Dec 19 '13 13:24

Four policemen were injured Wednesday night during the match between JCV Cuijk and MVV in Cuijk, Brabant.

Dec 19 '13 13:11

It was a first for the Amsterdam alderman for Finance, Pieter Hilhorst (PvdA), to be confronted with his past as a columnist in the City Council. 'He should not ask questions as if he is still a columnist, he needs to give answers,' scolded CDA-council member Lex van Drooge.

Dec 19 '13 12:02

Allcargo Logistics Ltd. has acquired majority stake in Netherlands-based logistics company FCL Maine Agencies Rotterdam, RTT News reports.

Dec 19 '13 12:00

One in ten people in the Netherlands suffered from depression in 2012, according to figures the Central Bureau of Statistics

Dec 19 '13 11:52

The Foreign Ministry on Wednesday announced that it will evacuate all Dutch citizens from South Sudan due to the insecurity in the country, Nos reports.

Dec 19 '13 11:51

The ING internet banking and mobile banking were down Wednesday, due to technical difficulties.

Dec 19 '13 11:32

For the time, Dutch fighter pilot Major Laurens Jan Vijge made a solo flight in an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, U.S.

Dec 19 '13 11:15

Paul Bäumer, DJ of the hit group Bingo Players, died this week at age 37 from cancer.

Dec 19 '13 09:56

Maastricht Mayor Onno Hoes may stay in office, is the conclusion of a discussion with the different fractions in the City Council.

Dec 19 '13 09:23

The Netherlands is an attractive place for international students, but the shortage of suitable rooms and rental apartments is becoming a huge problem, Eurogates reports.

Dec 19 '13 09:03

All signals along the railways will be upgraded with an improved safety system, to make it impossible for train drivers to miss them, writes State Secretary Mansveld in a letter to the House.

Amsterdam Buildings
Dec 19 '13 09:00

CBRE Global Investors said it has completed the sale of six office buildings in the Netherlands on behalf of the CBRE Dutch Office Fund to real estate funds managed by Blackstone, Property-Magazine reports.

Dutch Parliament
Dec 19 '13 04:34

The Senate adopted the housing agreement. The debate focused on the renter's levy, which should yield 1.7 billion in savings. Following objections from Labour Senator Duivesteijn, Minister Block made ​​a number of commitments.

Dec 19 '13 04:33

The door is locked and will be opened again on Christmas Eve: the 3FM campaign, "Serious Request" has officially launched. Sportsman of the Year, Epke Zonderland, locked up the three DJs in the Glass House in Leeuwarden around 20:45 pm.

Dec 19 '13 04:32

A journalist, who wrote articles about sexual abuse by a businessman from Limburg, does not have to rectify her evidence, nor does she have to pay the fine of 10,000 euros, demanded by the businessman.

Dec 19 '13 04:31

The Curaçao politician Helmin Wiels was shot dead on May 5th by suspect E.K., announced the Public Prosecution (OM)during the pre-trial in Willemstad, Curaçao. The Public Prosecution announced the investigation into E.K. closed. He is also a suspect in two other murder cases on the Antillean Island.


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