Alcoholic Beverage
Dec 24 '13 19:19

A new research reveals that 81% of parents want their younger teens should be allowed to continue drinking alcohol.

Dec 24 '13 17:18

Dutch banker ING has completed the sale of its South Korean insurance division ING Life Korea in a deal worth around €1.27 billion, news agency AFP reports.

Dec 24 '13 17:11

Authorities suspect a 32-year-old German man in custody at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is an escaped convict. The man was stopped by border agents when he presented a Jordanian passport without a visa for the Schengen area.

Dec 24 '13 16:17

Revised figures show the Dutch economy grew by 0.2 percent in the third quarter of 2013, a marked improvement on the 0.4 percent reduction a year earlier, according to the CBS. The growth estimate is measured against the second quarter of the year.

Dec 24 '13 15:13

Police have arrested a 41-year convicted human smuggler who has been on the run since July,

Dec 24 '13 14:35

Restricting foreigners from coffee shops is not discrimination,

Dec 24 '13 13:04

A Russian seaman is believed to be dead after he presumably went overboard from a ship operated by Dutch firm Wagenborg. Alexander Merkulov, 56, was discovered missing after the ship he was on was struck by a 10-meter-wave. He has not been found.

Dec 24 '13 12:46

Dutch natural gas company Gasunie transported a record amount of natural gas in 2013.

Dec 24 '13 12:22

In recent months, sales of electric cars have increased sharply, according to figures from the RAI.

Tram derailed in Den Haag
Dec 24 '13 12:15

Two accidents that have left two people injured interrupted tram traffic in The Hague this morning.

Dec 24 '13 11:41

Police in Gouda yesterday found the body of a 58-year-old man who has been dead in his apartment for at least a year. Authorities say he most likely died of natural causes.

Dec 24 '13 11:31

Dutch content company Endemol has acquired a 33% stake in Channel 2 franchisee Reshet.

baby seat
Dec 24 '13 11:24

Portugal-based Polisport Group has purchased the Dutch baby seat maker Bobike, Bicycle Retailer reports.

Dec 24 '13 11:19

The Netherlands universities attract a large percentage of international students to study. More than 80,000 students in Holland come from outside of the country.

Dec 24 '13 11:13

The Dutch Development Bank has approved a five-year unsecured term loan of €5 million for Fortis Microfinance Bank in Nigeria, Business Day Online reports.

Dec 24 '13 10:43

Strong winds battered the coasts of the Netherlands early this morning marking the third major storm to hit the country this year. French newspaper Le Figaro is reporting that a Russian seaman was swept overboard on a ship operated by Dutch firm Wagenborg and has not been found.


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