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Aug 27 '15 08:41

More than half of the women who were killed in the Netherlands over the past five years, were killed by their partner or ex. Domestic circumstances such as a marital quarrel and jealousy were the most common motives.

Thalys attack
Aug 26 '15 09:28

The prosecutor in Paris has officially launched a formal judicial investigation for terrorism related activities against Ayoub el Khazzani - the man who committed the foiled attack on a Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris on Friday.

asylum seekers
Aug 26 '15 08:45

The current stream of incoming refugees is so great that Ter Apel, the reporting point for every asylum applicant that enters the Netherlands, is drowning under refugees. The central agency for asylum seekers COA thinks that the asylum seekers should be better distributed over the Netherlands and is considering opening a second reporting point to absorb a portion of the inflow.

Aug 26 '15 08:25

The Netherlands can expect more bad weather for the next two days. The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, the KNMI, has issued a code yellow weather warning for thunderstorms for Wednesday night.

Aug 25 '15 15:01

Three people were injured when a tree toppled onto a boat in the Gondoletta ride in the Efteling theme park early on Tuesday afternoon. One of the theme park visitors sustained a head injury, the second a broken leg and the third suffered only minor injuries.

Aug 25 '15 09:50

The police fired shots at an armed robber in Voorschoten, Leiden on Monday morning. The robber was hit in his leg and taken to the hospital. A total of three robbers were arrested.

Aug 25 '15 09:11

On Friday Twitter shut down access to he Politwoops and Diplotwoops sites - the sites that monitored politicians' and diplomats' Twitter accounts and made all deleted tweets visible.

Aug 25 '15 08:33

DSM, the Dutch-based multinational life sciences and material sciences company, has announced a reorganization in which between 900 and 1,100 jobs will be lost. About half of these jobs are in the Netherlands.

Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange
Aug 24 '15 16:33

The Euronext Amsterdam stock market suffered its biggest loss in ten years on Monday, plunging to a loss of almost nine percent. Dubbed AEX, the Amsterdam exchange is currently standing on 404 points, suggesting that the ongoing Chinese stock market crisis has managed to evaporate the whole year's earnings in a matter of weeks.

Aug 24 '15 16:00

The sushi found at all-you-can-eat restaurants is often not fresh and not hygienically prepared, according to a study done by the Consumers' Association.

Aug 24 '15 14:55

The D66 in Amsterdam wants students to live together with ex-convicts, refugees and elderly people. According to the party, this would solve two problems - the cutbacks in the prison system and the housing shortage among students.

Aug 24 '15 11:09

Graduating without debt is becoming increasingly difficult for students now that the basic study grant is being abolished. This has left parents with the question of whether they give their kids extra financial help, or let the study loan debts run up. Many parents can not afford the extra financial h

Thalys attack
Aug 24 '15 09:42

The gunman who attacked a passenger train on its way from Amsterdam to Paris on Friday, intended to rob the passengers and is "dumbfounded" by the claims that he would be an Islamic terrorist.

Aug 24 '15 09:02

Sail Amsterdam 2015 has come to an end and its attendance exceeded all its organizers' expectation. An estimated record 2.3 million people came to see the tall ships. The previous edition of Sail in 2010 attracted 1.7 million visitors. Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan called it a "fantastic Sail".

Thalys attack
Aug 22 '15 09:37

Video taken from inside a train attacked by an armed gunman shows blood smeared on windows and dinner tables with a tied-up man on the floor and an American serviceman applying pressure to a second victim's wounds. The American, likely U.S. Air Force member Spencer Stone, is also injured.

Thalys attack
Aug 22 '15 09:24

French authorities were working feverishly Saturday morning to determine why a 26-year-old Moroccan man allegedly opened fire with a Kalashnikov rifle on a train headed from Amsterdam to Paris. Officials called three Americans and a British man heroes for their stopping the attack shortly after it started Friday evening.

Thalys attack
Aug 21 '15 23:09

Three people were hurt onboard a Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris after a gunman armed with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle opened fire during the Friday evening journey. The man was overpowered on the train and arrested, France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

Aug 21 '15 13:38

Long working hours can increase the risk of having a stroke. People who work 55 hours per week or more have a 1.3 times higher risk of having a stroke than individuals who work standard hours

Aug 21 '15 13:03

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras organizing elections in Greece is not inconsistent with the new bailout agreement for the financially troubled country, according to Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Dutch Minister of Finance and Eurogroup Chairman.

Aug 21 '15 09:48

Ziggo has taken extra security measures to make it harder for computer hackers to attack their servers. If all goes well, Ziggo customers will no longer be affected by these attacks.

Aug 21 '15 09:24

The police arrested a 56 year old man from Wanneperveen on Tuesday for trying to sell a fake Van Gogh painting for 15 million euros. The man claimed that the painting is a pre-study for Van Gogh's "The Harvest" and used fake documents, with the name and logo of the Van Gogh museum, to prove its authenticity.

Teeven resignation
Aug 21 '15 09:04

Former Security and Justice State Secretary Fred Teeven believes that there was a conspiracy behind his resignation. According to him, the news about his deal with drug criminal Cees H. was deliberately brought out just before the elections.

Aug 21 '15 08:32

The coalition parties have extra money to spend due to a "relatively easy budget" this year. The VVD and PvdA each have 375 million euros to give away, and they will be pushing it mainly into healthcare and Defense.

Looking for a job
Aug 20 '15 13:52

Unemployment dropped to 6.8 percent of the working population in July, compared to 7.3 percent in the same month last year. Consumer confidence increased by 2 points in August and is up to 6. And consumers spent 2.2 percent more in June this year than in the same month in 2014.