Dec 24 '13 10:36

Both shows of the musical "Soldaat van Oranje" were canceled for Tuesday. The roof of the foyer of the Theater hangar near former airfield Valkenburg, was partially blown off by the storm.

Dec 24 '13 10:11

The morning show by the "Groot Kerstcircus" (large Christmas circus) on the Malieveld in The Hague has been canceled for Tuesday. The organization canceled the 11:00 show as a precautionary measure, due to the storm.

Dec 24 '13 08:53

The police possibly prevented an elimination or an armed robbery last month, according to police reports Monday.

Dec 24 '13 04:35

People who opt to recycle their Christmas tree after the holidays may be richly rewarded in South and New-West Amsterdam. The districts raffle prizes among the residents who drop off their tree. Not every district is so generous though.

Dec 24 '13 04:34

The tracks in the top 2000 are getting younger each year. The average production year of the tracks in this year's list is 1984. During the first edition of the radio-event in 1999 the average production year per track was 1975.

Dec 24 '13 04:33

Trade unions FNV and BTB AVV accuse Ikea in the Netherlands and Belgium of labor repression and exploitation of foreign drivers, reported the “Algemeen Dagblad”(AD).

Dec 24 '13 04:32

Of the 188 million euros that was paid out in error for living expenses contributions, the City of Amsterdam still needs to retrieve 4 million, reported alderman Pieter Hilhorst Monday to the City council.

Dec 23 '13 17:12

Dutch Meat company Vion has intentionally sold regular meat as organic ham, investigators have found.

Dec 23 '13 15:29

There have been 150 murders in the Netherlands so far this year; after the record drop the country noted last year, the murder statistics peaked this year with an increase of 8 so far.

Dec 23 '13 14:53

The police officer who shot and killed 17-year-old Rishi Chandrikasing at Hollands Spoor train station in The Hague last year, has been acquitted. The court decided on Monday to drop the charges of manslaughter and murder.

debit card
Dec 23 '13 12:33

On weekend before Christmas, Dutch shoppers made 15.9 million payments through debit and credit cards, according to Payments Association Netherlands.

Dec 23 '13 12:21

National Railway Company NS and its workers' union have fired off a letter to Security and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten in which they demand measures be taken against the abuses on-board personnel often endure at the hands of passengers.

Dec 23 '13 11:02

Apple is planning to build a data center in the port of Eemshaven, Groningen.

Dec 23 '13 10:45

Microsoft plans to build a large data center in North Holland province, the Parool reports citing Reuters.

Dec 23 '13 09:59

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has shortlisted a total of nine movies for best non-English language film for the 2014 Oscar nominations.

Dec 23 '13 04:38

The hotline, especially established to report nuisance due to fireworks, already received over 1,000 complaints on Sunday, announced Arno Bonte, chairman for GroenLinks in Rotterdam, and initiator of the hotline.


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