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Dec 28 '15 15:25

The Dutch Comfort Women also want an apology from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over the World War II crimes they fell victim to. On Monday it was announced that Japan and South Korea reached an agreement about the South Korean Comfort Women, which states that Abe will apologize to them and create a fund for them in which Japan will put 1 billion yen, about 7.6 million euros

asylum seekers
Dec 28 '15 08:09

Four people were injured and three others arrested in a brawl involving around 15 people at the asylum center on Groningersingel in Arnhem on Saturday night. The three arrested men are not residents of the center.

Dec 28 '15 07:42

A person driving in the wrong direction on the A16 on Sunday evening caused several accidents between Breda and Antwerp. No one was injured in the four accidents in the Netherlands, but one person was hurt in a more severe collision in Belgium, according to the police.

Dec 28 '15 07:27

An explosion in an apartment building on Nachtegaalstraat in Drachten on Sunday night left one person injured and the residents of all 39 apartments evacuated. The wounded person was taken to the hospital with burns, the severity of his injuries is unknown.

The Binnenhof
Dec 25 '15 15:55

A total of 57 law changes will go into effect in 2016. Significant laws will come into play that affect everything from tax payouts, crowd funding & crowd financing, daycare subsidies and even a new language requirements for welfare benefits.

Dec 25 '15 13:50

As per Dutch tradition, the King addressed the nation in his Christmas speech on Christmas day. This is the third Christmas speech King Willem-Alexander gave. According to him, the Netherlands fought hard for its freedom, and we must maintain that freedom, but without giving into our base fears.

new police uniform 1
Dec 25 '15 09:36

A Rotterdam toddler had his own Christmas adventure on Thursday. The police picked him up wandering the streets of neighborhood Zevenkamp in his pajamas during the early hours of Thursday morning after a report came in.

Dec 25 '15 08:37

The agency for the reception of asylum seekers COA cancelled a trip to a pool in Ede for 140 to 150 asylum seekers at the last minute after a threatening letter sent to a local newspaper, broadcaster

Dec 25 '15 08:11

Christmas morning will start out sunny for many places in the Netherlands, though the KNMI does not expect this to last. All of the Netherlands can expect cloud cover from this afternoon, with even some rain in the evening.

Dec 24 '15 14:20

According to the Dutch Safety Board, Russia and the Ukraine refuse to provide vital images of the MH17 disaster stating that they were "erased" or missing due to "maintenance"

Dec 24 '15 13:30

There are rumors abound that the United Kingdom postal service is about to make a bid on Dutch counterpart PostNL

Dec 24 '15 10:11

Eurogroup President and Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem is an insignificant "puppet" hanging on the strings of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, according to former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis

Dec 24 '15 09:25

An error in judgement was made in the plans for an emergency asylum center in Geldermalsen, Mayor Miranda de Vries acknowledged in a press conference on Wednesday. "This problem is perhaps a little too big, too complicated for us as Geldermalsen. Because it affects the entire Netherlands", she said. A number of calls are going out for a national approach to finding place for all the asylum seekers and refugees.

Dec 24 '15 08:46

A sailing yacht called Nenna with one person aboard went missing off the coast between Katwijk and Scheveningen on Wednesday. The Royal Dutch Rescue Company KNRM launched a search and managed to find the yacht with the captain on board and rushed him to the Erasmus hospital. He passed away in hospital, the KNRM announced on Thursday.

Dec 23 '15 14:15

A 36 year old Hungarian truck driver was arrested in Venlo on Tuesday after seven Iraqi stowaways was found hiding in his truck, the Koninklijke Marechaussee - a policing force working as part of the military - announced on Wednesday.

Dec 23 '15 13:25

A group of TU Eindhoven students is leaving for Juuka, Finland on Monday to attempt to build the biggest bridge of ice ever, if the weather cools down enough, the university announced. This is an international project led by a team from TU/e.

asylum seekers
Dec 23 '15 11:08

Geldermalsen Mayor Miranda de Vries bowed to the will of the rioters who disrupted the council meeting on a possible asylum center in the Gelderland town last week. The municipality will no longer offer emergency shelter to 1,500 refugees, she announced on Tuesday.

Dec 23 '15 08:47

Financially troubled retailer V&D is back on the road to bankruptcy. The company filed for suspension of payments on Tuesday and the court in Amsterdam granted it on Wednesday morning

Dec 23 '15 07:34

A terrorist attack in the Netherlands is a question of when, not if, according to National Police Chief Gerard Bouman. "I am convinced that one is on the way", the departing police chief said

no image
Dec 22 '15 16:44

Eindhoven mayor Rob Gijzel is blocking seven controversial Islamic imams from speaking at a religious conference in the Noord-Brabant city later this week. Gijzel was informed by the national counterterrorism office that the imams have used their pulpits to speak out against Jews and the LGBT community, according to NOS.

Dec 22 '15 16:10

Manfield, Dolcis and Scapino, among others, may be facing bankruptcy. Parent company Macintosh announced on Tuesday that it filed for postponement of payment, often a precursor for official bankruptcy, ANP reports.

Macintosh is burdened by high debt and revenues were very disappointing this year, especially in recent weeks. "The application for postponement of payment is therefore the only option left", the company said. The court in Limburg is expected to rule on the application later on Tuesday.

Lady Justice
Dec 22 '15 15:45

From March 1st, 2016 arrested suspects will have the right to have a lawyer present during police questioning, the Supreme Court decided on Tuesday. This means that the suspect must be informed of this right before questioning starts, and can only be questioned without a lawyer if he explicitly waives this right, the court explained

Dec 22 '15 15:20

Tarik Z., the young man who tried to hijack the 8:00 p.m. news at broadcaster NOS in January, was sentenced to 40 months in prison, 24 of which conditionally suspended, by the court in Leeuwarden on Tuesday. The Public Prosecutor demanded a four year prison sentence.

Dec 22 '15 08:09

An information evening held Monday night in Kaatsheuvel about the emergency refugee shelter in holiday resort Droomgaard was relatively calm even as protesters made their voices heard. Residents are upset about the uncertainty and lack of clarity surrounding when the asylum seekers will arrive and how long they will stay. They are also concerned that the refugees will bring disturbances and problems with them