNVWS) and geoscientists at Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam have found that a brown-black rock that landed in a field near the Dutch village of Diepenveen in 1873 is a rare meteorite.

Dec 18 '13 11:51

Maurits Hendriks on Tuesday said the Netherlands will send its biggest ever team to the Winter Games in February, reports

Dec 18 '13 10:51

Epke Zonderland was named Dutch sportsman of the year.

house crow
Dec 18 '13 10:03

The house crow is a newcomer in Zuid Holland province, but this species could face a death sentence.

cloud computing
Dec 18 '13 09:17

Right Brain has launched its cloud PVR service Bhaalu in the Netherlands, Broadband TV News reports.

Dutch Parliament
Dec 18 '13 04:36

The renter's levy the cabinet wants to introduce should be of a temporary nature, according to Labour Party senator Duivesteijn to the Senate. He is considering submitting a motion about the subject. The voice of the Labour Party is crucial for the government.

Dec 18 '13 04:35

Designer Jan Taminiau received a Cultural Fashion Stipend in Amsterdam. The scholarship amounts to 50,000 euros and is intended for Dutch designers who designed at least fifteen collections.

Dec 18 '13 04:34

Bad news for fans who have not yet succeeded in getting their hands on a ticket. Even Beyoncé's extra concert, scheduled on March 19 in the Ziggo Dome, is sold out. The second show was inserted when all tickets were sold in the blink of an eye on Monday.

Dec 18 '13 04:33

The Dutch Burn Centre will gain access to a 3D printer to aid in the recovery of serious injuries. The printer can be used to reconstruct noses and ears, using the victim's body cells.

Dec 18 '13 04:31

Former pilot, Julio Poch, is suing the Dutch state. He wants the government to compensate the legal aid he receives, stated his lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops, according to RTL News.


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