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Dec 4 '14 17:33

As the city of Amsterdam continues its fight against street drug dealers passing off white heroin as cocaine, heroin testing kits are now being sold at over thirty smart shops in Amsterdam.

Dec 4 '14 13:50

On Thursday King Willem-Alexander knighted former commando Gijs Tuinman during a military ceremony on the Binnenhof in the Hague.

Dec 4 '14 11:00

According to military experts, the Ukrainian authorities should have closed the airspace over the eastern part of the country before flight MH17 crossed it.

Dec 4 '14 10:49

The Dutch holiday market has still not recovered from the economic crisis. The number of holidays taken in the past year fell by half a million to about 35 million holidays. A decrease of 1.5 percent compared to last year.

Dec 4 '14 09:54

One of the largest international webcam-sex cases could have been solved much earlier if the Dutch police had done an more intensive investigation, television programme Zembla reported.

Dec 4 '14 09:08

To the surprise of the VVD, the PvdA does not want to extract any shale gas in the Netherlands until the end of this term of government. PvdA leader Diederik Samson announced this during a debate in the Second Chamber last night.

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Dec 3 '14 22:43

The first remnants of flight MH17 is en route to the Netherlands, according to the regional authorities in Kharkiv.

Dec 3 '14 13:18

Chea Phin has confessed to stabbing a Dutch woman and her 19 month old daughter to death in their home in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.

Dec 3 '14 10:53

Doctors and nurses who have committed a serious crime, may soon no longer be allowed to work with patients. Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health wants the disciplinary court to be able to impose a total professional ban on healthcare personnel who have committed a sexual or violent offense.

Dec 3 '14 10:07

From Monday Malaysia officially forms part of the team investigating the disaster with flight MH17. This writes a Malaysian Attorney General in a press statement.

Dec 3 '14 09:56

Yesterday the Utrecht province council member Bert de Vries of the PvdA terminated his membership with the party with immediate effect after 17 years of "loyal support". He feels that the faction is too involved in the mosque to win votes.

Dec 3 '14 09:06

Long-term care for the elderly and disabled is to be redeveloped. Yesterday the Senate approved the Act long-term care (Wet langdurige zorg - Wlz) which guarantees assistance for people who need 24 hours a day care.

Dec 2 '14 09:22

Information material about explosives and an automatic weapon were recently found during raids on alleged Dutch jihadists. This reports Herman Bolhaar, chief of the Public Prosecution.

Dec 2 '14 09:08

The mother of the sick baby Damin thinks that the fuss about the room sign with Zwarte Piet is going "too far". She wrote this on Facebook. She confirms that what happened in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital was just a misunderstanding.

Dec 2 '14 08:06

The Ministry of Economic Affairs announced yesterday that researchers have found bird flu in wild ducks near Kamerik in Woerden. They found the very contagious H5 type in two samples of droppings.

Dec 1 '14 18:33

Fred Vertommen, an official with the immigration and naturilzation office IND, was dispatched to investigate a possible case of racism at Jeroen Bosch hospital earlier today, where a baby with a darker skin colour was placed in a room with a nameplate reading "Zwarte Piet." Vertommen says he is deeply hurt by the occurrence he was sent to investigate, according to broadcaster Omroep Brabant.

Dec 1 '14 10:24

Hamza from Den Bosch was furious when he went to visit his 10 day old nephew in the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch and found the name Zwarte Piet on the name board at the child's room.

Mevlüt_Çavuşoğlu_2011 (1)
Dec 1 '14 08:54

The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu feels that Turkey should indeed play a role in the integration policies of European countries. He said this to news agency NOS. He does not think that the Netherlands is a racist country, but says that there are racist tendencies.

Geese protected from escape
Dec 1 '14 08:09

Bird flu was discovered at a poultry farm in Zoeterwoude yesterday. The Ministry of Economic Affairs confirmed that this company has about 28 thousand animals.

Warnings in Amsterdam
Nov 28 '14 18:41

The City of Amsterdam has made it their priority to warn the public against a potentially fatal concoction of heroine and painkillers currently circulating Amsterdam. Three drug-related fatalities have been reported thus far, and 14 others have become seriously ill after using heroin they thought was cocaine

Nov 28 '14 18:33

Prime Minster Rutte has stated he believes Turkey has no need to apologize for the alleged accusations that the Dutch government is racist. "In the future, we will make it clear that we are by no means interested in Turkey's opinion of our government and policies," said the prime minister after the cabinet meeting earlier today.

Nov 28 '14 10:25

Jules Deelder, the Night Mayor of Rotterdam, turned 70 and was allowed to be the Day Mayor of Rotterdam for eight hours. He was installed in the Rotterdam council chamber shortly after celebrating his birthday. In his inaugural speech he appealed for more unity among all residents, whatever nationality.

Nov 28 '14 09:18

700 private homeowners and 12 Groningen housing corporations are taking the Netherlands Petroleum Company (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij - NAM) to court.

Nov 28 '14 08:57

KLM has stopped hiring new cabin crew, according to the Association of Dutch Cabin Crew (VNC). KLM has confirmed this. The airline company wants more productivity from its current employees, which would make the hiring of new cabin crew unnecessary.