Nov 26 '13 23:10

A man was seriously injured at the Amsterdam Arena after he fell from the stands onto the concrete ring surrounding the field. The incident took place 39 minutes into the Ajax v. FC Barcelona Champions League football match.

Nov 26 '13 16:15

A local from Maarssen was shocked, Monday around 23:00, to discover a naked man, sitting in a bus shelter on the Dr. Plesmanlaan. The passer-by called the police, but by the time they arrived, the man had got into his car and drove off.

Nov 19 '13 04:46

The 16-year-old Rens van de Kruijs got a the scare of this life this weekend when a steel pin was pierced through his forehead at work

Sep 6 '13 03:27

The police in Deurne warns residents of the town in Brabant, because the last few months somebody has loosened the bolts of wheels of different cars. The police has so far received two reports, but a garage owner says he has helped more motorists.

A motorist who reported the fact that his wheels were loose on Thursday, stated that while driving he noticed a strange vibration. After checking in the garage, it was clear that the bolts of his wheels were loose. The police assumes randomness by the offender, according to a spokesman.

Sep 4 '13 02:07

A burglar who took a TV from a restaurant in Oudenbosch, returned it after an hour and hung it back up on the wall. He even hooked it back up with the cable he had also stolen.

Aug 26 '13 07:38

By a complex accident on the A2 Sunday afternoon, a man and a woman were injured. A car drove so quick against the center guide that the engine was launched out of the car. The flying engine hit a car with caravan. The one who caused the accident has reported to the police.

Aug 7 '13 06:43

Tuesday, in Bergen op Zoom, the fire brigade rescued a woman who fell in a sinkhole in her garden. The hole was caused by water from a garden hose of the neighbor. That was reported by the police. Omroep Brabant mentioned a "sinkhole".

Because of the woman’s size, she couldn’t come out of the hole by herself and the fire brigade had to assist. She was taken from the hole with a stretcher. She was further OK but was taken to the hospital for examination.