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Child asylum seekers in Greece
May 26 '20 08:28

Taking in orphaned child asylum seekers from refugee camps in Greece is causing conflict within coalition party CDA. The national faction of the Christian democrats is set against it. On Tuesday over 40 local and provincial CDA factions called on party leader Pieter Heerma and party chairman Rutger Ploum to change their mind and bring 500 orphaned children to the Netherlands, Trouw reports.

A deliverer in Amsterdam
May 26 '20 07:55

Over a tenth of Netherlands residents saw their income fall since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey by platform Wijzer in Geldzaken. Low paid flexible workers and freelancers were hardest hit, reports.

About two thirds of low-paid flex workers and self employed are now earning less than before the crisis. These are temporary workers, taxi drivers, cleaners, or meal deliverers, for example. They are called to work less often, or get fewer hours. 

Kids raising their hands in class
May 26 '20 07:31

Only 29 percent of teachers in mainstream primary education support the plan to reopen primary schools completely on June 8, if the coronavirus remains under control, according to a poll by education union AOb among 8 thousand teachers. The partial reopening of primary schools on May 11 had the support of 72 percent of teachers, AD reports.

The closed patio in front of The Walter Woodbury Bar in Amsterdam Oost. May 6, 2020
May 25 '20 14:00

Another 8 people were confirmed to have died from Covid-19 in the Netherlands, raising the death toll in the country to 5,830. Only two person were known to have died from the illness on Sunday, and two more fatal cases were added to Saturday's figures, bringing that day's total up to 3.

The other deaths occurred between April 24 and May 23.

Social housing in Ypenburg, The Hague
May 25 '20 08:30

To date around 9 thousand Netherlands residents reported to their housing corporations that they cannot afford to pay their rent. The housing corporations expect that number to increase in the coming period, NRC reports after surveying 197 housing corporations, which own about 1.6 million of the 2.4 million rental homes in the Netherlands.

Personal protective equipment including medical masks on sale at a store in Amsterdam Oost. 24 April 2020
May 25 '20 08:01

Many of the medical masks nursing home workers use while working with residents who have the coronavirus, are defective. Newspaper AD had Greencycl in Utrecht, the company that tests medical masks for hospitals, test 25 masks commonly used in nursing homes' coronavirus wards. 12 failed the test, according to the newspaper.

Many of the masks let too many particles pass through and therefore scored an insufficient. A number of masks were up to 30 percent below the minimum score, according to AD. One type of mask expired 10 years ago.

Primary school classroom
May 25 '20 07:30

Most primary schools report that their pupils did not sustain any learning gaps while distance learning due to the coronavirus, according to a pol by the general association of school leaders. 90 percent of schools said their pupils showed constant progress. 10 percent noticed a delay, of whom 1 percent said their pupils fell seriously behind, NOS reports.

Medical masks
May 24 '20 17:14

There were 223 patients with Covid-19 being treated in intensive care on Sunday, the lowest total since March 17. The number of patients in critical care has gone down 43 times in 45 days with Sunday's total four patients less than Saturday's count.

Artist's rendition of the coronavirus
May 24 '20 14:01

There were 11 more people who died from Covid-19 than previously known, said public health agency RIVM on Sunday. Eight of those deaths took place on Friday, raising that day's total up to 15.

Just one coronavirus related death was reported on Saturday, a figure that will likely rise as the agency receives more data. The other two deaths took place on May 20 and 21.

Some 5,822 people in the country are now known to have died from the coronavirus disease. Additionally, 11,672 have required treatment in a hospital for the illness.

Kajsa Ollongren at Resilient Democracy in a Digital World in Washington D.C.
May 24 '20 11:00

Kajsa Ollongren, Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Deputy Prime Minister, has spoken publicly about the illness that kept her out of politics for six months, describing for the first time the difficulty she experienced in her day-to-day. Ollongren, from the centrist D66 party, explained in an interview with newspaper AD how she became unwell starting around September of last year and the visits with her ear, nose and throat doctor that followed.

Covid-19: Three young men walk past a 'Fight the Virus' sign on Panamalaan in Amsterdam, 22 April 2020
May 23 '20 17:10

The government's plan to ensure access to Covid-19 tests for any person with symptoms of the disease is set to come into effect in a little over a week, GGD director Sjaak de Gouw confirmed to the public broadcaster NOS on Saturday. The expanded access to mucus membrane swab tests will begin on June 1.

A Dutch flag printed on a medical mask
May 23 '20 14:04

There were 23 more deaths linked to Covid-19 in the Netherlands, raising the total number of people who died in the country to 5,811. Public health agency RIVM said it also knew of another ten hospitalizations for the coronavirus disease.

At least seven people are now known to have died on Friday. Another six cases with a fatal outcome were also added to Thursday's statistics, raising that day's total to nine. The other deaths reported on Saturday were added as supplemental data to dates between March 30 and May 20.

Nasal swab test
May 23 '20 10:50

Classes will not resume at De Veldhof primary school in Eygelshoven next week after four staff members were found to be infected with Covid-19, the municipal health service GGD Zuid Limburg has confirmed. The school will have to hold its classes remotely for the time being, the GGD told news outlet 1Limburg on Friday, a day after the the infections were disclosed.

Politie patch on a Dutch police officer's uniform
May 23 '20 10:10

One person who was harming himself was shot at by police in Halsteren on Saturday morning. The man later died of his injuries, though it was not immediately clear if he was struck by a bullet.

Police said officers at the Klaverblad in the Noord-Brabant town found a “disturbed” individual who had taken a knife to himself. Neighbors told local newspaper BN De Stem that they heard four shots fired inside a home after police broke down the door to enter.

Covid-19: Sign reminding people to stay 1.5 meters apart on Javastraat in Amsterdam Oost, 15 May 2020
May 22 '20 14:02

Public health agency RIVM confirmed the deaths of 13 more people who were suffering from Covid-19. In total, 5,788 people in the Netherlands have died from the coronavirus disease since March 6.

At least three people are now known to have died on Thursday, which was a public holiday in the country. That figure will likely increase as more data is collected by the agency. All of the newly-reported deaths took place between May 15 and May 22, data which includes the addition of six more patients who died on Wednesday. The update increased that day's total to 15.

May 22 '20 08:27

Another gay couple was attacked in Amsterdam Oost on Thursday evening. One man was stabbed with a piece of glass, injuring his arm. Three teenagers were arrested, the police said on Twitter.

The incident happened on J.C. van Epenstraat. According to AT5, the victims were in a canoe when the perpetrators started shouting insults at them due to their sexual orientation. When they went to the side to address the teens, they were attacked.

The victim was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Hospital ward
May 22 '20 08:08

Over a month after the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care started to fall, all hospitals in the Netherlands have started to resume regular care. But progress is slow. Most hospitals are only offering half of the care they provided before the coronavirus crisis. A quarter only started 25 percent of regular care, NOS reports after surveying hospitals.

NS train at Amsterdam Central Station
May 22 '20 07:34

NS expects to lose 4.7 billion euros in the coming years thanks to the coronavirus crisis. It will take some five years before the rail company will again transport the same number of passengers as before the crisis. State support is desperately needed, NS financial director Bert Groenewegen said to NRC.

A Rotterdam park encouraged social distancing with circles spray-painted on the grass.
May 21 '20 18:44

Social distancing restrictions will again be tightened in the Netherlands if the crowds which gathered in celebration of an incredibly sunny Ascension Day are any indication of the upcoming summer, said Hubert Bruls, who chairs the council which oversees the country's 25 emergency services regions. "If this is the picture of summer, we'll have a summer with a lot of limitations," said Bruls, who also serves as the mayor of Nijmegen.

Empty classroom
May 21 '20 17:14

Four employees at a single primary school in the Limburg town of Eygelshoven were diagnosed with Covid-19, local broadcaster L1 reported, based on information from municipal health service GGD Zuid-Limburg​. On the basis of these results, the school is now considering how to proceed, with primary schools set to transition back to their full classrooms on June 1.

Hugo de Jonge at the EPP Summit in Brussels, May 2019
May 21 '20 09:24

Persons infected with the coronavirus or who had contact with an infected person may be forced into quarantine, Minister Hugo de Jonge of Public Health said in a parliamentary debate regarding the government's new coronavirus strategy on Wednesday. While the Minister hopes "not to make use of it", there is legal basis to force someone into quarantine he said. 

Femke Halsema
May 21 '20 08:44

Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema wants tourism to restart "cautiously and carefully" and in such a way that tourists are also attracted to less crowded areas of the Netherlands, she said on Op1. She is worried that a sudden flood of tourists will mean a second wave of coronavirus infections. "We don't want Amsterdam to be hit again," she said, and AT5 report.

"If the budget flights start again, [a new coronavirus wave] is a risk," Halsema said. "Everyone knows the image of the Red Light District, where you can walk over heads." 

German border
May 21 '20 07:34

The municipalities on the Dutch border with Germany is calling on German day trippers to not come to the Netherlands on Thursday. "The mayor of Venlo was on RTL Deutschland this morning, I had several radio interviews and spoke to 14 German journalists," Robert Bouten of safety region Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord said to NOS.

Netherlands money calculator
May 20 '20 13:40

The government is pushing another 13 billion euros into supporting entrepreneurs who are facing financial ruin due to the coronavirus crisis. The current package of emergency measures, which was set to expire on June 1, will be extended by three months, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced on Wednesday.