An area cordoned off by police
May 22 '20 18:50

Two men and two women were arrested last week in connection with the February kidnapping of a 65-year-old Rotterdam woman. All four suspects were remanded into custody, police said on Friday, while prosecutors and officers press ahead with their investigation.

The alleged kidnapping took place on the Eliotplaats in Rotterdam on February 9 when the woman was taken in a van and held captive. “On February 11, a ransom was paid and the kidnappers released the woman on a public road in Zaandam,” police stated.

Screen showing an elderly patient's vitals in hospital
May 22 '20 18:00

The Netherlands had over 1,400 patients with Covid-19 being treated in intensive care on April 9, but sometime next week that figure is expected be a small fraction of what it was. In the 43 days since, the number of intensive care cases has gone down 41 times down to 252, according to data from the Dutch patient coordination office LCPS.

Covid-19: Amsterdam residents maintaining social distancing as they wait for their takeaways, 27 April 2020
May 22 '20 17:20

Since the Netherlands went into an intelligent lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus in mind-March, around 18,200 reports were filed about people not adhering to the rules around the lockdown. A total of 7,400 fines were issued by May 10, the Public Prosecutor said on Friday.

Portuguese police car
May 22 '20 15:40

A 60-year-d Dutch man was found dead in a home in Portugal on Thursday. Traces of violence was found on his body and murder is suspected. The police are investigating, the Telegraaf reports.

The man's body was found in his home in Sito do Barranco Novo, in Vila do Bispo in the Portuguese Algarve. He was last seen alive at a party over the weekend. A friend called the police after they were unable to reach him for days.

According to reports in local media, the man had injuries to his face and head. The police believe he died at least 24 hours before his body was found. 

Transmission mast
May 22 '20 14:50

The police are looking for a specific dark-colored car in connection with a transmission mast on the A67 near Maasbree being set on fire on May 1st. "The police are asking the public to assist in the investigation for this car and to share information about the possible escape route," the police said on Friday.

Covid-19: Sign reminding people to stay 1.5 meters apart on Javastraat in Amsterdam Oost, 15 May 2020
May 22 '20 14:02

Public health agency RIVM confirmed the deaths of 13 more people who were suffering from Covid-19. In total, 5,788 people in the Netherlands have died from the coronavirus disease since March 6.

At least three people are now known to have died on Thursday, which was a public holiday in the country. That figure will likely increase as more data is collected by the agency. All of the newly-reported deaths took place between May 15 and May 22, data which includes the addition of six more patients who died on Wednesday. The update increased that day's total to 15.

May 22 '20 13:31

Between May 11 and 17, an estimated 2,850 people died in the Netherlands. That is bout 200 below what would have been normal for the 20th week of this year, if there had been no coronavirus crisis, Statistics Netherlands reported. This is the first time that the weekly deaths in the Netherlands was below average since the pandemic reached the country.

Minister Kasja Ollongren of Home Affairs votes in the Amsterdam municipal election at Amsterdam Centraal, 21 March 2018
May 22 '20 12:50

There is a chance that upcoming elections in the Netherlands may have to be delayed due to the measures in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Minister Kasja Ollongren of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations said in a letter to parliament on Friday. She is currently looking into options to avoid this, such as whether voting stations can reasonably be organized so that everyone can keep 1.5 meters apart. Voting by mail is also being considered, she said. 

Social distancing at the Artis entrance the first day the Amsterdam zoo reopened to the public, 13 May 2020
May 22 '20 12:01

While there is still broad support for social distancing measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, people in the Netherlands are finding it increasingly difficult to keep 1.5 meters apart, according to a survey by health institutes RIVM and GGD. 

The Spanish police seized 1 ton of cannabis and 580 marijuana plants when busting a gang suspected of trafficking drugs to the Netherlands, May 2020
May 22 '20 11:10

The Spanish police dismantled a drug ring suspected of smuggling huge amounts of cannabis, mainly to the Netherlands. A total of 40 people were arrested in the Spanish provinces of Malaga, Almeria, and Murcia. Two Dutch truck drivers were also arrested. About a ton of cannabis and 580 cannabis plants were seized, the Guardia Civil, the Spanish police, said in a statement. 

Empty classroom
May 22 '20 10:15

The director of the Cornelius Haga Lyceum in Amsterdam planted eavesdropping equipment in the office assigned to the Education Inspectorate for its investigation into the school, four sources around the Islamic high school told NRC. According to the newspaper, it heard one of the recordings and confirmed its authenticity.

Enforcement officer in Amsterdam, 7 May 2017
May 22 '20 09:33

Two enforcement officers were attacked by a group of young people on the beach in IJmuiden on Thursday afternoon. One was taken to hospital with an injury to his face. The police arrested two suspects and are looking for a third.


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