Jun 5 '20 13:30

Despite a number of coronavirus outbreaks in slaughterhouses around the world, by far not all the employees of slaughterhouses in the Netherlands are being tested for the virus. For example, GGD Hart voor Brabant only tested a sample of workers at the Vion slaughterhouse in Boxtel, and did not visit the Vion in Tilburg and Vtielco in Den Bosch, Brabants Dagblad reports.

"The question is whether we will do that," a spokesperson for GGD Hart voor Brabant said to the newspaper. "That partly depends on consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality."

Search for missing surfers at Havenhoofd in Scheveningen, 11 May 2020
Jun 5 '20 12:50

The presence of large amounts of foam can be seen as the main cause for an accident in which five surfers drowned off the coast of Scheveningen last month, according to the initial investigation into the accident, coordinated by the Netherlands institute for sea research NIOZ. The researchers believe the massive amounts of foam were caused by an exceptional combination of high quantities of algae and an unusually strong wind for the time of year, reports.

Construction site in Urk brought to a standstill by the coronavirus, 28 March 2020
Jun 5 '20 12:00

If the government does not intervene, employment in the construction sector could fall by 40 thousand full-time jobs next year due to the coronavirus crisis, the economic institute for construction EIB said in a report on Friday. According to the EIB, construction has a "late-cyclical character", which means that the effects of the corona crisis will only be felt in this sector next year, reports.

Cafe de Tropen in Amsterdam expanding its terrace into the courtyard of the Tropenmuseum in preparation for terraces reopening on 1 June 2020. Sign asks visitors to not move the tables which were organized with social distancing in mind. 29 May 2020
Jun 5 '20 11:10

Nearly half of the cafes and restaurants in the Netherlands kept their doors closed on Monday, despite coronavirus measures relaxing to the point they were allowed to open for the first time since mid-March, ING concluded based on an analysis of the number of card payments made at catering establishments, NOS reports.

Protestors gather on the Malieveld in The Hague to denounce systemic racism and police violence against people of color. June 2, 2020
Jun 5 '20 10:16

Black Lives Matter demonstrations will be held in Utrecht, Nijmegen, and Enschede on Friday afternoon. To prevent it from getting too crowded and so that social distancing can be maintained, the organizers of the demonstrations stressed that they are only for people living in the immediate area and that more protests will be held in other places soon, ANP reports.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Jun 5 '20 09:47

The first version of the government's coronavirus dashboard launched on Friday. The dashboard will bring together all the different data regarding the virus, so that it is easier to get an idea of the situation at a glance. The government also hopes that the dashboard will make it easier to detect and control a second wave of the virus, and that it will be useful to scientists researching the virus.

Hema store in Amsterdam
Jun 5 '20 09:17

The Dutch government is involved in discussions to rescue debt-ridden retail chain Hema. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate hired investment bank Lazard to investigate what role the government can play to keep Hema standing, for example in the form of loan guarantees, Financieele Dagblad reported based on information from multiple sources.

Richard de Mos
Jun 5 '20 08:38

In the 2018 municipal elections in The Hague, local political party Groep de Mos bought votes, was revealed in telephone conversations tapped by the police, NRC reports based on the transcripts. The conversations were tapped as part as an investigation into party members and former aldermen Richard de Mos and Rachid Guernaoui, who are accused of accepting bribes to issue hospitality permits.

Mark Rutte
Jun 5 '20 08:08

Prime Minster Mark Rutte has started to think differently about the appearance of blackface Sinterklaas character Zwarte Piet, he said in a parliamentary debate on Thursday about protests against racist police brutality. "I also belonged to the group that said: Zwarte Piet is simply black," he said, but added that he now thinks differently.

Femke Halsema
Jun 5 '20 07:36

Two online petitions regarding Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema received tens of thousands of signatures. One calls for her to stay on as mayor after she allowed an anti-racism and -police brutality protest to continue on Monday, despite a lack of social distancing. The other calls for her to step down. 

A KNRM rescue ship in a search mission for six surfers in trouble near Scheveningen. May 11, 2020
Jun 4 '20 22:01

A body found in Scheveningen on Thursday was confirmed as being the remains of a surfer who was caught with several others in turbulent waters last month. The 23-year-old, Matthijs, was one of five water sports enthusiasts who perished off the coast there on May 11.

Lady Justice in Netherlands
Jun 4 '20 21:11

Radio 10 DJ Lex Gaarthuis will not face prosecution for his role in writing a Carnival song in February called 'Prevention is better than the Chinese', the Public Prosecution Service confirmed on Thursday. The prosecutors determined that the song was meant to have been interpreted satirically, though it led to five people requesting charges be filed, and hundreds of discrimination reports.


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