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A person in a medical mask in front of the Dutch flag
Apr 15 '20 07:34

At least three times since the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014, the Dutch government received urgent advice to bundle knowledge about pandemics and seek international cooperation in dealing with them - twice in 2016 and once in 2018. But nothing was done with that advice, Trouw reports based on its own research.

Stock image of a doctor with a blood sample tested for coronavirus
Apr 14 '20 13:59

New hospitalizations for Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by coronavirus, continued to fall this week, with 57 new hospital admissions on Monday and 78 on Sunday. There was also a fall in the number of people with the disease who died, including 28 on Monday and 67 on Sunday.

Rental agreement
Apr 14 '20 08:23

Left-wing opposition parties GroenLinks, SP, and PvdA want the government to ban rent increases and evictions during the coronavirus crisis. According to the parties, the government is not doing enough to protect tenants through this crisis, RTL Nieuws reports.

Apr 14 '20 07:57

Two telecom transmission masts were found burning in Almere overnight, one at Sportpark de Marken and one on Sluiskade. The fires were small and easy to extinguish, but the extent of the damage caused to the transmission masts is not yet clear, NOS reports.

Apr 14 '20 07:32

A group of 60 scientists wrote a letter to the government to voice concerns about using apps to track and combat the coronavirus, describing the plan as "invasive". "The use of apps should not affect our fundamental rights and freedoms," they said in their letter, RTL Nieuws reports.

Covid-19: Sign near Azartlein in Amsterdam reminding people to stay 1.5 meters apart, 12 April 2020
Apr 13 '20 13:58

Some 31 people who tested positive for coronavirus were hospitalized on Sunday, and 83 were hospitalized a day earlier, marking the continuation of a two-week long trend in declining hospitalizations. The figures would have represented the 12th straight fall in new patient hospitalizations, were it not for a revision of data from April 7, reported health agency RIVM on Monday. 

The revised data added 147 new hospitalizations including the weekend tally, with corrected data stretching back to March 21.

Dutch police officer
Apr 13 '20 08:49

The police are investigating a fire at a transmission mast on Centaurusweg in Tilburg. The already burnt-out fire was discovered by a passerby on Saturday. "Because there have been more fires like this lately, we are doing forensic investigation," a police spokesperson said to Omroep Brabant. According to the broadcaster, seven transmission towers have been set on fire in the Netherlands over the past days.

The fire was relatively small and the police believe it went out by itself. The fire brigade did not have to be called in. The police can't say exactly when the fire was set. 

Apr 13 '20 07:58

Student union LSVB received over 1,300 reports of students who have run into financial problems as a result of the coronavirus, chairman Alex Tess Rutten said on Reporter Radio on Sunday. He called the reports "only the tip of the iceberg", Metro reports.

According to LSVB, the main reason behind the financial problems is that that many students lost their side jobs due to restrictions in place to curb the spread of Covid-19. "The loan system makes students more dependent on side jobs. A side job is responsible for 43 percent of students' income on average," Rutten said. 

Nursing home corridor
Apr 13 '20 07:24

Care center Beth Shalom in Amsterdam has lost 22 of its 120 residents to the coronavirus, a spokesperson for the care home for the elderly confirmed to the Nieuw Israëlietisch Weekblad. Another 15 residents have tested positive for the virus and are showing symptoms of Covid-19. They are being isolated from the other residents.

Electron microscope image of SARS-CoV-2, also known as the 2019-nCoV or novel coronavirus
Apr 12 '20 18:35

With spring firmly in the air, and summer on the way, more people will begin to suffer from the effects of their seasonal allergies. But with coronavirus still very prevalent in the Netherlands, as well as the Covid-19 disease it causes, how does one know if they have symptoms of the serious illness, like a stuffy nose, headache or shortness of breath, or instead are suffering from either hay fever, or even a reaction to the processionary caterpillars that began hatching last week?

Medical masks
Apr 12 '20 14:10

The number of new hospitalizations in the Netherlands for respiratory illness Covid-19 continued to fall on Saturday, when 63 people were admitted into medical facilities for treatment. The most accurate data so far shows a drop of 29 percent in the number of fatal cases, with 734 people dying in the past seven days including at least 24 on Saturday.

A person in a medical mask in front of the Dutch flag
Apr 11 '20 14:06

At least 68 people who tested positive for coronavirus were admitted into hospitals in the Netherlands on Friday, and 117 were admitted a day earlier, preliminary data from public health agency RIVM showed. The figures represent ten straight days with a drop in new hospitalizations after 495 were admitted on March 31.

Including Friday's early total, 189 more people with coronavirus were recorded by the RIVM as needing hospital care stretching back the last few weeks.

Fire department in Haaglanden
Apr 11 '20 13:40

Firefighters extinguished blazes at two radio masts in Oudenbosch, two more in Veldhoven, and another in Groningen which were likely separate arson attempts, police said. Authorities said they were working with the counterterrorism office NCTV in the investigations.

Main entrance of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre in Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Apr 11 '20 11:16

About 70 percent of all patients who have been treated in ICU go on to suffer long-term physical, mental or cognitive complications stemming from their visit. This comes according to the first round results of a large study expected to span over several years.

Lady Justice
Apr 11 '20 10:34

Criminal cases backlogged by the Covid-19 crisis may be brought to trial on evenings and weekends, Gerrit van der Burg told television show Op1 on Friday. To make up for the pileup, which total between 5,000 and 6,000 items per week, Van der Burg believes that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) ought to also consider extending its working hours into the evenings and the weekends.

Coronavirus Covid-19
Apr 10 '20 14:30

New figures released by public health agency RIVM showed that 2,511 people who tested positive for coronavirus have died, an increase of 115 from figures released on Thursday. That figure includes the deaths of 26 people on Thursday, a number which could rise as the RIVM acquires more data.

Though a preliminary figure, it would mark the lowest number of coronavirus patient deaths since March 19, when 43 people died. It is also a sharp drop from April 2, when 158 people died in a single day, the most since the pandemic began.

Wopke Hoekstra in Brussels
Apr 10 '20 08:42

After a failed marathon meeting of some 16 hours on Tuesday, the Eurogroup managed to come to an agreement to help the EU countries most affected by the coronavirus crisis. A total of some 500 billion euros will be made available for this. The agreement "was not without a struggle", Minister Wopke Hoekstra of Finance said to, but he is satisfied with the package, calling it "sensible and solidary". 

Healthcare worker
Apr 10 '20 07:56

Healthcare workers at care institution WoonZorgUnie (WZU) on the Veluwe are quitting due to a lack of protective gear and fear of getting the coronavirus as a result. The center is seriously concerned about the safety of its staff. "There is a huge lack of personal protective equipment. Moreover, there is massive bureaucracy to test healthcare workers. In the meantime, the virus is spreading faster and faster, in our five residential care centers in particular," WZU manger Wim Martens said to De Stentor.

German border
Apr 10 '20 07:25

The police in Germany are starting random checks on Dutch motorists at border crossings from Friday. Those who do not have a good reason to drive into Germany will be sent away. And failure to comply with German rules against the coronavirus can result in a fine of at least 200 euros, RTL Nieuws reports.

This includes having more than two people in a car. Dutch are also not allowed to go on a shopping spree or visit any German attractions. A quick shop for groceries and going to refuel your car are both still allowed.

Covid-19: Sign in Amsterdam's Oosterpark instructing people to stay 1.5 meters apart
Apr 9 '20 17:46

There is "zero chance" that life in the Netherlands will return to normal after April 28, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at a press conference on Thursday. The current rules in place around social distancing⁠, specifically that people are required to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others, will be kept in place for a while longer, Rutte said after the cabinet held a meeting to discuss Covid-19 measures.

A shirt hanging in an Amsterdam Oost window stating "I'm staying here!"
Apr 9 '20 13:58

New figures released by public health agency RIVM showed that at least 56 people with coronavirus died on Wednesday, bringing the total number of fatal cases connected to the virus to 2,396. The preliminary data, adjusted on a daily basis as new statistics are submitted to the agency, showed that 149 people were added to the list of those who died, including the 56 from Wednesday and another three early on Thursday.

Apr 9 '20 08:53

A quarter of museums in the Netherlands will go bankrupt by the end of this year due to the coronavirus, according to a survey by the Museum Association among its 400 members. A fifth of the museums said that they expect to have problems paying salaries from next month. The association is calling on the government for extra measures, Museum Association director Mirjam Moll said to NRC.

Nursing home corridor
Apr 9 '20 08:02

De Leeuwenhoek nursing home in Rotterdam had a striking number of deaths over the past weeks, presumably due to the coronavirus. So far 15 residents have died, and there are more deaths every day. The ward for residents with dementia lost half of its inhabitants, sources around the nursing home told NRC.

Distance learning
Apr 9 '20 07:35

Primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands currently don't have contact with about 5,200 pupils, according to a poll by the association for school leaders AVS among 968 schools. About a fifth of schools can't reach all their pupils since they've been forced to do their school work from home due to the coronavirus, reports.