Dec 23 '13 04:37

A 17-year-old was arrested Sunday afternoon, for hitting several people and police officers.

Dec 23 '13 04:37

The Royal Military Police arrested a 22-year old Dutchman for involvement in cocaine trafficking by a 13-year-old girl. The girl from Curaçao was arrested Friday at Schiphol.

Dec 23 '13 04:36

After four days of "Serious Request" the counter hit the 4,328,242 euro. Sunday evening another provisional score was announced in the campaign of 3FM and the Red Cross. The amount is slightly higher than last year after four days, but the gap is narrowing.

Dec 23 '13 04:35

The concert "Serious Record" in Leeuwarden is the longest concert in the world as of Saturday night. It lasted 363 hours, over 15 days.

Dec 23 '13 04:34

The Dutch journalist, Frank Renout, was detained in a mosque in Paris for an hour, Saturday, when he was reporting a disturbance, reported the NOS, one of his employers.

Dec 23 '13 04:33

The variant of the "Glass House," set up in Drenthe has been abruptly aborted, after de three DJ's became ill, presumably due to problems with the air filtering.

Dec 23 '13 04:32

A sweet-16 birthday party escalated in Kijkduin near The Hague, in the night of Saturday on Sunday. A café had to be closed and five people were arrested.

Dec 23 '13 04:31

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) issued a "code yellow" for the coastal provinces for the next few days, because there is a chance of showers with heavy wind gusts. The KNMI anticipates stormy weather with force 8 winds.

Dec 22 '13 09:51

The Netherlands is adding two years to how long it takes for foreigners in the Kingdom to obtain the Dutch nationality.

Dec 22 '13 09:00

The first covered fresh market in the Netherlands will be built in Rotterdam.

Dec 21 '13 07:10

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features an Anti-Islam sticker by PVV leader Geert Wilders draws anger on the social network, Wilders wants to bring down the European Union, Irish airline Ryanair plans to cancel its permanent presence at the Maastricht-Aachen Airport, Delft University of Technology unveils a new a small flying robot, Guyana taking action after dead caimans found at the Schiphol airport, Chinese restaurants across the Netherlands offering their menu’s number 39 for 39% off and a 13-year-old girl arrested at Amsterdam’s Schiphol air

Dec 21 '13 07:00

The Netherlands is selling 100 used Leopard tanks to Finland, according to news reports by Dutch media on Thursday.

offshore wind plant
Dec 21 '13 06:30

DONG Energy has acquired from its joint venture partner SSE the remaining 50% stake in three offshore wind development projects in the Netherlands.

Dec 20 '13 18:15

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday said that 40 Dutch have been evacuated from the South Sudanese capital Juba.

Dec 20 '13 17:50

A 13-year-old girl arrested at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport for drug smuggling is the youngest person ever taken into custody at the airport for the crime. The Marechaussee, a military police force that handles security at the airport, found approximately 80 grams of cocaine wrapped in a small package inside her body.

Dec 20 '13 17:20

Marieke Olsthoorn, the woman who founded the fashion chain Oilily, died at the age of 72, the NRC reports.


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