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Jan 1 '16 14:42

Three people were found shot in a home in the small Gelderland village of Hoenzadriel on Thursday evening. One of the victims died later that day, police said.

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Jan 1 '16 11:00

Schiphol airport's departure hall 3 was evacuated for a short time on Friday after a 29 year old British man shouted that he had a bomb, a spokesperson for the Marechaussee confirmed to NL Times.

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Jan 1 '16 09:53

Gino Heeren and Rien de Koning, the two men kidnapped in Breda earlier this week, are alive and well and reunited with their family. They were found unharmed in the outskirts of Ulicoten on Thursday night after they managed to escape their captors and alert the neighbors.

Jan 1 '16 09:45

At least twelve people, including three young children, seriously damaged their eyes in various accidents involving fireworks on New Year's Eve, according to the Eye Hospital in Rotterdam

amsterdam fireworks 2015
Jan 1 '16 09:30

Over 40,000 people packed into an area around Rotterdam’s Erasmus Bridge to watch some 4,000 kilograms of fireworks explode in the sky during one of the most elaborate New Year’s Eve countdowns in the Netherlands. The eight-minute long display was the centerpiece of commercial network RTL 4’s countdown to 2016.

Marco Galasso's 2011 work "the mask"
Dec 31 '15 18:21

It's been an incredibly interesting year in the Netherlands, and we hope it was a good one for all of you. The country had many things to focus on, from terrorist attacks in Europe to an influx of refugee seeking people fleeing war zones. The economy seems to be improving, even though the government is having trouble coping with unemployment, but optimism is high across the country for 2016.

So let's take a look back, and see what the most popular stories were both to our Netherlands-based audience, and to our audience around the world.

Dec 31 '15 15:43

The court in Amsterdam officially declared struggling retail group V&D bankrupt on Wednesday. The V&D stores and La Place restaurants will remain open for the time being, but the 10,300 employees working for the group are almost certainly out of work

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Dec 31 '15 13:25

There is still no trace of 18 year old Gino Heeren and 42 year old Rien de Koning, who were kidnapped from a car dealership in Breda on Tuesday. The police are investigating dozens of tips.

Dec 31 '15 13:00

Congolese refugee Christian Gandu will not be deported after all. The Immigration and Naturalization Service revoked their decision and granted him a residency permit, his club Magreb'90 announced on Thursday.

Dec 31 '15 09:07

In the aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center in America in 2001, the Netherlands established an insurance fund that can pay out up to 1 billion euros in the case of an attack

Dec 31 '15 08:05

Two men were kidnapped from car dealership Rene de Koning Auto's on Aardenhoek in Breda at 11:20 a.m. on Tuesday by four men who may have been posing as police officers. One of the kidnappers wore a short, black jacket with a police logo on the back and the men were taken away in a blue Volkswagen Transporter van with a flashing light on the roof.

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Dec 31 '15 07:39

In 2015 West-Brabant became the new murder capital of the Netherlands. With 17 cases of murder and manslaughter over the year, the region took the crown from Amsterdam where only 15 murders were committed, despite the ongoing gang-related assassinations

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Dec 30 '15 16:15

Anti-Islam political party leader Geert Wilders scoffed at Labour leader Diederik Samsom’s assertion that the Dutch citizenry would support taking up to 200,000 asylum seekers. The migration is a direct consequence of the war in Syria, and people which will continue to seek refuge elsewhere until there is peace in the region

Dec 30 '15 15:25

Huub van Leijsen, the owner of petting zoo Pukkemuk in Dongen, released a statement defending his decision to ask a Muslim family to leave the zoo on Monday. In the statement he says that he feels like a victim, not a perpetrator and that the decision was not based on discrimination in any way

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Dec 30 '15 14:03

If no one else is murdered in Amsterdam this week, the number of murders in the city this year will be at a record low of just 15

Dec 30 '15 12:38

A serious accident on the A2 between Amsterdam and Utrecht left one person dead and seven others injured, according to the police.The highway near Maarssen is closed off while the emergency services work. They expect that it will take the rest of the afternoon.

Dec 30 '15 08:58

Tilburg man Bilal Salam is pressing charges against petting zoo Pukkemuk in Dongen after his three sisters-in-law were told to leave because they were wearing burqas

asylum seekers
Dec 30 '15 07:57

Over the past few months Dutch people were most concerned about the arrival of refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands, according to the fourth quarter of this year's report on citizens' perspective by the Social and Cultural Planning Office.

Dec 30 '15 07:26

After the outbreak of the credit crisis in 2008, workers in the Netherlands are working longer hours for lower compensation, according to Statistics Netherlands on Wednesday. This trend can partly be attributed to the relatively high unemployment rate and the growing number of flexible and self-employed workers.

Uden school fire
Dec 29 '15 15:00

Fire departments across the Netherlands are asking people to try to extinguish small fires themselves before calling emergency responders on New Year’s Eve. Firefighters are often overloaded with calls during end-of-year celebrations, with little time to waste on inconsequential blazes.

Dec 29 '15 13:24

A threat of a terrorist attack around New Year's involving a bicycle or cargo bicycle containing explosives has the Amsterdam police on high alert. They will be extra vigilant in crowded places and around event during the turning of the year

Dec 29 '15 10:03

This is the first frost-free December in the Netherlands since temperature measurements started in De Bilt in 1901, Weeronline announced on Tuesday based on their expectations for the rest of the week.

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Dec 29 '15 08:10

The three largest supermarkets in the Netherlands - Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Lidl - will no longer be selling battery farm chicken from early this year, Wakker Dier announced in a press release on Monday. According to the animal rights organization, this means that nearly half of all Dutch poultry consumption will be battery farm chicken free

Dec 29 '15 07:46

Some 1 billion euros in cannabis is produced in Brabant alone, the police announced in a special broadcast of Bureau Brabant in which attention was paid to subversive crime in the province. "Brabanders can definitely not smoke so much weed. A large part is therefore intended for export", the police said.