Dec 26 '13 07:13

Three cardiac surgeons from the Netherlands will perform 25 heart operations in Belarus.

Dec 26 '13 06:00

On December 20, a large fire in the historic center of Deventer destroyed several apartments.

Dec 26 '13 05:00

Dutch smartphone company FairPhone has begun delivery of their first "honest" mobile phones.

Dec 25 '13 23:34

Two people were injured, one seriously, when an 82-year-old woman drove her car into a group of people leaving a church. The accident happened at approximately 8:00pm in Vinkeveen, just south of Amsterdam, according to police.

Dec 25 '13 19:56

On Wednesday, Russia officially dropped criminal charges against Greenpeace activists arrested in a protest over Arctic oil drilling.

Dec 25 '13 19:29

The performances of the musical “Soldaat van Oranje” will begin again on tomorrow in the town of Katwijk.

shopping cart
Dec 25 '13 17:09

In the Netherlands, people had spent €11.1 million in store purchases yesterday through 17:00.

Dec 25 '13 17:05

King Willem-Alexander made his first Christmas speech today.

Dec 25 '13 16:28

The second edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival runs from December 6 to January 19, 2014.

Dec 25 '13 16:14

The Wintercircus Amsterdam group thanked the city's public transportation company for saving their performance venue with hundreds of free tickets for the company's staff, and their family and friends. The GVB provided a bus which served as a wind shelter, and successfully protected the circus' tent during the wind storm this week.

Dec 25 '13 10:08

Police patrolling the highway in Zevenaar arrested a 23-year-old Frenchman driving with 86 kilos of the stimulant khat. The Marechaussee military police made the bust Tuesday on the A-12 in Gelderland near the German border.

Dec 25 '13 07:20

In Rotterdam, a car hit three people in a pedestrian area early this morning, Nos reports Wednesday.

Dec 25 '13 04:33

Homeless paper vendors should be greeted more often, stated the Amsterdam homeless paper, Z! The paper started a campaign with the slogan " feel free to say 'hello' to a homeless."

Dec 25 '13 04:32

DJ's Giel Beelen, Paul Rabbering, and Coen Swijnenberg collected 12,302,747 euros during the tenth edition of the 3FM fundraising campaign, "Serious Request," a record amount.

Dec 25 '13 04:31

Residents of the Caribbean island St. Martin are called upon to do everything in their power to prevent further spreading of the Chikungunya virus by mosquitos.

Dec 24 '13 19:36

Ghana wants to play a warm-up friendly game with Netherlands ahead of the 2014 World Cup, reports Tuesday.


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